‘The Adam Project’, ‘Upload’, ‘2000 AD’ and much more

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The supposedly paradisiacal virtual reality of ‘Upload’ shakes hands with a few war-civilist zombies and eighties-flavored time travel to guarantee a first-class weekend. And we have more: chocobos on wheels, wrestling, teenage witches and, of course, The Law. These are our plans for a first class weekend.


Javier Ruiz Caldera, director of blockbusters such as ‘Anacleto Agent Secreto’, ‘Promoción Fantasma’ or ‘Superlópez’ and his regular editor, Alberto de Toro co-direct this mixture of comedy, horror and action that is not, of course, the typical Spanish film about the Civil War. In it, the rival sides of our conflict will have to face a ferocious wave of zombies, in one of the most iconoclastic and irreverent premieres of our Spanish cinema in a long time.

‘The Adam Project’

The Netflix formula for big-budget movies comes together this week in a movie of action, humor and science fiction with a cast that will take your breath away: Ryan Reynolds, Mark Ruffalo, Zoe Saldana, Jennifer Garner and Katherine Keener. With an air of nonchalance and pure eighties comedy, Reynolds brings to life a pilot from the future who will have to ally himself and his father in three different timelines to prevent a disaster that crosses all eras.

Upload S2

One of the most unique series in the entire Prime Video catalog is this weird and hilarious cyber version of ‘The Good Place’ produced by one of the creators of ‘The Office’. In this second season, the adventures of its protagonist continue, whose memory and personality have been downloaded in a virtual paradise for the rich, and which the series takes advantage of to pose a powerful satire of our dependence on the virtual, its artificiality and its appearances. The obligatory appointment for this weekend.


The new Pixar movie is already monopolizing critical acclaim for its cute, witty, and combative take on female puberty. In it, a 13-year-old girl who cannot get her mother to separate from her even for a moment, has to deal with a considerable inconvenience: every time she gets too excited about her, she turns into a giant red panda. . The usual ingenuity and technical neatness at Pixar, at the service of an original story that has been released directly on the Disney streaming platform.


Joe Wright, director of thrillers like ‘Hanna’ and ‘A Woman at the Window’, but also of period films like ‘Anna Karenina’ or ‘Pride & Prejudice (Pride and Prejudice)’ is responsible for this update of the classic ‘ Cyrano de Bergerac’ where the poet in love does not have a colossal nose, but a limited stature. Peter Dinklage brings this new Cyrano to life in a musical that has been nominated for best film at BAFTAs.

'The Adam Project' continues to define the Netflix blockbuster: cheap, successful and full of famous faces

‘Chocobo GP’

Square Enix proposes an immersion on wheels in the Chocobo universe from ‘Final Fantasy’ in an exclusive game for Switch that It includes, as a great attraction, a mode in which up to 64 runners can participate. An arcade driving title whose circuits are inspired by various scenarios from the ‘Final Fantasy’ franchise and whose racers have also been taken from the legendary role-playing series.

  • Available for Nintendo Switch

‘WWE 2K22’

Came back the quintessential wrestling simulator, in a delivery whose great novelty is the My GM mode. In it we can create a squad of fighters by selecting one of the five GMs or creating our own, managing budgets, recruiting free agents, choosing various types of matches and locations, etc. And of course, we will be able to participate in the combats or simply watch them, playing at planning the most impressive television broadcast.

  • Available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S

‘Submerged: Hidden Depths’

If you are looking for relaxation, try the soft and paradisiacal exploration of this game that invites us to investigate the sunken ruins of a beautiful civilization already extinct. At our disposal will be the natives Miku and Taku, one cursed with a mysterious power that she wants to control and the other trying to prevent her own friend from leading them to separation. A relaxing and visually well-cared adventure, coming to PC and consoles after an exclusive time on Stadia.

  • Available for Stadia, PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS5 and Xbox Series

‘Bundle for Ukraine’

Screenshot 2022 03 11 To S 16 22 52

You still have six days left to contribute to this spectacular bundle of video games, board games and indie books whose proceeds will go to a couple of NGOs that are helping refugees from Ukraine: International Medical Corps and Voices of Children. The objective of four million dollars has been achieved, but it is possible to continue contributing. Among the titles there are great games like ‘Wanderson’, ‘Gonner’, ‘Superhot’, ‘Figment’ or ‘The Wretched’, among many others.

'Upload', critical: a surprising comic series that poses an afterlife managed by technology corporations

‘Torso’ (Edward Lee)

2022 Screenshot 02 14 22 08 59

The newly born Pathosformel Editorial dares to publish in a single volume two wild horror classics by Edward Lee, ‘Mr. Torso’, a finalist for the Bram Stoker Award in 1994, and its sequel ‘Mrs. Torso’. The volume, full of blood, awkward moments and splatterpunk good, is completed with essays and interviews about the genre and the author, in a book not suitable for sensitive stomachs and much for devotees of rural terror more wild.

‘Just the end of the world again’ (Craig Russell, Troy Nixey and Matthew Hollingsworth)

just the end

A comic adaptation of a story by Neil Gaiman, the creator of ‘Sandman’ and ‘Coraline’ with which he won the Hugo, Bram Stoker, Locus, World Fantasy and Nebula awards. In this story full of monsters and humor we will meet a werewolf who carries with resignation and even joy his inevitable monthly transformationuntil one day he has to face an apocalypse with Lovecraftian overtones.

Just the End of the World Again (Gaiman) (Neil Gaiman Library)

Just the End of the World Again (Gaiman) (Neil Gaiman Library)

‘Night Cry’ (Borja González)

night cry

Bora González continues, after ‘The Black Hole’, forging a unique personal world, this time with overtones of horror and youth drama. We will meet Teresa, who runs a bookstore specialized in fantasy, occultism and terror and one of his regular customers, Matilde. One night, in the forest, the first she sets up a ritual with which she summons an otaku demon capable of granting any wish. An atmospheric and suggestive wonder.

Night Cry (Graphic Reservoir)

Night Cry (Graphic Reservoir)

‘Heading to 2000 AD’ (Óscar Alarcia)

Screenshot 2022 03 11 To S 17 24 41

Little Books Jenkins edits the most delightfully bizarre pop culture essays on the scene, and his incorruptible fanzine spirit is a sheer delight. In this book he reviews the history of Britain’s oldest sci-fi comics magazine ‘2000 AD’cradle of legendary characters such as ‘Judge Dredd’ or ‘Rogue Trooper’, and also reviews the history of the country’s comics and how they came to materialize in a unique publication that is already forty years old.

The supposedly paradisiacal virtual reality of ‘Upload’ shakes hands with a few war-civilist zombies and eighties-flavored time travel to guarantee…

The supposedly paradisiacal virtual reality of ‘Upload’ shakes hands with a few war-civilist zombies and eighties-flavored time travel to guarantee…

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