the end of the heat wave that is hitting Spain is a little closer

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There is no doubt: Spain lives one of the worst heat waves of recent years. With the country’s temperatures up to 14 degrees above the average for this time of year and historical records for high temperatures, both maximum and minimum. But we already know that. What we didn’t know for sure was when this would end, when the reinforcements would arrive: and we already know, we have a storm at our doors. In a few days, the wave will go down in history.

The Iberian full gas oven. As we have explained on other occasions, the Iberian Peninsula has very specific geographical characteristics that facilitate very intense “heat production” processes: we are talking about a lack of cloudiness, a high number of hours of sunshine, atmospheric stability (which makes the heat is trapped and prevents its distribution) and lack of wind. Exactly what we are experiencing.

The high amount of sunshine (so close to the solstice) and the atmospheric stability situation have caused temperatures to rise day after day. Above all, in the areas most exposed to this type of phenomenon: the interior of the peninsula and the valleys. For this reason, the maximums have exceeded 42-43 degrees without much problem in the Guadalquivir, the Guadiana, the Tagus or the Ebro.

The question is no longer when the heat wave will go away.  The question is if it ever will

How do we stop it? Taking all this into account, something is needed to change the atmospheric conditions: in this case, a DANA is needed. For days now we have seen how it was approaching the Portuguese coast, but due to its location and distance what it was adding was more heat: the turn of the air caused a warm advection from the south that, as usual, has brought to our skies the haze The good news is that, in the next few hours, DANA is going to start playing in our favor.

A weekend of changes. Even he has wick left to the heat wave, let’s not kid ourselves. In many inland areas (especially the east), the dynamics of rising temperatures can continue on Friday and Saturday. However, from the weekend, there will be a decrease in the maximum in the western half of the peninsula and the Mediterranean will also notice a relief.

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The arrival of the storm. The explanation is indeed the formation of a storm quite intense in the Bay of Biscay associated with a mass of cold air that is progressively approaching from the Atlantic. This DANA will push the mass of warm air that we have over the country, the haze that clouds the skies of the peninsula will move towards the Mediterranean and, fingers crossed, temperatures will drop.

However, we should not expect major changes beyond the north (where the cool will return and rains can be seen). In the rest of the geography, what we will see is a kind of ‘domino effect’: when atmospheric stability is broken in the Bay of Biscay, the chain reaction will cause significant relief: but the general conditions will not change. Summer is here to stay.

Image | Emilio Morenatti/AP

There is no doubt: Spain lives one of the worst heat waves of recent years. With the country’s temperatures up…

There is no doubt: Spain lives one of the worst heat waves of recent years. With the country’s temperatures up…

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