‘The Peacemaker’ is the total opposite of Marvel and that is why something like this was sorely lacking in superhero series

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The final stretch of ‘El Pacificador’ (calm down, we’re not going to gut anything) is the definitive confirmation that it works as perfect, almost mathematical, opposite of the series that Disney invoices with relentless efficiency, but also under very rigid and similar schemes. It is a conclusion of shocking revelations and violence without limit, of course, but also, above all, with a couple of episodes in which the codes of action cinema are used in general (the buddy moviesconspiracy thrillers) and superhero movies in particular to pervert the genre at its very foundation.

But it is not something that has been revealed at the last moment: ‘The peacemaker‘, as we told in our first impressions, It has been working like a hammer since the first episode, cracking the foundations of superhero fictions.. It’s not new, and in fact we’ve seen it on television in recent series like ‘The Boys’ or ‘Invincible’, but here we have an extra element: the personality of James Gunn.

'The Peacemaker' enshrines the James Gunn formula as the most exciting thing that has happened to DC superhero adaptations

Gunn not only directed the formidable ‘The Suicide Squad’, which already establishes the thematic foundations and the general tone of ‘The Peacemaker’, but it has taken a while injecting his very particular sense of humor and his twisted vision of the genre into superhero movies. His work lurches from the crude dismantling of the very concept of superhero in ‘Super’ to the much more familiar but also very forceful two installments of ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’.

But perhaps ‘El Pacificador’ is one of his most interesting proposals because of the vehicle in which he arrives. After all, we have seen dozens of movies that parody superheroes from the inside and out, some of them as undisputedly successful as ‘Deadpool’. But the tv series are not so abundant in this genre: ‘The Boys’ and ‘Invincible’ are extraordinary, but they see the genre from outside. The remarkable thing about ‘The Peacemaker’ is that she is also in love with the contradictions of the superhero genre.

Peacemaker whether you like it or not

These contradictions are present in the series from the very concept of its hero, a magnificent incarnation of a perfect John Cena in his embodiment of a petty but good-hearted ass (roughly). The Peacemaker is a vigilante willing to kill whoever it takes to ensure world peace, which can be understood to be the same as almost any superhero. The Peacemaker is the whole superhero genre, but without the gibberish.

From this brilliant starting point, Gunn dresses his antihero in traits that slap each other: a father hiding a racist supervillain, a brother killed in an accident he feels responsible for, a complete inability to fit into any team or have friends because of his rigid and ridiculous sense of justice. A character full of contradictions that humanize him while promoting an explosive satire of the superhero world. All this, in addition, with a soundtrack full of glam and hard rockwhich is another of Gunn’s signatures and that elevated the aforementioned ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’.

'Invincible': an excellent superhero series that distances itself from Marvel and DC based on brutality and drama

Regardless of the final quality of its products, more irregular than those of Marvel, Warner is not subjected to an image, an aesthetic, a universe with which to be accountable. That makes some of his proposals work better (‘Doom Patrol’, ‘Swamp Thing’, the ‘Harley Quinn’ series, ‘Shazam!’, ‘Aquaman’) and others worse (the lowest moments of Zack Snyder’s cinema , basically), but at least they don’t have that predictable uniformity of the MCU, which is especially reflected in the Disney + series.

The sum of all this is in ‘El Pacificador’, a refreshing series due to the impudence with which it takes its own proposal. Unafraid to go from ridiculously honest emotional drama to overt vigilante parody (The character of Vigilante is a find), this series written and directed entirely by Gunn proves that the superhero genre is nothing wrong, lacking in creativity and dying. All his problems are in the offices.

The final stretch of ‘El Pacificador’ (calm down, we’re not going to gut anything) is the definitive confirmation that it…

The final stretch of ‘El Pacificador’ (calm down, we’re not going to gut anything) is the definitive confirmation that it…

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