The best thing about ‘The House of the Dragon’ is to have finished with the most annoying problem of ‘Game of Thrones’

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The arrival of HBO Max brought important news about the old HBO Spain app. One of the most notable was a image quality enhancement noticeable in almost all content from day one. In addition to a sharper image in HD, HBO Max finally premiered content in 4K HDR, with HDR10, Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos sound.

The bad part is that since the arrival of the platform until now, which is one year old in October, this last feature has been something that we have been able to enjoy little. Yes, movies like the ‘Matrix’ trilogy or what Warner has been releasing were shown in the best possible way, but series likeeuphoriahave continued to land in 1080p, despite being produced in 4K.

with the recent ‘Game of Thrones’ reboot in 4K The trend changed, and today, with the arrival of ‘The House of the Dragon’, we can finally celebrate on HBO Max something that has been common on other platforms for years: its star series arrives from day one in UHD, Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos. As it deserves.

Goodbye to the old nightmares with ‘Game of Thrones’ (in that ‘Long night’)


Warner already announced that ‘The House of the Dragon’ would arrive in the same formats as the re-release, but we had to see it and see what it meant. On both a Fire TV Stick 4K and an LG OLED C9, the series has a great image and sound qualityalways considering that we are dealing with the reproduction of highly compressed content to save bandwidth and guarantee good reproduction on millions of different devices.

With the memory of that fateful episode of ‘the long night‘, controversial because of how bad it looked, and that when it arrived on BluRay UHD we were able to really enjoy, I have started to see the first chapter of ‘The House of the Dragon’. As we said, the sharpness is quite high in small details such as candles, or like the Targaryens’ own blonde hair. We also say goodbye to banding and to the compression macroblocks in dark scenes such as those in the Winterfell crypt or in the scene of Jaime Lannister in the river to avoid Daenerys’s fire.

The sharpness is high, but where ‘The House of the Dragon’ stands out the most is in the arrival of HDR to a new premiere

But what I highlight most about the experience with ‘Game of Thrones’ on HBO Spain is the HDR, which is what shows that the service, although it demonstrates it in little content, is truly modern. Playing the chapter on Dolby Vision, I loved the impact of the highlights, both in landscapes and in small sparkles in candles indoors. Having seen most of ‘Game of Thrones’ at standard dynamic range, with such flat interiors, it’s a huge leap forward.

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Something that HDR also brings us is a new color space that provides a greater color range than that of Rec. 709, so now, without being any revolution, the series is shown with more natural colors and closer to those of nature.

Lastly, it should be noted a more immersive sound thanks to going from a very poor standard 5.1 sound to a Dolby Atmos which, despite being compressed in Dolby Digital Plus (like all streaming) is a notable improvement. Of course, you will need a dedicated team or a compatible bar to check it out for yourself.

All this is perceivable by anyone with a certain sensitivity. But the numbers don’t lie. The bit rate is quite high throughout the entire chapter. We know thanks to Amazon developer tool on Fire TV Stick. Compared to other platforms, this quality is above what Prime Video originals like ‘The Boys’ offer, and on a par with Netflix or Disney+.

With peaks of about 26 Mbps, sometimes we see it drop below 20 Mbps and even 10 Mbps in some scene, but the average is really good. It’s still far from the more than 60 Mbps of ‘Game of Thrones’ UHD BluRay, but it’s more than enough to enjoy a good experience.

A great improvement that demonstrates the pending work that HBO Max has


Seeing the second season of ‘Euphoria’ in 4K must be a visual luxury thanks to having been shot in 35 millimeters.

The arrival of 4K HDR to ‘Game of Thrones’ and to this premiere is great news that finally puts these contents where they deserve. However, there are many HBO movies and series that could arrive with this quality and they are not yet.

And the ‘Matrix’ movies are the best example. They’re from the 2000s, yes, but that hasn’t stopped us from having the best of the best on the platform (apart from physical discs). This means that from Warner they value the differences between these advances and the HD standard.

A) Yes, there is work pending bringing to the platform in 4K recent series in 4K like the aforementioned ‘Euphoria’ (at least its second season), ‘Station Eleven’, ‘The White Lotus’ or ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’. Not to mention classics that probably require a rescan of the film for its remastering, as could happen in ‘The Sopranos’, recorded in 35 millimeters.

The arrival of HBO Max brought important news about the old HBO Spain app. One of the most notable was…

The arrival of HBO Max brought important news about the old HBO Spain app. One of the most notable was…

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