The Plan began as a troll. Today is Alpine and Fernando Alonso’s real campaign to win F1

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The start of a new Formula 1 season takes place and date on the calendar: March 20 in Bahrain. But before, Alpine has presented its new single-seater. One of the great protagonists of The Plan. The other is Fernando Alonso and both will have the opportunity to meet between Wednesday 23 and Friday 25 February in Barcelona, ​​during the pre-season tests. But what is The Plan?

New Year… They say new life. In Formula 1 this maxim is not always fulfilled. In fact, of the last eight seasons, only Nico Rosberg and Max Verstappen They have managed to beat Lewis Hamilton, who has won six world titles. And, in all of them, Mercedes took the constructors’ title. A hegemony like there have been few in this sport.

uncertainties. But 2022 is seen as a year of great changes. In their quest to make F1 more attractive and ensure more overtaking, the aerodynamics of the cars change completely. The goal is to simplify the structure of the wings to remove downforce and gain it through “ground effect”. With this, less turbulence is generated and the cars are less dependent on the fins and “bargeboards”, which also reduces the impact on them of the rival’s turbulence and, therefore, it will be easier for them to approach.

To this is added a change in the wheels, which are now 18 inches instead of the traditional 13 inches that had been used until now. With a lower profile, overheating will be less common, the steering more direct and the cars will completely change their damping, since the tire will not be able to absorb part of it. And to all of the above are added minor changes in the engine or in the race format, since three grand prix will feature sprint races.

The plan. What is The Plan? Why has this term grown on social media in recent days? The Plan refers to the hopes that fans have placed on Fernando Alonso and on his new season at the controls of his Alpine. Before the year was out, Alpine already announced that it was turning to the new single-seater. With the changes in regulations they hope to have a competitive car that will lead them to fight for the first places.

The Plan is born here. The first references to The Plan came from the hand of Laurent Rossi, CEO of Alpine, who in an interview with the official Formula 1 media indicated that they wanted search for the best possible car for 2022. Shortly after, before the Hungarian Grand Prix, the team confirmed that they were focusing on this coming year and that Fernando Alonso’s real goal was to be competitive in 2022.

Like a snowball, the term was growing on the Internet among the fans themselves, between true hopes and a certain sarcasm (in addition, Alpine won that Hungarian Grand Prix) and ended up becoming popular when Fernando Alonso told Dzan: “We have to wait a few months to meet him. You have to believe in The Plan.” Since then, the Asturian and Alpine have exploited this term to fuel public expectations. Kimoa, the pilot’s clothing brand, already uses references to El Plan in its garments and the team has not hesitated to replicate this reference in order to fuel expectations in the new year. So much so that it even included the term on the rear spoiler of its cars in 2021.

Since then, El Plan has been a constant. The term has become a trending topic on Twitter on numerous occasions. On New Year’s Eve he recovered to revive spirits for the new year. And before, with his third place in Qatar, Alonso insisted that 2021 was a year of transition and that it was also part of The Plan. But the surrealism reached its peak in the program “One plus one equals three”with Joaquín (Real Betis footballer) and Fernando Romay, when the Spaniard stated that he himself did not know what The Plan was: “I don’t know very well what The Plan is either. It is part of the plan not to know what The Plan is. That’s The Plan: Scare without knowing.”

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What’s behind. Behind The Plan there is a change in regulations, a driver who in 2022 showed that he had returned to Formula 1 in good shape and, above all, a lot of money. In addition to achieving the best sporting results, Alpine has another objective in Formula 1 which, moreover, has always been the same for most competitors: to sell cars.

Since Luca de Meo took over the management of the Renault Group, he has set himself the goal of reviving the French company. The signature of the rhombus already gives benefits and Alpine has in Formula 1 the perfect showcase to show itself again as an aspirational sports brand, so dedicating enough resources to be competitive is once again a priority. Yes indeed, de Meo already made it clear In an interview with As that, if we were talking about plans, the team needs between three and five years to be competitive.

get out of doubt. We will have a first contact about the performance of the new Alpine starting on Wednesday, March 23. But we will not be able to get a clear idea of ​​where each team is until after a few grand prix. In the first six races, three are urban layouts, with their own peculiarities. Montmeló in Barcelona, ​​again, will be able to give some clues as to where each team is headed, although, again, Monaco, Azerbaijan and Canada are narrow tracks and mousetraps. From then on, the differences can be greater and the performance of each team more sustained. Time to get an idea of ​​how successful The Plan is.

The start of a new Formula 1 season takes place and date on the calendar: March 20 in Bahrain. But…

The start of a new Formula 1 season takes place and date on the calendar: March 20 in Bahrain. But…

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