The Ray-Ban Stories arrive in Spain with a course not to use them excessively signed by Facebook

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Glasses with a Facebook camera and microphones can now be purchased in Spain. The Ray-Ban Stories arrive in Spain at an official price of €329. Starting today, March 17, those interested will be able to purchase these connected glasses as a result of the collaboration between Meta and the renowned eyewear brand.

From the official Ray-Ban website, as well as from selected distributors, it will be possible to buy the first glasses of this style, which by having a 5 megapixel camera They allow you to take photos or videos through voice commands or using the capture button integrated in the mount. The glasses also have three microphones to record the sound and be able to upload full videos to Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter and other platforms.

Recording videos up to 60 seconds

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Along with his arrival in Spain, Meta has updated Ray-Ban Stories to extend recording time what they can do. Until now they could record only 30 seconds, now they will be able to capture videos of up to 60 seconds. This update will reach all users in April. Beyond recording, by having speakers you can also listen to music or podcasts from the mount, as well as receive calls.

The glasses will be available in three designs: Wayfarer, Round and Meteor. But each of these styles will have five colors and various types of lenses, so you have up to a total of 28 different combinations.

Use them… sparingly

Perhaps the most controversial point is that of privacy. Let’s think we have a camera that can record where we walk. From Meta they are aware of the debate that this type of product raises and for this reason they have wanted to create a section dedicated to privacy. Along with his arrival in Spain, dFrom Meta they will carry out a campaign in several countries of the European Union to explain the operation of these smart glasses and raise awareness of certain usage patterns.

To what extent is it legal to use smart glasses like those on Facebook and record everything and everyone on the street?

One of the first moves is creation of a website where they teach when glasses should be used and in what situation it is better not to do so. For example, Meta recommends turning off the glasses when we enter private places or make it clear to the people around you when you are recording or taking a photo. That is, they are based on the good will of users.


What happens if a user does nothing and continues to record everyone? Here we must point out that the Ray-Ban Stories incorporate an LED, which lights up when recording, so if we pay attention it will be possible to detect when they are recording us. And in fact, covering this LED light implies breaking with the policy of wearing glasses.

At the legislative level, recording on the street is legal. Another matter is the fact of publishing these images or videos on the internet. There are indeed a whole series of considerations that should be taken into account. In summary, we can record as long as the people who come out are “accessory”.

The Ray-Ban Stories have been available in the United States, Italy and other countries since last September. Now in addition to Spain they arrive in Austria, Belgium and soon France. We will see to what extent users find them interesting and if their use expands.

Glasses with a Facebook camera and microphones can now be purchased in Spain. The Ray-Ban Stories arrive in Spain at…

Glasses with a Facebook camera and microphones can now be purchased in Spain. The Ray-Ban Stories arrive in Spain at…

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