the best websites and apps to do it on mobile, PC or even WhatsApp and Telegram

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We bring you a list with multiple resources for celebrate invisible friend raffles, either for the next Christmas that is getting closer or for any other occasion. The idea is that you have the possibility of preparing this draw digitally from any device, so that you use the one that seems easiest to you.

Let’s start by giving you some advice prior to carrying out the invisible friend raffle, no longer for apps and pages but general advice. Then, we will tell you how to do it on WhatsApp, Telegram, Slack and Discord, and we will end with the list of applications and web pages.

Tips before making the invisible friend

The invisible friend rules are simple. It is decided who will participate, and a raffle is made so that each participant gets another person to give them a gift. The idea is to maintain the surprise factor and save money, so that instead of having to buy gifts for everyone, each person takes care of one, and thus no one is left without a gift. However, there are some tips to improve the process a bit.

The first is to be clear from the beginning who is going to participate and set a deadline to sign up. It is important that from the time the draw is held until the gifts have to be delivered, there is a two or three week margin to be able to think about and buy them.

It is also recommended have clear possible exceptions of people who give away that you want to impose on the game. For example, if you are making a secret friend that involves couples, it would be best if those couples could not give each other anything. Come on, it’s good to be clear if you want a specific person to not be able to give to another.

You will be able to do the draws in person, the typical thing to do is put all the papers in a ballot box and have an innocent hand do the draw and match people up. The downside is that when there are exceptions, this can be cumbersome because if a couple touches each other and you have decided not to, you would have to start over. That’s why, the fastest is to resort to an app or web specially dedicated for this.

Another tip that may be helpful is set a budget maximum for the gift or gifts to the person who touches. Or set a minimum or maximum budget, all with the same margin, to avoid being given a pair of socks after you have given an Xbox. That minimum and maximum will help make it a balanced invisible friend.

and finally, it can also be useful to make a secret friend with wish list, in which each person writes down 3 or 4 things that they would like to receive, and so if they have received someone who does not know them very well, everything will be a little easier. In fact, there are apps and services that will allow you to add these wish list items.

invisible friend on whatsapp

friend 22

WhatsApp does not have any internal function that allows you to make the invisible friend. So the way to do it on this platform is use a third-party app that sends invitations via WhatsApp in addition to the classic options of sending them by email. There are several alternatives, but one of the oldest is Secret Santa 22which is available on android Y on iOS.

The only one that you have to do with this application is to create a group in it, and follow the steps to configure it by putting a name for the group and details such as the names of the participants, the maximum price of the gift, the deadline different types of conditions.

Once you have created the group you can add the participants. The app has a simple free version and a paid version to be able to add exceptions when choosing who can give to whom. Once you have everything ready, click on Share Y choose the option to send the invitation by WhatsApp. The invitation will have a code, and a link for users to download the app and join the group directly. And when each person enters the app, they just have to click on the option who has touched me.

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Invisible friend on Telegram


Telegram is a more flexible platform, and There are bots created to do invisible friend giveaways. For example, you have one called secret santa botwhose open code you can consult at their github page. This allows everyone to see your code and, through this transparency, ensure that it is a safe bot and that it doesn’t do more than it should.

To use it you have to enter the address, which will take you to a page from which to activate the bot in your Telegram mobile or PC app. To use the bot you will have to invite him in a group of up to 30 people and ask each one to start itand then the bot will simply privately tell each of the participants who it was their turn to give

Secret Santa via Slack or Discord

by Slack

There are also alternatives for almost any other platform, including group platforms like Slack or Discord. For these two platforms you can use a specific bot on the website of secret-santa.teamwhere you simply have to click on the button of the service to which you want to link it.

So, follow the steps to add the bot, and when you do, it will show you a list of users on your team. With this list you will have to choose who from the list will participate and when the draw is done, the bot will take care of doing it and sending each person a private message on that platform to tell them who they have to give it to.

Invisible friend apps for mobile


Now, we are going to tell you a small list of invisible friend applications that you can download on your mobile to comfortably organize the draw. These are applications that will sometimes be cross-platform, but other times they are specific to Android or iOS.

