the best uses you can give this port to make the most of it

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we will explain the best uses you can give to the USB port of your router to try to get the most out of it. Routers are normally pretty passive devices that we set up and let go, but if yours has a USB port, you might be able to squeeze it out and give it new features.

Before we start, it is important to tell you that these functions They are not available on all router models, and whether or not you can use them will depend largely on whether the one you have has this option in its configuration.

Power or charge other devices

There are some devices that can use the USB ports of others to get power and work without having to plug them into the main current in the house. This can help you in the case of having all the sockets in the area where you have the router occupied, and you need an extra port to connect some things.

Here, you have to keep in mind that the router has its limits when it comes to plugging it into the wall. The devices that consume less will not have problems, but loading times can be especially slow if you connect devices for this purpose.

Extra cooling for the router or for you

And since we are mentioning the possibility of connecting devices to the network, you can think of some creative uses such as connect a small USB fan to it in summer. You can do this if you think the router is overheating too much or if it is you who is overheating, give yourself a little breeze.

Connect your printer to the network

Printing machine

And when it comes to connecting devices, there may be one that gains extra features. Nowadays almost all printers have WiFi connection to send documents to print wirelessly. But if you have a printer without WiFithe router can serve to give you this functionality without having to buy another.

To do this, you’ll need to go into your router’s settings. Not all models will have the option to give connectivity to the printer, but if you are lucky with yours, you will be able to connect it and make the rest of the devices detect it when they go to print something.

Share content over the network


If you go into your router’s settings, most models have an option to make connected files visible by FTP or from the network options of the operating system. There is no concrete way to do it, it depends on each router, but many will have an option to share files.

What is it used for? Well, because it will allow you connect a USB and share the files inside, creating a kind of low cost NAS. This could also serve you by connecting hard drives with much more content. Yes, your PC’s operating system will let you do the same but easier, but it’s helpful to know that your router might be able to do it too.

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Turn it into a media server

There are routers that also have an option to set up a storage drive as a media server. In these cases, it is something very similar to the previous point, although some routers may have extra options here, such as sharing files with specific devices within all those connected to the network.

Connect it to a 4G modem

Imagine that the Internet goes out of your home or office, some error has happened, but you have a 4G or 5G modem saved for your trips. In this case, some routers allow get the connection from one of these modems instead of using the main network, or switch to one when the connection fails.

A security copy

If you connect a USB storage drive to the router, you will also be able to use it to make a backup of your PC, and save a file with the current settings you have in it. That way, if it’s ever failing you and you have to reset it, you’ll have this copy on hand to leave it as it was.

For this, you will need your operating system to allow you to make a backup to specific locations such as the hard drive connected to the router. Windows, for example, allows you to do this with the option to Backup with File Historyin the backup options.

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upgrade the router

There are two ways in which you will be able to update your router. First of all, you will be able to do it easily from the device configuration panel, since everyone has this option. Nevertheless, you can also download the firmware to a USB stick and then connect it to the router to update it. You will also have to do this update from the router configuration.

And why might this be important? Well, because you never know, maybe you are trying to download a new update and you are having some problem to do it. In those cases, you can download the update firmware to a PC, transfer it from the PC to USB, and then plug it in and use it to update manually.

we will explain the best uses you can give to the USB port of your router to try to get…

we will explain the best uses you can give to the USB port of your router to try to get…

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