the Government indefinitely delays the rule that regulates it

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Officials do not know when they will have a rule that regulates their teleworking. The Minister of Finance and Public Function, María Jesús Montero, assured in November 2021 that the Government would have prepared the royal decree law for remote work in the General State Administration by the beginning of 2022. Then, in January 2022, the ministerial department informed the unions that the rule would not be approved until the end of February. And now, ten days before the end of that month, the unions assure that They have no news from the Executive in this sense, as explained to Xataka Workers’ Commissions (CCOO) and the General Union of Workers (UGT).

The unions point out that they have repeatedly asked the ministry about the issue in recent weeks, and that the only response they have received from the Administration is that they do not know when the matter will be taken up again. “There is no news about it. They neither set a date nor give us an approximate answer of what the approach they have is, ”explains Xataka Javier Martínez, secretary of communication of the Sector of the General Administration of the State of CCOO.

From UGT and the Central Independent Trade Union and Officials (CSIF) corroborate Martínez’s information: the lack of news is absolute. The world newspaper informs that from the Ministry of Finance and Public Function, after the two delays for the processing of the regulation already mentioned, they dare not offer a new date, although they do assure that it will be before the summer. The unions, given the past delays and the lack of information from the ministerial department, even doubt that deadline, despite being considerably more comfortable than those previously given.

The royal decree to regulate the teleworking of civil servants appears in the annual regulatory update plan of the General State Administrationwhich means that the Government has promised to process and approve it throughout 2022. But it has until the end of this year to do so.

Funds go before

The unions are annoyed by the new delay in the royal decree on teleworking for civil servants, especially because they consider that the norm is already quite developed (the claims period ended last January 4) and the new delay is unjustified.

From CCOO they consider this delay is due to the fact that the Executive is giving priority to other regulations that are more urgent from an economic point of view: those committed to Europe for the arrival of community recovery funds. “The problem is that the Government did not commit to an exact date on which this decree would have to come out, but there are others, such as those for aid, that do have deadlines, and they are giving priority to those” Martinez explains.

The paradox of teleworking: six hours less of commuting in exchange for three more hours of working hours

Thus, the unions consider that the Government is not in a hurry to approve the decree that regulates the remote work of civil servants, among other things because, as they point out, with interim pandemic rules may settle the ballotbadly or well, in the event that it is necessary for public employees to work more days than allowed from home in certain situations, such as in a coronavirus contagion.

But, they stress, these interim rules they do not solve the problems that civil servants face when teleworking, such as the use of personal devices in the absence of professional equipment, the lack of skills in digital tools for remote work, cybersecurity, data protection or harassment. Aspects that the decree does address.

Likewise, civil servants can currently only telecommute one day a week, with few exceptions, while the royal decree would allow them, in general, to work remotely for up to three days, and in some cases up to 90% of the monthly shift.

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Officials do not know when they will have a rule that regulates their teleworking. The Minister of Finance and Public…

Officials do not know when they will have a rule that regulates their teleworking. The Minister of Finance and Public…

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