fifteen years it has taken the iPod to officially die. It is the time that has passed since Apple announced the first iPhone, the phone that defined the physical standard of smartphones for decades, which completely cannibalized its music player.

The iPod, which was about to turn twenty-one, was the germ of the Apple we know. Apple went from manufacturing computers to maintaining a product catalog that bordered on nonsense. in the late nineties regained orderkilled the inconsequential devices — most of its portfolio — and focused on a few Macs to become relevant in the industry again.

Then, already with oxygen after being on the verge of death due to technical bankruptcy, he launched the iPod, whose development we recently learned was a pregnancy: nine months from the decision to launch it until it was presented and on store shelves. a thirtysomething Tony Fadel was the brains behind its concept.

With its shortcomings and improvements, it conquered the world, more and more after each iteration. It was polishing edges, going from FireWire to USB and becoming compatible with Windows to give the definitive takeoff. Y white headphones became his ubiquitous hallmarkin the streets, in the subway, in the universities… Placed in classical, Elder brother, Video…

Apple dominates the narrative like very few other companies in the world, perhaps like no other, and with the first iPod it sublimated its business card: “1,000 songs in your pocket” was its slogan. It was just perfect. It wasn’t recreated in terms unintelligible to some demographics, like kbps, GBs, or transfer rates. was limited to Communicate in five words the problem you came to solve. Something that helped shoot her fame.

iPod 2001

Promotional image of the first iPod.

The songs at $0.99, the click wheel, the white cable, the fluidity of its uncluttered interface… Whatever it was that helped it establish itself, it had no rivals. As happened later with phones, Apple’s competitors achieved clearly superior products in some specific sections (better sound quality, greater storage capacity, greater versatility for file management…), but none could face it en bloc, as a compact product.

Sony, Creative, Philips, Samsung, Toshiba, Microsoft… Many tried to accumulate arguments to scratch sales of the iPod, but to maintain the simile in music, the devil doesn’t play the guitar: he’s in the details, and the first time a clickwheel was used was never forgotten. Too precise and satisfying to go back to tapping plastic buttons or resistive screens.

In those years when there was talk of an iPod vs. Zune battle that never really happened (although Microsoft took advantage of the loss to reinvent the look of many of its products), the iPod was not only deserving more and more sales, but it was fastening them while its sales came to account for 40% of its income in 2006, its peak year. It wasn’t an MP3, it was an urban pop icon, the symbol of a generation.

The noise wars: how the industry spent decades turning up the volume on music in exchange for its quality

In January 2007, when Jobs introduced the iPhone, began a decline that has lasted longer than expected. The iPod has long ceased to be a trotamusician and in recent years strange excuses have been sought to justify that such a device, obsolete and forgotten, impoverished by the company and impoverishing for those who bought it for 240 mops, stay on the shelf. “It’s a great gift for a first communion!” This letter board came to hear as justification. Year 2022.

The iPhone and streaming music were the nails in the coffin of the iPod, a dead man too alive for too long

Spotify first and Apple Music later finished off a product that simply contemplated a way of listening to music that the market had already left behind. And life for the iPod went on as things go that don’t make much sense.

The iPhone and streaming music. The combination of both factors turned the “iPod” tab on Apple’s website into a smoking crater. Paradoxically, Without the iPod, the iPhone would never have existed.. His income allowed him to dedicate resources to R&D and to be able to launch his first mobile phone.

The iPod has lived so long that it has even reached the cycle of two decades, usually agreed upon as the one that provokes nostalgia, and thus has seen its own revival in form of mods and extreme customizations from those who want to use it again to the point of doing it using Winamp as a player. An alternative way of attend one’s funeral.

Traditionally, the families of those sentenced to death in China not only had to face the pain of losing a loved one, but they were also forced to pay the price of the bullet used by the executioner. In a similar way, the iPod is said goodbye, whose efforts and merits served to illuminate who ultimately caused its insignificance until death. Of course, with honor and honor. Thanks for everything iPod.

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