The definitive map to know where you have coverage and where you don’t, including 5G around the world

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Do you want to know how coverage is distributed in your city? And what is the operator that offers the best options on your block or even on your street? Welcome to nPerf, a tool that, with a simple and intuitive design, allows you to check the service provided by some of the main telephone companies in the country with a surprising level of detail. You can consult the resource both through a browser, on your computer; like on your mobile, with iOs and Android.

Its mechanism is very simple. At the top it includes a bar with four tabs. In the first you must specify your country, in the second the operator you want to make the query about and in the remaining two you have to mark if you are interested in the coverage network or the reception speeds. The first data that you must select for the map to unlock – you can see it in both satellite and street mode – is the company. The options, yes, will be limited: nPerf only offers data from MasMovil/Yoigo, Movistar, Orange and Vodafone.

Bird’s eye (or satellite) coverage

With the operator marked, you will be able to move around the map. nPerf includes a browser, but —as they explain in Genbeta– it does not work correctly. The most comfortable option is to drag it and move freely around the towns and streets you want information about. From there, the dynamics are very simple. The service identifies the coverage network with five colors. Blue corresponds to 2G, green to 3G, orange to 4G, red to 4G+, and purple to 5G. When you look for your street or the place where you want to go on vacation, for example, you will see it marked in one color or another, always depending on the type of service offered by the operator at that specific point.

The great advantage of nPerf is that allows you to compare options. You don’t just see the service provided by your company on the street where you live. You can take a look at what the rest of the operators offer. Also buy different parts of the same city. The data corresponds to the measurements of the users of nPerf, a website that offers speed test for ADSL, VDSL, cable, fiber and satellite. In fact, if you look at the bottom left of the map you will see a box in which the tool details the number of data collected in each of the areas, since when and also the date of the last update, including the day and date. exact time.


Distribution of the 2G, 3G, 4G, 4G+ and 5G coverage network in Madrid with Movistar Móvil.


Distribution of coverage in Barcelona with Vodafone Móvil.


2G, 3G, 4G, 4G+ and 5G coverage in Seville with Orange Móvil.


Map of Zaragoza with the coverage offered by Vodafone in the different neighbourhoods.


Map with the coverage colors corresponding to MásMovil in Valencia.

“The stored measurements are made by users of the nPerf app. They are made in real conditions, directly on the ground. If you want to participate, you just have to download the nPerf app on your smartphone. The more data there is, the more complete the maps will be! !”, says nPerf itself on its website, in which it specifies that the coverage data is updated automatically and at all hours and the speed maps every fifteen minutes. The tool also allows you to download coverage or test data in CSV format.

nPerf also offers another service: take a look at the distribution of 5G coverage. In your country and beyond. The resource is very useful, for example, to check how it is distributed throughout the same state or to verify its level of implementation beyond borders. If you want to consult it, you just have to click on the purple button located in the upper right corner.


World map with the distribution of 5G coverage.


Distribution of 5G coverage in Europe.


5G coverage in Spain.


5G coverage in France and part of central Europe.

A world map with points of the same color will be displayed automatically. In the case of Europe, for example, it is striking how far behind Spain and Belgium are with respect to the rest of the EU partners. Within the country, deployment is concentrated mainly along the Mediterranean coast and in large conurbations, such as Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Bilbao, Seville or Murcia.

The tool warns, yes, that not all the areas in which 5G has been detected have to have it open commercially. The measurements are also carried out by the users of its application, although to participate they must be equipped with mobile devices and SIM cards compatible with 5G. “They are carried out in real conditions, directly on the ground,” emphasizes.

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Do you want to know how coverage is distributed in your city? And what is the operator that offers the…

Do you want to know how coverage is distributed in your city? And what is the operator that offers the…

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