The best websites to learn coding online

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Here we will discuss the best websites to learn to code online. To master coding has picked up a boost worldwide and that’s indeed a good thing as even fundamental programming experience can possess a substantial impact. However, you gather a competitive edge over your peers, you can reason more algorithmically and therefore can solve cases more efficiently If you can educate yourself on how to write code.

There’s no reason why shouldn’t have the basics of coding. You can automate assignments, you can program your Excel sheets, upgrade workflows, can pull data from websites, and achieve so much more with coding.

You may not be in the business of documenting software programs but understanding the basics of coding will assist you to convey better effectively with developers. Gone are the times when you had to register in costly computer practice classes as now exist an abundance of web-based programs that will assist you in master programming in your own space and time and also in the comfort of your web browser.


The Best Websites to Learn coding or Programming

However, here are some of the reliable websites that offer programs in a diversity of programming languages for free, If you’re prepared to grip the plunge. I’ve similarly added a list of companion ebooks that will present you with a more in-depth understanding of the language and they don’t cost anything anyway.

best websites to learn coding

Programming LanguageOnline Courses and Video ScreencastsDownload PDF Books (Read online for free)
JavaScriptCode AcademyLearn StreetCode CombatCode AvengersEloquent JavaScriptJavaScript GuideSpeaking JSJS The Right WayOh My JSCanvassing
HTML & CSSCode AcademyDon’t Fear The InternetTutsplusLearn LayoutA to Z CSSDashWeb AccessibilityThe Hello WorldKhan AcademyHTML5 from ScratchMozillaDive into HTML520 Things I LearnedHTML DogHTML & CSSHTML5 for DesignersDOM EnlightenmentHTML Canvas
jQueryCode AcademyTutsplusCode SchooljQuery FundamentalsLearn jQuery
PythonCode AcademyGoogleLearn StreetPython TutorIHeartPYPython for You and Me,  Dive into PythonLearn Python the Hard WayThink PythonPython for FunTango with DjangoDjango
Ruby & Ruby on RailsCode AcademyTryRubyCode LearnRailscastsRubymonkLearn StreetWhy’s (Poignant) Guide to RubyLearn Ruby the Hard WayLearn to ProgramLearn Rails by Example
PHPCode AcademyPHP ProgrammingPractical PHP
Google Apps ScriptGetting StartedOffice Hours, Google Scripts Examples, Learning Apps Script
WordPressTreehouseWordPress TV
Linux & Shell ScriptingStanford.eduExplain ShellConquer the Command Line
Node.jsNodetutsNode SchoolThe Node Beginner BookMixu’s Node bookNode Up and RunningMastering Node.js
Angular JSCode SchoolEgg HeadLearn AngularAngular JS TutorialThinking AngularAngular TutorialGetting Started (Adobe)
Git (version control)Code SchoolGit ImmersionGitHub TrainingUdacityPro GitLearn GitGists in Github
Objective-C (iOS & Mac)Code SchoolStanfordiTunesU
Chrome Dev ToolsCode SchoolDev Tools SecretChrome Dev Tools TutorialUdacityBuilding Browser Apps
Go LanguageGolang.orgGopherCastsProgramming in GoGo by ExampleLearning GoBuilding Web Apps with GoLearning Go
JavaLearn JavaCoding BatJava UdemyLearnerooProgramming in JavaThinking in JavaO’Reilly Learning JavaThink JavaJava & CSJava for Python Devs
Android App DevelopmentUdacity (Google Developers), CourseraThe New BostonGoogle UniversityApp Development EssentialsCode LearnApp Inventor (Visual)
D3 (data visualization)Data Visualization for the WebDashing D3D3 Tips & Tricks
SQL (Databases)SQL ZooSQL @StanfordEssential SQLSQL for NerdsIntro to SQLSQL BoltPHP & MySQL
Everything ElseUdacityedX.orgCourseraUdemy$, Lynda$, Pluralsight$, Treehouse$, Open ConsortiumOne Month Rails$

Teaching Kids to Code

Still, you should download either Tynker (Android/ iOS) or the Hopscotch app for iPad and they can learn the basics of programming through games and riddles If there are children in the house.

There’s similarly Scratch, an MIT design that allows children to program their own stories and games visually. Scratch is accessible as a web app or you can download it on your Mac/ Windows/ Linux computer for offline usage. Microsoft TouchDevelop, Blockly, and Alice are some different web apps that will present the concepts of computer programming to your kids.

On a similar note, the following map from Google Trends shows the relative search hotness of varied programming languages over the previous 5 years. The interest in PHP has immersed over the years, JavaScript has more or less conserved its place while the hotness of Python &Node.js is on the upgrading.

Here we will discuss the best websites to learn to code online. To master coding has picked up a boost…

Here we will discuss the best websites to learn to code online. To master coding has picked up a boost…

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