the brands that aspire to revolutionize the sector in Europe

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It is not easy to find consolidated data or in which all manufacturers are reliably included, but the weight that is leading China in the expansion of the electric car It is evident and difficult to refute, whether we look at their registrations, their production or the expansion of their companies.

almost the half of electric and plug-in hybrid cars that were sold worldwide in 2021 belonged to Chinese brands. In total, 6.6 million cars considered in Spain as Zero emissions were sold in the world, according to the International Energy Agency (IEA). Of these, 3.4 registrations were condensed within the Asian country. These are higher figures than those registered worldwide in 2020.

If we focus solely on the electric car market, the most recent data is that of Jato Dynamics. In September they indicated that they had sold 2.97 million exclusively electric cars Worldwide. Of these, 45% had been registered in China and 58% had been produced in the same country. In fact, the Chinese government had proposed that by 2025 20% of vehicle purchases would be carried out by plug-in cars, a figure that has already been achieved.

Who’s who in the Chinese vehicle

Although there is no consolidated data, it is known that Tesla remains one of the most important electric vehicle companies in the country. Some others report their data without discriminating plug-in or combustion vehicles, but all the brands that we find below have significant weight in the Asian market. And, as we shall see, some have already made the leap to Europe.


Xingyue L Exterior City 2

One of the best known brands in Europe is Geely. This Chinese firm works as an independent brand but also names an automobile group in which other firms are included, including Volvo since its purchase from Ford Motor Company in 2010. It is, therefore, the same as what happens with the Volkswagen Group, which includes firms such as Seat, Skoda, Audi or Porsche, among others, and among which Volkswagen itself is also counted.

As a firm, Geely only sells SUV vehicles and at the moment does not have electric vehicles under its own signature but the group has announced that it will soon present a new brand called Leishen Power, which will promote a transversal platform for all the company’s electrified vehicles. In fact, it will be part of the 25 new and electrified vehicles that they hope to present before 2025 in the entire group. 10 of them will go to Geely Auto, another five to Geometry, which does not operate in Europe, and another five to Lynk & Co, which does.

Link & Co and Zeekr 001

Lynk Co 03 2019 1600 01

A firm that has already landed in Europe is Lynk & Co. In fact, the Chinese firm has scheduled for this 2022 open two stores in our countryone in Barcelona and one in Madrid, because at the moment its hybrid and plug-in hybrid SUV can only be purchased online.

Like other Chinese firms, Lynk & Co has opted to enter the European market with a low-cost vehicle, its 01. The Lynk & Co 01 is an SUV with 197 hp and a price of 35,000, in its hybrid version. And, above, is the plug-in hybrid option of 40,500 euros, with 267 CV. Although they are not demolition prices, it must be taken into account that both models share a platform and mechanics with a Volvo XC40 Recharge, they offer a wide technological endowment and an attractive design.

At the moment, Lynk & Co does not have an exclusively electric option. This will come with the Zeekr 001, which will serve as a premium brand, as Polestar does with Volvo. At the moment, this electric SUV will only be sold in China, but the goal is its landing in Europe and the United States soon. Its figures also promise, with 543 hp and a 110 kWh battery with autonomy for more than 600 kilometers.

Saic Engine

Saic Engine

Saic Motor is one of the great Chinese manufacturers of the moment. With their provided figures, in which they included all their brands and did not distinction between electric and plug-in hybridare the conglomerate that sells the most in the Asian country, with sales of more than 700,000 units of electrified vehicles.

In fact, the power of Saic Motor is such that companies such as Volkswagen or General Motors have important cooperation agreements for the Chinese firm to manufacture its products and sell them in the country under the Western name. But, in addition, within Saic Motor we find firms such as Maxus, Roewe, Yuejin or MG.


Mg Zs Ev 2022 1600 01

The MG revival has also come from China. After more than 80 years of history, in 2005 the MG Rover conglomerate declared bankruptcy. Shortly after, in 2007, the Saic Motor group took over the firm that, although it restarted its factory in Birmingham, since 2016 it has been manufacturing exclusively in the Asian country.

