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Cars change. It changes the industry and its production processes. The automotive sector is immersed in a scenario of profound changes, marked by its transition between combustion and less polluting models, the growing commitment to automation and even a transformation in the business model, which pays more and more attention to services. One of the key and most complex pieces in this scenario is the software development.

And Volkswagen leaves a good example.

Throughout the last half days as Automative News Europe either Manager Magazine have pointed out that the new CEO of the Volkswagen Group, Oliver BlumeI would be considering taking a look at the plans drawn up to the ambitious Trinity projectwith an electric sedan equipped with an advanced autonomous driving system. In his day the group He pointed out that series production would start in 2026. The plans would now go through postponing the project to end of the decade.

Blume would also be reviewing the project to build a new plant 2,000 million euros near the Wolfsburg factory for the manufacture of electric cars, an infrastructure whose works should start as early as 2023. The initial roadmap would be for the company to also be able to use the new platform, SSP (Scalable System Platform), for the Trinity .

The influence of software

One of the keys in the reconsideration that affects the timing of the Trinity project would be the delays in new software, which would not be ready on time. Only a few months after the change of CEO, the German group would also have explained to its staff that it is “taking advantage of the opportunity to analyze all the projects and investments to analyze their viability”.

Reuters maintains that internal company sources assure that the Trinity will be assembled on the SSP platform, but question whether it is necessary to do so in a new factory. Manager Magazin points out in any case that SSP will probably no longer launch with the Trinity plant.

If they come to fruition, the delays complicate the German group’s efforts to optimize production times and compete with Tesla. Elon Musk’s company would take considerably less time to produce its SUV ModelY than Volkswagen to assemble the electric ID.3. Diess defended the new factory as part of the effort to reduce production times and match Tesla in the new facilities that the American company just launch In Berlin.

The problems in software development would have already been one of the keys to the departure of the company just a few months ago of the former CEO, Herbert Diess, who had been entrusted with turning around the problems of Cariad, the subdivision of the group focused on software development, to carry out your projects. In this context, the plans to release the new SSP platform for future launches of the brand, with advanced autonomy, are framed.

Software has turned the automobile industry upside down.  And Volkswagen already lives it in their own flesh

In March 2021still with Diess at the head of the company, Volkswagen presented an ambitious plan, the Trinity Project, which provides for the adoption of the SSP platform to achieve high-range electric cars. To make it a reality, the company set out an even more ambitious roadmap that goes through the development of the platform, software and even a new plant.

The software would be one of the great challenges on the table. Software problems were, in fact, what led one of the group’s subsidiaries, Porsche, to delay to 2024 the delivery of the electric variant of the Macan, an SUV that aspired to compete in the high-end segment.

Cars change. It changes the industry and its production processes. The automotive sector is immersed in a scenario of profound…

Cars change. It changes the industry and its production processes. The automotive sector is immersed in a scenario of profound…

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