The 13 most shocking action scenes in science fiction movies

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Science fiction cinema can take multiple approaches, but Without a doubt, one of the most widely accepted by the public is the action. Homicidal robots, interstellar battles, fights with impossible weapons… science fiction allows you to take the conventional action genre further, and we have 13 impeccable sequences to prove it.

The final battle of ‘Star Wars’

We could bring a bunch of impact sequences from the galactic saga here, but we’re going to stick with a couple classics. The first one, obviously, is the destruction of the Death Star in ‘Episode IV’. The incredible design of the immense space station and the spectacular aspect of the ships exchanging impossible shots at full speed does not make, as has been said so many times, the slightest scientific sense. But it’s still an iconic space combat scene.

Desert Attack in ‘Starship Troopers’

This is more of a satire of Hollywood action movies than a movie as such, but the truth is that all of Paul Verhoeven’s forays into the genre (‘Robocop’, ‘Total Recall’, ‘The Man Without a Shadow’) have sequences at the height of films that do not have his disbelieving and sarcastic humor. ‘Starship Troopers’ is half ‘The Iron Sergeant’ in space, half anti-war satire, all action against giant space bugs. Although the digital effects (but not the practical ones, which are wonderful) have become somewhat outdated, the brutality and the iron hand with which Verhoeven shoots the action is reflected in sequences like this one.

Final showdown in ‘Aliens’

Not only is James Cameron’s cinema full of superb action sequences, but he‘Aliens’ itself is the sheer transformation of the suspense and tension of Ridley Scott’s delivery into top-notch military action. We have hesitated between this and the attack of the aliens on the marines where the humans are falling one by one, but in the end, there are few more iconic sequences than the fight between the two oldest bitches of the franchise, both very mothers of their own.

The Battle of Hoth in ‘The Empire Strikes Back’

And almost immediately after the end of ‘Episode 4’, that is, at the beginning of ‘Episode 5’, known for all time as ‘The Empire Strikes Back’, we have the battle on the snowy planet of Hoth, which proves that ‘Star Wars’ had many faces, and all equally exciting. The AT-ATs became icons of the franchise at the level of the X-Wings and the budget injection is noticeable in an unforgettable delivery.

The crane from ‘Terminator 3’

More than one or one will raise their hands to their heads for choosing an action sequence from the third ‘Terminator’ instead of one of the iconic chases from the second. But since there is already more Cameron elsewhere on the list and here we are big fans of the underrated sequel by Jonathan Mostow, we bring this smashing huge crane chase that is a veritable fest of choreography and heavy metal choreography. The film contains at least one other anthology action sequence: the fight between The Thing and The Dough.

'Terminator 2' is overrated, the real masterpiece is 'Terminator 1'

Initial battle in ‘Edge of Tomorrow’

The assimilation of the mechanics of video games to action movies begins with this anthological action sequence in the style of ‘Nombard√≠a Landing’ in which Tom Cruise, a diffident soldier who has never been in the front line of combat, ends up dead. For a short time, because a true odyssey of strategic time loops begins. A dirty and impeccably shot scene, which conveys to us all the harshness of this war against aliens in which humans have everything to lose.

Shootout in the lobby in ‘The Matrix’

It’s also hard to pick just one of the action scenes from the ‘Matrix’ franchise (including the last one, which has more than one capital letter), but let’s go classic with the essential and very influential sequence of the lobby of the building where Morpheus is held. Heavy weapons, destruction of private property, perfect choreography and the best poses in turn-of-the-century action movies. Tremendous ballistic apocalypse.

‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ in full

Impossible to separate an isolated sequence from what is basically a back and forth chase that evolves as the rules of the race change and stage conditions. Possibly the best sci-fi movie of recent years is also an absolutely perfect action movie, and one that proves there’s no one like septuagenarian George Miller to shoot a non-CGI car spinning around at top speed.

Max, you're a shame: how the Mad Max trilogy renewed post-apocalyptic cinema on wheels

The hall of ‘Origin’

Fans may forgive us, but Nolan isn’t exactly the best at shooting action sequences: the horrendous car chases of the Batman movies are the best proof. But when it also has to attend to the concept of sequences with a science-fiction component, it shines and gives very original results. You can see it in ‘Tenet’ (when it works for him) and especially in this iconic multi-stage dream sequence from ‘Inception’, with one dimension changing depending on what happens in another.

‘Godzilla vs. kong’

Warner’s Monsterverse found its meaning when they stopped preamble and went to what matters: colossi inconceivable by the human being stoking until exhaustion. In this, the kaiju The most classic of all that Warner has tried (and the most successful, let’s hope they take note), titanic combats abound, such as the final confrontation or the fight with mecha, but for the essential and the symbolic, we are left with this first clash among the monsters, with aircraft carriers in between.

‘Spider-Man: A new universe’

I wanted to include some superheroes on the list even if they weren’t strictly sci-fi, and in the end, with all the action sequences in the MCU cut from the same template, and action not being one of DC’s strong points, I prefer this wonderful climax of a movie better than any of Disney or Warner: the animated Spider-Man. A perfect integration of the visual findings that the film rehearses throughout its footage, and a science-fiction concept that is very well understood with superhero tropes and multiverses.

‘Hardcore Henry’

Although the film walks more in the field of action outside of itself than science fiction, in his last section he turns towards the fantastic and gives us this wonderful sequence of superheroic combat where the referent is not the shooters in first person, but a singular “Super Mario Bros. with corpses”. In any case, a hilarious film and it is incredible that it does not drag more worship, because it is a debauchery from start to finish.

Flight scenes from ‘Chronicle’

Another superheroic fiction outside the Marvel-DC norm, raised under the visual codes of the found footage and looking for a realistic story about a group of kids who discover they have typical superhero powers. All the action is carried out in a concise and believable way, but this flight sequence is especially brilliant where the protagonists examine their flight capabilities by the success with which the special effects are resolved and for how aptly it conveys to the viewer the almost childlike enthusiasm of young people.

Science fiction cinema can take multiple approaches, but Without a doubt, one of the most widely accepted by the public…

Science fiction cinema can take multiple approaches, but Without a doubt, one of the most widely accepted by the public…

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