the electric car on which the Renault subscription service revolves

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Service renault subscription reveals all its secrets. The strategy is part of Mobilize, the group’s firm dedicated exclusively to mobility. And, for now, it will be focused exclusively on professionals. The car is Mobilize Limo, but it will be just one more tool in your offer. In the following lines, we clarify all the details about this new line of business of the Renault Group.

Just two weeks ago, Cabify and Renault announced an agreement to use the Mobilize Limo. Then we told you that it was a car that we could get into, but not drive. Unless we are a driver dedicated to transporting people. This time we have been able to get on the new vehicle and learn all the details of this subscription service.

For professionals… for now

A few days ago we emphasized that part of the future of the car goes through subscriptions. The reasons are many, there are from a disaffection among the youngest, an increase in new forms of mobility in large cities or a considerable increase in prices. In addition, long-term rentals continue to rise. Subscription companies continue to grow, shared cars have hourly and daily rates complete and the leasing it already stands at 20% of registrations.

The Renault Group wants to enter this market. And it makes sense because the subscription service can be much more interesting, at first, for a professional, although they do not rule out that in the future they expand the service to non-professional individuals, as it already does Link & Co.. In addition, this results in the plans that were already presented in Renewalthe project that aims to renew the brand, mark the electric path and that covers car reconditioning services.

Namely, Mobilize Driver Solutions It will be the service that the Renault Group will offer to drivers of VTC and taxis. In it, the Mobilize Slime it is another service. Obviously, without a car this type of business could not be offered, but from the French firm they emphasize that the car is just one more service. We will see if, in the future, it will be possible to include some of the following services without being irremediably linked to a vehicle.

Integral service

It is essential, therefore, that Mobilize Driver Solutions has focused its line of business on “what a driver needs”. With its payment methods, those who want to benefit from this subscription service can have an “all-inclusive” rental but in which they make it clear that the Mobilize Limo cannot be purchased in any case.

During its start, the subscription service will have flexible options ranging from three months to three years and in which you can play with the mileage to be covered in the set time. In this way, a monthly fee is established without payment in advance and the driver can unsubscribe whenever he prefers. What Renault has not confirmed are the prices from which this subscription service will be available.

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For the modality to be attractive, the objective is to offer a comprehensive service to the driver. So besides the car is hired the maintenance of the vehicle and a guarantee that extends throughout the agreed time, a priority service in case of having to go through the workshop and a prediagnosis in 30 minutes to anticipate how long the car will need to be stopped. Support is also included 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including roadside assistance. In addition, the “Mobilize Business Pass” card allows you to top up your car with the same card at different operators. Renault announces an available recharging network of 250,000 plugs spread throughout Europe, but does not clarify how many there are in Spain.

As for the subscription service, the entire process is carried out online, although the brand emphasizes that there is telephone technical support at any time of any day if necessary. The process, if everything goes correctly, they ensure that it lasts two days and that, once the approval is given, the vehicle is delivered within a period of about four weeks at the address or place indicated by the client.

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Mobilize Limo, the skeleton key

Although from the Renault Group they insist that the Mobilize Limo is a tool more within its subscription service, the truth is that, for now, it is still the master key. Without a car, there is no subscription service.

To decide which vehicle should bear the Mobilize Limo name, Renault has chosen to look to China. From there a saloon manufactured by one of the joint ventures with which it works in Asia has been brought and they have adapted it slightly to European tastes.

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The choice of a sedan is determined by the particular purpose of this vehicle. Is a saloon 4,675 meters long, which has ample interior space and 500 liters of trunk. Its rear seats are spacious and it lacks a central tunnel, so the rear passenger sees his discomfort reduced. However, the seat sits low to the ground and the knees sit too high, which is exacerbated among taller passengers. On the good side, passengers can control the music or the radio of the infotainment system from the rear seats, with controls located in its central area. In addition, they also have two USB ports.

