The Renta 2021 campaign includes a novelty about something crucial for drivers: fuel

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Here it is, one more year, the call from the Treasury. From April 6, the period to present the 2021 Income Statement opens, the moment to settle our debts with the Treasury or recover what they have overcharged us. But, can we deduct some concept related to the car?

The answer is yes and, in addition, it comes with important news. The new campaign includes new allowances in fuel or maintenance. Even without having the car in our name. This is all you have to take into account.

the great classics

fuel and maintenance

Those who have a owned car and use it for their professional activity have the right to deduct part or all of the VAT on fuel and maintenance.

As a general rule, those who use their car to go to work can deduct 50% of VAT on fuel and expenses associated with maintenance and, for those who use their car to go to work, they can deduct 100% of it. The professions contemplated that can benefit from the latter case are the following:

  • Industrial or freight transport.
  • Provision of passenger transport services for consideration.
  • Provision of training services for drivers or pilots for a fee.
  • Performance of tests, trials, demonstrations or sales promotion by manufacturers.
  • Professional travel of representatives or commercial agents. Surveillance services.

New car

In the case of self-employed workers who have purchased a New car during the past year, there are two reliefs that must be taken into account. The first of these are the amortization and interest payments paid during the past year. 50% of them can be deducted.

The same happens with VAT on the vehicle, which is also 50% deductible. But, in addition, those who work in one of the aforementioned professions may also deduct all of the VAT on the purchase of the cars purchased.

Furthermore, people with any disability 50% of the VAT paid on the purchase of a vehicle may also be deducted. When reflecting this concept, it must be taken into account that during the acquisition a VAT reduced to 4% was already paid instead of the usual 21%.

In households with large families where a new vehicle has been purchased, 50% of the VAT paid may be deducted provided that they have previously registered with the Spanish Federation of Large Families.

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Also tenants

The great novelty of this Income Tax return campaign is the possibility of deducting VAT on fuel and car maintenance without being the owner vehicle.

Until now, this possibility was only available to those who owned a vehicle, but now this possibility can also be accessed if the lease of the car is proven with an invoice showing the use of the car by the person who is presenting the Income Tax Return.

Here it is, one more year, the call from the Treasury. From April 6, the period to present the 2021…

Here it is, one more year, the call from the Treasury. From April 6, the period to present the 2021…

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