Tesla is making its very expensive electric cars more and more expensive. And the forecasts are not good

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Buying a Tesla right now is saving euros on a future purchase. And we’re not saying this because of the explosion in gasoline prices. It has much more to do with the cost of their own vehicles. This year it has already risen in Spain twice. And the news coming from the United States is not encouraging.

5,000 euros. The most austere Tesla Model 3 was launched in Spain in 2018 at a price of 48,200 euros. We are talking about the Standard Range Plus version, which has a range of up to 491 kilometers according to the WLTP cycle. Some time later, the price went down to 46,990 euros for which it could be found in February of this year. Today, ordering a Tesla Model 3 access is priced at 51,990 euros.

The raise of 5,000 euros in our market it arrived in two sections. At the beginning of March, the best-selling electric in Europe became more expensive by 2,000 euros. But, just a week later, the final price rose again by 3,000 euros. The result: whoever ordered a Tesla Model 3 in the second half of March was paying 10.6% compared to those who bought it ten days earlier.

Bad augury. These growths have not occurred exclusively in our country or in Europe. USA He has seen the price of the Tesla Model 3 grow for a long time. During 2021, the increases in the final price were constant. In March, in line with the measure taken in Europe, Tesla prices also increased. In April, a new increase was experienced, this time focused on vehicles with greater autonomy.

Now, Tesla prices in the United States are on the rise again. The Tesla Model 3 Long Range (the intermediate version) has become more expensive by $2,500, going from $54,490 to $57,990. The Tesla Model Y, the best-selling in the country, has increased its price by $3,000 for the access version and by $2,000 for the higher version. The access Tesla Model S has increased its price by $5,000. It’s already worth $104,990, up from $94,990 just over a month ago. And the Model X has skyrocketed its price to 120,990 euros, 6,000 dollars more with this latest increase.

The complaints. The already periodic price increases in Tesla are accompanied by Elon Musk’s complaints about the price of raw materials and manufacturing costs. One of those mentioned was lithium. In fact, on his Twitter account, Musk pointed out that the cost of the mineral is so high that the electric car firm is considering mining it itself.

wait sitting. Difficulties in vehicle manufacturing are not only having an impact on higher prices for the final consumer. The waits to get a car keep getting longer. To receive a Tesla Model Y in Spain, the company gives a term of between October and December of this year. If we talk about a Tesla Model 3, only the top-of-the-range version is available in the same period. Those looking for either of the other two more affordable versions of the Tesla Model 3 will have to wait until January 2023, at the earliest.

Tesla Model 3 Delivery

The price situation is so complicated that for the most expensive models, in Spain no prices or delivery date are offered for the Tesla Model S Y Model X. In both vehicles it is stated that the reservation is fully refundable and that details about the cost and delivery forecasts will be given later, without specifying when.

Tesla Model S Delivery

still more expensive. Skipping the queue has a price. At this time it is possible buy a Tesla Model 3 Great Autonomy with 2,889 km for 64,220 euros. They are 6,230 euros more than ordering a new vehicle. However, those who pay the 57,990 euros that this vehicle is worth (and who can no longer take advantage of the Moves III Plan at that price) will have to wait for the first quarter of 2023 to have it.

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not bad for them. Although the Tesla are becoming more expensive every day, it does not seem that the American firm is going through great difficulties. In 2021, the Tesla Model 3 came to position itself in October as the best-selling vehicle in Europe. And this week we learned that he managed to sneak into the top 10 best sellers in the world last year.

To this we must add that the first quarter left record data for the brand. The secret, to sell their most expensive cars, a trend that other manufacturers are also opting for. In fact, it has managed to multiply by six its operating profit and also managed to reach the sixth position as the best-selling brand.

Buying a Tesla right now is saving euros on a future purchase. And we’re not saying this because of the…

Buying a Tesla right now is saving euros on a future purchase. And we’re not saying this because of the…

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