the main scientists of Spain have been two weeks without being able to connect

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The Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC) suffered a ransomware cyberattack about two weeks ago. The main scientific institution in Spain This time has been affected and the researchers were unable to connect to the internal network.

This has been denounced by scientists such as Pablo Chacón, principal investigator of Structural Bioinformatics, who published a ‘letter to the director’ in the ABC newspaper warning of the situation. Despite multiple complaints, until now the CSIC had not issued a statement informing of what happened in the cyberattack. Two weeks later, the Ministry of Science and Innovation itself has given some explanations.

Two weeks without internet access in the main scientific institution

As described a few weeks ago Global Chronicle, the country’s two main cybersecurity authorities were informed. These are the CCN-CERT (National Cryptologic Center, dependent on the CNI) and the COCS (Cybersecurity Operations Center). In addition to the CSIC itself, other institutions such as the Institute of Marine Sciences, the National Center for Microelectronics, the Barcelona Institute of Microelectronics and the Marine Technology Unit have also been affected.

Research projects delayed, communications cut, CSIC administration blocked, thousands and thousands of euros in losses. A cut of these characteristics is unthinkable in centers such as EMBL, CNRS, NASA…”, denounced Chacón in the letter titled as ‘Incredible, but true’.

The cyberattack was detected during the weekend of July 15-17. To deal with the ransomware, security officials shut down the agency’s electronic headquarters to prevent the attack from spreading. as a firewall, the CSIC turned off the virtual private network (VPN) provided by Telefónica.

According to the Ministry of Science and Innovation, the cyberattack came from Russiaalthough they assure “that no loss or kidnapping of sensitive and confidential information has been detected.”

The cyber attack on the UAB will affect until the end of the year: the difficult management of a university without access to its computer system for months

According to explains David Arroyoresearcher at the Cryptography and Information Security Research Group (GiCSI): “The problem is that there is no access to the computing structure “deployed on the SGAI infrastructure [Secretaría General Adjunta de Informática]”.

the creek itself describes that “it is not the first ransomware-type attack that the CSIC has received. In fact, at the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine we were told to ‘turn off the computers during the weekend’. That order was already Indicative that there was a problem with the early threat detection services” and wonders, “how can it be understood that in the face of a notice of this nature the installation of the EDR systems that are now being deployed in a hurry and running was not carried out?”

Sara Degli Esposti, researcher at the Institute of Policies and Public Goods, Explain that “to this day, we are still waiting for the documentation and software [#EDR] to install on all computers” and alerts of the consequences of having contracted people inoperative.

While the CSIC websites already seem to be operational again, Juan Antonio Añel Cabanelas, Professor of Earth Physics at the University of Vigo, Explain What are they wearing?two weeks using mobile data for all work“. Irene Mendoza, researcher at the Doñana Biological Station, informs that “today we have had some more information. The thing goes for a long time and we all have to install security software“, to which he denounces that “it is still inconceivable that, after 15 days, we still have many more ahead of us to return to normality”.

Currently, only a quarter of the CSIC centers have been recovered and the complete restoration can still take days.

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The Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC) suffered a ransomware cyberattack about two weeks ago. The main scientific institution in…

The Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC) suffered a ransomware cyberattack about two weeks ago. The main scientific institution in…

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