For his part, the driver (and let’s not forget that the real Mobilize customer) has an electric vehicle with 450 kilometers of autonomy WLTP that will prioritize its use by city, so this data should be closer to reality than what usually happens. Charging can be done using alternating current (7 kW) or direct current (60 or 75 kW) and it has a 60 kWh capacity battery.

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In motion, the Mobilize Limo is a comfortable vehicle with a sedan-like ride, more prone and stable. Its 118 kW (158 hp) engine will save you from any trouble, but you have to take into account that the car is electronically limited to 140 km/h. Low-speed steering is smooth and soft without losing touch, and on the open road it feels very forceful, largely because of the lane-keeping assist.

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As for the ADAS driving aids, the vehicle takes advantage of the attributes of the blind spot sensor, its cameras that provide it with a 360º image and adaptive cruise control with Stop&Go function, which is accompanied by the signal recognition system or emergency braking with pedestrian detection. In addition, cross traffic alert or a warning sound for pedestrians when driving below 30 km/h is also included.

When we’re on the go, we appreciate the high-resolution screens, 10.25-inches for the instrument cluster and 12.3-inches for the infotainment system. I particularly liked the images on the dashboard, with modern but simple language, alternating speed information in green or red representations to show if we were within the legal speed limits. In addition, vehicle recognition resulted in a figure on the instrument panel.

Image 0926

For its part, the infotainment system is easy to use. Access to the menus is simple and effective and moved between screens with great ease. In addition, the air conditioning controls are physical and have their own small screen, although a slightly higher quality would be appreciated for the latter, with a monochrome profile. The biggest problem, in this case, is that compatibility with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay is done via cable, which forces you to keep the ashtray lid open (where the charging points are located) and send the mobile to the lower area. , leaving the cable hanging, or to a space further back but in which the gear change lever must be freed.

Connectivity via Bluetooth for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay is one of the main drawbacks that I understand that the driver who uses the vehicle on a daily basis may have. The other is the trunk. Although it is true that it has a large capacity of 500 liters, the lack of a tailgate can inconvenience drivers when they have to store and unload customers’ bags.

Image 0915

Image 0916

All the previous technological load is accompanied by a own application in which all the data related to the vehicle can be consulted, such as the state of the load, program warnings of the same or precondition the vehicle. And although this seems really complete (we have only been able to attend a demonstration) there is a contradiction that shocks us. The car can be opened remotely by mobile phone, but it cannot be started. From Renault they point out that for a security reason but it would be interesting to have this possibility, especially to eliminate the need to hand over the key to a colleague in the case of large fleets.

almost on target

In short, it is likely that a VTC driver or taxi driver can find some advantages or disadvantages in this subscription service that escapes me. Bearing this in mind, I believe that this Mobilize Driver Solutions could be a great option for professionals and that some interesting details have been thought of (such as priority in workshops) that are ultimately great attractions. It is difficult to get a better idea without knowing the price but, on paper, the alternative is attractive for those who have large fleets that want to renew or for those who are looking to test a specific vehicle model without being tied to a long-term purchase.

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A large part of the advantages of the Renault subscription go through the flexibility and simplification of tasks. For some drivers, having insurance and insured maintenance in the same payment, backed by Renault, can be an interesting solution.

As for the Mobilize Limo, the saloon has very attractive attractions, such as its large screens that facilitate the use of the infotainment system or its lightness, although there are some details that can bother regular drivers, such as the need to use a cable for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay functions or the lack of a tailgate, which will complicate the loading and unloading of suitcases. They are two buts that put the counterpoint to a very well thought out product for those who work as drivers in the transport of people and who will find in the Mobilize Limo a comfortable and attractive car for day to day.

Service renault subscription reveals all its secrets. The strategy is part of Mobilize, the group’s firm dedicated exclusively to mobility.…

Service renault subscription reveals all its secrets. The strategy is part of Mobilize, the group’s firm dedicated exclusively to mobility.…

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