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We have known for a long time that this time would come. Almost three years now, in fact. In 2019, the South Korean media revealed that Samsung was working on fine-tuning its QD-OLED panels, although this process certainly began several years earlier. And your first TV equipped with one of these organic arrays, the QS95B OLED modelhas just been officially presented by the South Korean brand.

The funny thing is that we had several clues that they put on the table with total clarity that Samsung I was about to announce this long-awaited TV. One of them is that the Master Series A95K model presented by Sony in early January, during CES, incorporates a QD-OLED panel manufactured by Samsung. And the other clue is that, despite the fact that until a few minutes ago it had not been presented, the organization of the CES awarded this tv of the South Korean brand for its capacity for innovation.

The main difference between QD-OLED panels (Quantum Dot-OLED) being manufactured by Samsung and the W-OLED arrays (White OLED) produced by LG lies in the strategy they use to reproduce color. We told you about it in great detail in the article we published at the beginning of January, but broadly speaking, W-OLEDs use white light self-emissive cells that require the presence of an RGB color filter. QD-OLED panels, however, replace RGB filter of W-OLED panels by a matrix of nanocrystals, or quantum dots, which is responsible for color reproduction.

Samsung OLED QS95B: this is what we know about this brand’s QD-OLED TV

A new TV is about to break into the high-end, and on paper it looks great. Samsung has confirmed that its first device with organic matrix and 4K UHD resolution will be available in 55 and 65 inches. Its image processor is the same Neural 4K chip with artificial intelligence that we can already find in some of its Neo QLED televisions, and as expected, its operating system will be Tizen, the same platform that this brand integrates into most of its televisions.

Panel technologies and TV trends coming in 2022, explained

We also know that the QS95B OLED TV incorporates Object Tracking Sound, Q-Symphony and Dolby Atmos audio processing technologies. However, the most interesting thing will be to put it to the test to see if it really solve colorimetry better than the televisions that bet on a W-OLED panel, and also to confirm what its maximum brightness delivery capacity is and if it offers us greater immunity to the retention of static images than LG’s organic matrices.

Samsung has confirmed that this television will arrive in stores during the next month of April, and, although we still do not know what price it will have in Spain, we have a reliable clue: the American subsidiary of this company has anticipated that the 55-inch model will cost $2,400 (approximately 2,156 euros), and the version with a 65-inch panel will be priced at $3,500 (3144 euros approximately). As soon as we have its official price in Spain we will update this article to include it.


We have known for a long time that this time would come. Almost three years now, in fact. In 2019,…

We have known for a long time that this time would come. Almost three years now, in fact. In 2019,…

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