The best games presented at the Xbox & Bethesda Showcase 2022

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Xbox and Bethesda already go hand in hand everywhere, and it is not for less. It is one of the most powerful associations in the industry since the Redmond company bought the creators of ‘Starfield’. And for an hour and a half they have presented some of their next releases in an event brimming with titles for all tastes. Indies, franchises, new IPs… this has given this year’s Xbox & Bethesda Showcase.


The event kicked off with a first-person Arkane vampire action game reminiscent of John Carpenter’s legendary ‘Vampires’ in certain respects, but with more mystical elements. Players will be able to face both bloodsuckers and cultists who yearn to become immortal, in what looks like an FPS with tactical elements that can be faced alone or in squads of four. Imaginative skins and spectacular weapons coming in early 2023 and playable, like many other things seen today, from day 1 on Game Pass.

Hollow Night: Silksong

The indie myth of impossible platforms and adorable graphics returns. A title that promises to preserve all the visual strength and sinister breath of its predecessor. Available from day one on Game Pass for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC and Xbox Cloud Gaming, but no release date has been announced, not even a hypothetical 2023. Metroidvania in its purest form for a game that launches at the safe thing not touching anything that worked perfectly in its predecessor.

These are the 17 best games that have been presented at the Summer Game Fest 2022

High On Life

Fun and galactic action at the hands of the creators of ‘Rick and Morty’ (in fact, it was clearly Morty’s voice that was heard in the video). A title that replaces the technical spectacularity of other titles with humor and wackiness, in a game full of hilarious details that proposes that it be the weapons that have a life of their own. Guns with mouths and eyes (and sadistic comments) for a game that promises sarcastic madness by the bucketload.

A Plague Tale – Requiem

Another sequel to an indie game of indisputable prestige: the wonder of Asobo Studio that is presented with a new gameplay where stealth returns and the puzzles that characterized the first installment. It also seems that the action has increased, as Amicia has more resources to face the dangers, and Hugo can control the pests with his powers. Launch scheduled for this same 2022.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

The new work of Koei Temo and Team Ninja seemed like a new ‘Nioh‘, but of course he will introduce his own story. In ‘Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty’ we meet a soldier of an unnamed militia who will fight to survive in a dark fantasy version of the Han dynasty in which demons have taken control of the Three Kingdoms. The game will arrive in early 2023 and will be available on Xbox consoles, PC and in the cloud

Forza Motorsport

‘Forza Motorsport’ is back for 2023. It was expected that the next installment of this driving simulator would take a firm step forward, but what Microsoft has shown is even more spectacular than we had anticipated. And it is that for the first time this saga promises us to dynamically adjust the light during the races and a ray tracing that, on paper, should give the images greater realism than any other installment has offered us so far. of this franchise. Even the green environments are, according to Microsoft, the most careful they have designed so far. We are already looking forward to tasting it.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 40th Anniversary

The anniversary of Microsoft’s extraordinary flight simulator is celebrated in style with a selection of classic aircraft, authentic milestones of manned flight, to feel like a pioneer soaring through the skies. And as of today, a surprise is already available: the possibility of piloting ships directly from ‘Halo Infinite’ and going to the end of the sky… and much beyond.

Overwatch 2

The great news regarding the hugely popular franchise is that the new ‘Overwatch’ will be free to play. A good number of characters have been spotted arriving on October 4th in early access for those who want to dive into frantic 5v5 PvP, among other new modes that the team says are in the works. And there’s a new champion on the starting line: Junker Queen.

Forza Horizon 5 – Hot Wheels

For devotees of arcade driving, this is a marriage made in heaven: the hyper-realism applied to the insane speed of ‘Forza Horizon’ combined with an utterly iconic proper name of on-road nonsense, ‘Hot Wheels’. Tracks reminiscent of the iconic ‘Trackmania’, full of loops, ramps and nonsense at three thousand per hour. We can’t wait to try it out on July 19.

Fallout 76

Fans of ‘Fallout 76’ are in luck. And it is that this wonderful post-apocalyptic role-playing game is about to receive its biggest update to date. Microsoft has promised us that this revision will introduce even more demanding new challenges and a completely revamped reward system. It certainly sounds good. Of course, we will still have to wait a bit to get hold of this expansion. ‘Fallout 76: Expeditions – The Pitt’ is coming to our Xbox and PC in September.


