The Apple Watch Ultra is a good start, but it’s lacking if it wants to truly compete with the best sports watches.

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The rumored Apple Watch Pro has ended up arriving in the form of the Apple Watch Ultra. And with it several unfiltered surprises not even in the hours before the event. Already in the preview we warned that the Apple Watch for extreme athletes I was going to need a lot more than an ultra-rugged case to convince this user profile.

Y The Apple Watch Ultra arrives laying very good foundations to look at Garmin, Polar, Suunto and company face to face, but it still has some shortcomings, despite the efforts put into this watch. At least, looking at the list of specifications offered by Apple.

From rest to autonomy

First of all, watchOS 9 brings many exciting improvements for athletes. It allows you to set up interval training without the need to use third-party applications (finally!) and even group sports in the same training session. Hello triathletes.

That said, it still has gaps that the Apple Watch Ultra hasn’t covered yet. For example, still disregards recovery and rest times required the days after a particularly intense session. For example, running 25 kilometers. Does it make sense that the clock keeps beating us to close our rings the next day? Wouldn’t it make more sense to calculate the proper rest time, as other brands do? Or directly leave us alone for a day?

Give me a break, Apple Watch

Other deficiency: its battery lasts up to 36 hours, which will be up to 60 when an update arrives this fall. That is two and a half days, very far from the capabilities of some rival models whose autonomy amounts to weeks, even more than a month.

The Watch Ultra and watchOS 9 completely reposition Apple in the sports watch market, but far from knocking out its rivals

For those who are going to spend long sessions of an extreme sport, perhaps in the desert or in the mountains, without plugs at hand, this may be insufficient. The explanation may be that the Apple Watch is also designed for many more things, and that gives it a certain value compared to the rest, but it penalizes it for those cases in which a few days are required without going through the charger.

The Apple Watch (Ultra or not) can also benefit from what third-party apps like Athletic, which uses several of the sensors during the night to determine at what intensity we can train each day, what our level of effort is, etc. Extremely useful information. The Apple Watch Ultra should have meant the arrival of something like that natively. And it will be accessible, but at the cost of a third-party app with its own subscription. Its functions, at this point, should be something elementary in a watch like this.

Something similar happens with sleep: AutoSleep measures sleep in much more detail, more transparent to the user, and more customizable than the native Health feature. WorkOutDoors is also the type of app that allows you to do workouts with the complexity that a Garmin offers but that the Workout app is still a long way from, despite the improvements in watchOS 9.

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The Apple Watch Ultra is laying great foundationswith very appropriate inclusions for certain sports (the additional customizable button, the high-precision GPS, the function to retrace our steps, the dive computer…), but in the absence of testing it, and according to what was communicated by Apple , still has some improvements to solve in future updates if you really want to compete with the brands that attack the niche of extreme athletes.

In his favour, however, he has two factors. One: the number of buyers you can get for a simple aspirational identity. People far from fitting in target del Ultra, but who wants to project that image and, perhaps, end up being what he dreams of. And two: Apple Watch offers a smooth, polished interface on a level other brands can’t come close to. Perhaps out there you can also scratch the occasional sale.

Apple Watch Ultra (GPS + Cellular) - 49mm Titanium Case - Midnight Ocean Band

Apple Watch Ultra (GPS + Cellular) – 49mm Titanium Case – Midnight Ocean Band

The rumored Apple Watch Pro has ended up arriving in the form of the Apple Watch Ultra. And with it…

The rumored Apple Watch Pro has ended up arriving in the form of the Apple Watch Ultra. And with it…

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