  • Secret Santa 22: A versatile and complete application that is multiplatform and allows you to send notifications through different apps, such as WhatsApp. It has a paid and free version, and it can be the most complete on the list in terms of options to configure the raffle. Is it availabe on Google Play Y in the App Store
  • Secret Santa App: An exclusive application for Android. The bad thing about it is that it has been abandoned for more than 5 years, and the good thing is that it is designed to do the draw in person, which gives it a little incentive. Is it availabe on Google Play.
  • fingerman: A small cross-platform app, so you can use it on Android or iOS. It allows you to centralize several draws in the same app, from those of the invisible friend to others to pay for dinner or for whatever you want. You can create different groups in each draw to add exceptions. Is it availabe on Google Play Y in the App Store.
  • elfster: Another multiplatform application that has been helping to manage your invisible friend giveaways for years, although in English. In addition, it also has a web version to be even more versatile, and each person has a profile to which they can add a wish list. Is it availabe on Google Play Y in the App Store.
  • Secret Santa Generator: It is an application that seeks simplicity above all else, although without sacrificing functions. You can create wish lists, add users by mail or mobile, reminders of who you have to gift to and more. Is it availabe on Google Play Y in the App Store.
  • My Invisible Friend: An exclusive application for iOS, although with almost the same options as the others. Its great attraction is that it allows you to set up an event together with the raffle, so that no one forgets the time. Is it availabe in the App Store.
  • Secret Gift: Another small app for Android, in which you can add lists of participants with their emails, as well as the date and time when the gifts are given, or even a location. You can also specify type of gift or top prices. Is it availabe on Google Play.

Websites to make the invisible friend online


And finally, now we continue with a list of web pages in which to carry out the raffle of the invisible friend If you don’t like doing it on mobile and prefer to manage it on a bigger screen, this will allow you to do it from any device. And if you simply don’t want to install apps for this, they allow you to do it in the mobile browser.

  • A simple but very complete page in which a single person organizes everything. You will create your list of friends or you will import it from an Excel, and each person will add an email to send the result. You can also add user exceptions that each user cannot touch. Link:
  • fingerman: The same service that we have seen in the list of mobile apps, but also available for the browser. It allows you to carry out different types of giveaways, including the invisible friend, and it does it all in a simple way. You can do them by groups to choose the ones that cannot be given to other specific users. Link:
  • Draw Names: The name literally means “sort names”, so you can imagine what it does. The process is in three steps to make it easy, and you can send the results by email or WhatsApp. In the invisible friend raffle it allows you to generate exceptions and decide other details related to the exchange of gifts. Link:
  • elfster: Again, the web version of another of the services that we have mentioned in the block of mobile apps. The functions are the same, and each participant will have to create an account, where they will have a profile to which they can add their gift wish list so that they reach the person who has to do it. It also has a planner for your different gift-giving events. Link:
  • GameFriendInvisible: A simple page to create the invisible friend. All you have to do is enter the name and email of the participants, add exceptions and customize the raffle and invitation details. You can give the draw a name and date, and set a spending limit. Link:
  • Simple Secret Santa Generator: Although it is in English, this page also seeks to simplify the process to create your invisible friend as much as possible. You can choose dates and names, and a participation code will be sent. Link:
  • Secret Santa Giveaway: One of the simplest pages on the list, in Spanish and with a process in which you only have a single step or page. In it, just add the names and contacts of each participant and the possible exceptions you want to make. Link:
  • I’mYourInvisibleFriend: Another website to make the raffle in a simple way. The process is divided into five steps so you don’t get overwhelmed with everything you can do: start, when, who, how much and send. Although really, what is important are the three steps to choose the date of the draw, the price cap of the gifts, and the list of people who are going to participate. Link: I’

We bring you a list with multiple resources for celebrate invisible friend raffles, either for the next Christmas that is…

We bring you a list with multiple resources for celebrate invisible friend raffles, either for the next Christmas that is…

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