The Government of the Balearic Islands wants to join the four-day working week. Of course, without spending a euro

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The Balearic Islands have become the second autonomous community in Spain, after Valencia, to formalize their intention to test the four-day working week in their companies. Although the insular proposal has an important peculiarity that differentiates it from the Valencian one: they do not want to spend a single euro from the regional coffers. They ask, instead, that the Government of Spain choose the CCAA to test the pilot project prepared by the Ministry of Industry for this labor model of reduced hours.

A strange request, since the pilot project that Industry is preparing is national in scope, designed so that companies throughout Spain, and not just one region, can benefit from the subsidies provided for in the plan. At least according to the information that has transpired so far, since these national aids to test the four-day work week have not yet been publishedand the final document could contain variants with respect to the original presented by Más País, the party behind this proposal at the national level.

The request of the Balearic Islands to the Government of Spain has been produced through a Non-Law Proposal (NLP) approved in the regional parliament with the votes of the government parties (PSOE, United We Can and Més per Mallorca) and Ciudadanos, by which, specifically, these political formations urge the Government of Spain to carry out a feasibility study of the implementation of working day of four days in the islands and, if considered feasible, launch a pilot program for it.

NLP they are legal figures that are used in the Congress of Deputies and the regional parliaments to make requests to the Government, publicly show the majority opinion of the chamber regarding an issue or lay the foundations for some action by the public administrations. In theory they are binding, but in practice the Executive he usually ignores themand its main virtue is usually to transfer issues from the street to the political debate.

Thus, it is most likely that the Government acknowledges the receipt of the Balearic NLP, which urges (that is, begs or asks, according to the definition of the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language) but does not oblige, and do not respond to the request. Among other things, because the only plan that it handles to date for the four-day work week has been conceived at the national level and not for specific regions.

Focus on hospitality

The Balearic parliamentarians who have approved the NLP also ask the Government of Spain to pay special attention to the service and hospitality sectors, where working conditions are “inadequate” and measures are necessary to improve the conciliation and well-being of its workers.

The Balearic opposition parties, however, consider that the structure of the islands’ labor market, with a high seasonalitymakes the implementation of the four-day working week in the main economic sectors of the autonomous community unfeasible, which is why they have voted against.

The four-day shift, a new battlefield: many workers do not want a pay cut, most companies see it as unfeasible to keep them

The other region that has shown interest in extending the four-day working week among its companies has been the Valencian Community, but, unlike the Balearic Islands, the Valencians have devised own plan with autonomous endowmentindependently of the pilot program of the Ministry of Industry, as explained by its promoters to Xataka.

The Valencian plan is endowed with 10 million euros, the same amount that the Government of Spain has allocated to its own national pilot program, and already has a feasibility study which has been carried out in recent years, also with regional funds and in collaboration with Valencian universities.

The Balearic Islands have become the second autonomous community in Spain, after Valencia, to formalize their intention to test the…

The Balearic Islands have become the second autonomous community in Spain, after Valencia, to formalize their intention to test the…

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