The Pixel Ultra is still louder than ever. The market needs just the opposite

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The Google Pixel Ultra has been playing for more than five years. And there will be some truth in so many rumors, when Ice Universe has leaked that Google is preparing this model, with a one-inch sensor. A Pixel up to the hardware eyebrows, to compete with the S22 Ultra, iPhone 14 Pro Max and more models top of each company.

The point is that Google already competes in this territoryand it does so (at least, currently), betting on a strategy that positively distances it from its rivals: offering the same (or better) user experience and camera at a lower price.

In full price rampage, the high-end needs a “cheap” Pixel


The price of cell phones is skyrocketing. So much so, that in some cases it begins to pay off to bet on last year’s models instead of the current ones, high in price and cut in specifications. In high-end, the iPhone 14 Pro Max has already exceeded the barrier of 1,400 in the base model, Sony rounds it, and manufacturers such as OPPO walk with 1,300 euros for the Find X5 Pro.

Meanwhile, Google has launched a 7 Pro in Spain for 899 euros. A mobile that is slightly behind in some sections such as raw power and fast charging, but that compete in photography, support and experience with any phone of 500 euros more. A Pixel 7 Pro with a 2K OLED panel, 12 GB of RAM, one of the best cameras on Android and all the hardware that is required of a flagship. All for less than the barrier of 1,000 euros that we surpassed a long time ago.

In parallel, they sound again the rumors about an even more ambitious Pixel Ultra, according to IceUniverse, with a one-inch sensor. The goal would be clear: make the Pixel with the best camera and sell an even more aspirational model, more expensive than the current 7 Pro.

The role of a possible Pixel 7 Pro

Pixel 5

Google’s strategy with the Pixel has not always been clear. The first four generations were made up of small model and large model, all of them high-end. With the Pixel 5 came a radical change in strategy: convert the Pixel into a mid-high range to adjust the price, although it did not finish working.

And it was with the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro that Google seemed to find its way. High range, more restrained in power, but capable in the rest and at an adjusted price. The Pixel 7 have arrived respecting prices (something exceptional in the middle of the inflation race), managing to position themselves as two of the best high-end value for money.

The iPhone 14 Plus are not working in the pre-order.  That's just what Apple wanted

The Pixel Ultra would break with this differentiation. It would give Google a niche in the more premium high-end, with a price in line with its direct rivals. Win some hardware in exchange for losing its most differential value todaya dangerous strategy.

Remains to be seen next year what is true with the rumored Ultraa model that has not yet seen the light of day, but that seems to be on the way to landing on the market at some key moment.

The Google Pixel Ultra has been playing for more than five years. And there will be some truth in so…

The Google Pixel Ultra has been playing for more than five years. And there will be some truth in so…

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