The murky and nightmarish worlds of ‘Scorn’, openly inspired by the biomechanical insanity of HR Giger, creator of the ‘Alien’ design, are the basis for a surreal walk through the darkest part of the cosmos. Viscosity, organic spawns, unthinkable monsters, scenarios that look like the inside of an intestine, vehicles that could be said to have come from the craziest Cronenberg’s imagination… nonsense not for all the stomachs that we will see on Xbox and PC next October 21.

Minecraft Legends

‘Minecraft’ is that simple and complicated at the same time: one of the most famous video games in history. And one so versatile that it has unleashed all kinds of parallel games, such as ‘Minecraft Dungeons’ or its narrative side at the hands of Telltale. And now it is the turn of the strategy, in a game that will allow us to explore biomes, extract resources and also build forts and fight battles under the codes of the most casual strategy. It is expected in 2023.

Lightyear: Frontier

Do you remember ‘Mars’, the Matt Damon movie in which an engineer injured on the red planet had to manage to survive with few resources? Some of that has reminded us of this ‘Lightyear – Frontier’ (somewhat less tragic, yes) in which an astronaut will take advantage of the resources of a planet to survive by growing food, exploring and building shelters. It arrives in spring 2023.

The Last Case of Benedict Fox

Coming in spring 2023 is this quirky 2D macabre adventure indie that employs one of our favorite mystery conventions: the supernatural detective teamed up with a demon. With it you can explore the minds of the most recent deceased to solve the mystery of an old mansion where a couple was murdered and a child disappeared without a trace. Cults, rituals, crimes and a very peculiar aesthetic.

'Starfield' reveals more than a hundred systems and more than a thousand planets in an overwhelming cocktail of role-playing and science fiction

Devil IV

a very complete gameplay has been the basis of what Blizzard has revealed for this long-awaited sequel that is expected in 2023. It has been revealed cross play Y cross-progression with PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, which is quite the news (which we should hear more often with other cross-platform). In addition, the Necromancer has been revealed as the fifth (and final) class to be added to those already shown: Barbarian, Sorceress, Druid, and Rogue. 140 dungeons will comprise a world of death that, they say from Blizzard, will grow nonstop from the first moment. And in addition, you can now access the beta registration on the official page.

Person 3, 4 and 5

One of the most popular and long-running sagas in history now returns in a special way: the ‘Person‘ from Atlus, which is now celebrating its 25th anniversary, will very soon offer us access to ‘Persona 3 Portable’, ‘Persona 4 Golden’ and ‘Persona 5 Royal’. All of them will be available directly on Xbox Game Pass, and the latter will be the first to arrive on October 21. The other two installments will arrive later, and as we say they can be enjoyed on Xbox consoles, PC and the cloud


With ‘grounded‘, Obsidian gave us a wonderful adventure inspired by the mythical movie ‘Honey, I’ve shrunk the children’, and now comes the full version that puts us back in the shoes of these four miniaturized teenagers who will have to face insects turned into monsters and patios turned into jungles. More (and bigger) enemies, more weapons, access to the entire courtyard, and a complete story that is again a gift. The full game will be available in September 2022 for Xbox consoles, PC and the cloud

Ace Dusk Falls

A very curious aesthetic in a partially limited animation format is the basis of this “interactive drama”, strongly narrative, in which a family faces multiple decisions when their path crosses that of highway robbers. All the weight is put on the story, in a game that can be played alone or with a multiplayer of up to 8 players, which will arrive on July 19 on Xbox, PC and cloud consoles, and which is destined to raise as many praises as it does critical criticism. .


More than a hundred systems, more than a thousand planets. These are the dizzying figures of a game that has before it a tricky mission: to make ‘No Man’s Sky’ forget. This Xbox exclusive has gigantic ambition, and Bethesda has gifted us with a long gameplay of the game, which sends us to the year 2330 to explore the limits of the galaxy. The presentation has shown a planet with a very diverse fauna, resources to extract and more details of the Vasco robot, which had already been presented to us.

There will be combat as much as exploration, and immense cities (we have seen the magnificent New Atlantis, headquarters of the Constellation, one of the game’s many security agencies), as well as a very complete character editor and a deep crafting system to create from weapons and equipment to space bases. A deep game system that is only beginning to point out its possibilities.

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Xbox and Bethesda already go hand in hand everywhere, and it is not for less. It is one of the…

Xbox and Bethesda already go hand in hand everywhere, and it is not for less. It is one of the…

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