In Spain, MG already has an offer of three models, to which a new member will soon join. The firm has confirmed that from next March the MG5 Electric can be purchased in our country, an exclusively electric family compact with a range of 320 kilometers and a price that has not yet been revealed, but which in Germany stands at 35,490 euros. Above, it will have a higher capacity version.

Spain is entrusting the takeoff of the electric car to purchase aid.  It will not work

The brand also has the MG ZS, an SUV available in plug-in hybrid and electric versionsunder the name of MG ZSEV on this last case. The most modest electric version has 320 km of autonomy and starts at 31,190 euros. Anyone looking for a superior model, the MG Marvel R Electric It is an electric SUV that starts with 180 CV and 400 kilometers of autonomy. Its price is around 40,000 euros.



Again, a firm that attacks European electric companies with prices below their competitors and a lot of technology. BYD is a firm that we already know in our country, although until now in a bus format, like the electric ones that you can find in the center of Madrid. But the brand has also made its first attempts in the light vehicle market in recent years in our country. However, the electric car is a new opportunity for a good offense.

At the end of 2021 it was announced that this manufacturer, the second that sold more exclusively electric models in China behind Tesla, arrives in Spain from the hand of New Energy Mobility (They also sell Aiways or Xpeng vehicles) with a luxury sedan to rival the Model S, 550 kilometers of autonomy (according to the NEDC cycle), 487 hp and a digital environment with a 15.6-inch main screen. Its price stands at 69,000 euros, so it equals the Tesla Model 3 and is clearly positioned below the American sedan.


U5 Hi-Res 02

Although the aforementioned companies are included in large automobile groups, the first Chinese firm in sell fully electric cars in Europe it was Airways. With its U5 SUV, the first market in which it took sides was Germany. It was followed by Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy and Israel. In addition, it has a headquarters in Munich, a development and design center in Denmark and is finalizing its landing in Spain and Portugal.

They will come to our country offering the Airways U5, a five-seater SUV with 204 hp and a range of 400 kilometers according to the WLTP cycle. In addition, in 35 minutes it can go from 20 to 80% autonomy. In the absence of knowing its final price, we can anticipate that it will arrive with a wide range of driving aids and options related to the infotainment system.

Xpeng Motors


This firm, once again, bets on luxury-looking sedans or SUVs. And the launch follows the same line as other firms: elegant design, a lot of infotainment technology with minimalist interiors and knockdown prices. Its Xpeng P5, for example, is sold in China with a starting price of just over 20,000 euros. In Europe you can order it through New Energy Mobility, its most modest version being the SUV G3, which starts at 43,000 euros.

If Spain wants to manufacture the electric car, it already knows the price: thousands of layoffs and salary cuts

And those who have not yet arrived

In addition to these conglomerates or brands that work in Europe or have firms that are already visible in some countries of the Old Continent, we find others that have not yet made their landing in Europe or, on the contrary, are best sellers that for the moment remain in the Chinese market.



It is one of the most promising brands in this section. At the moment, the Nio ES8 SUV is approved for sale in Europe, but it seems that Norway will be the first country to receive it. We have already talked about the brand on another occasion, when we discussed the issue of the exchange of electric car batteries that is expanding in China. As for the launch SUV, it is a fully electric vehicle with six seats and 499 kilometers of autonomy.

Great Wall Motors

Grwat Wall Motors

The firm of “The Great Wall” is also known worldwide for its electric cars. Although we still have no news of a definitive arrival in Europe (although it has been seen in some car show), it offers vehicle assembly services. In fact, they were offered as an alternative to continue production at Nissan’s Barcelona plant which, finally, remained in the hands of QEV Technologies and Silence.

Li Auto

Li Auto

Finally, another of the brands that is a best seller in China but that does not plan its arrival in Europe (or at least there is no date for it) is Li Auto. Again we speak of a large SUV (six seats and five meters long) with its Li One, although in this case we are talking about an electric vehicle with extended autonomy. That is, you can use a small tank of gasoline to increase the kilometers to travel in electric mode.

It is not easy to find consolidated data or in which all manufacturers are reliably included, but the weight that…

It is not easy to find consolidated data or in which all manufacturers are reliably included, but the weight that…

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