‘Starfield’ reveals more than a hundred systems and more than a thousand planets in an overwhelming cocktail of role-playing and science fiction

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This game has been in the oven for almost a decade now. Bethesda began to develop it in 2013, so it is evident that the team that is in charge of developing it is taking it with due calm so that this role-playing and science fiction title live up to expectations. And yes, if we stick to what Microsoft has just taught us at its event dedicated to Xbox, it seems that it will be.

In a first contact it surprises its careful visual finish, but we enthusiasts know that having good graphics is not enough for a title like this to find a place in our collection. Fortunately, it seems that ‘Starfield’ will have much more than good graphics.

Above all, it promises us that we will be able to form part of a gigantic universe in which we will have the opportunity to visit more than a hundred solar systems and visit over a thousand planets. Sounds good, but this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Its customization capacity aspires to make a difference

During the demonstration, the Microsoft spokesman has emphasized how deep the character creation wizard that the Bethesda programmers have developed. And it is that we can give our character the appearance and physical attributes that we prefer with enormous freedom. Also, the interface of this game component seems very intuitive, so getting our avatar to look the way we have in mind shouldn’t be too difficult.

Starfield 6

In the following screenshot we can see what the module looks like that allows us to act both on the physical abilities of our character and on their social, scientific and technological prowessand also about his combat ability:

Starfield 7

However, not only will we have a very important margin of maneuver when it comes to the creation of our character; we will also have it when we get ready to design and equip the spaceship in which we will prepare to cross the universe. Again, the wizard we’ll use to tune up our ship seems very complete and relatively affordable, though we won’t be sure if it’s intuitive or not until we can test it thoroughly.

Starfield 8

It seems difficult to resist such a vast world and such a careful setting

Some of the places that we have seen in this demonstration seem to be a bit uninhabited (perhaps in the final version of the game our sensations will be different) but, yes, they have a fairly high level of detail, and, above all, its setting is well cared for. After all, a game like this has to recreate in the most successful way possible the sensations that come with entering inhospitable places where we can be forced to face unimaginable dangers.

Starfield 1

Another section that Bethesda seems to have solved correctly is the action. The moments in this demonstration in which the protagonist has been forced to use his weapons to defend himself against his enemies are vibrant and seem to be expressly designed to shoot our adrenaline level. This first contact is not enough for us to form a precise idea about how this title poses the action, but our feelings are positive.

Starfield 2

It looks very good, but we have to wait until 2023 (and arm ourselves with patience)

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This game has been in the oven for almost a decade now. Bethesda began to develop it in 2013, so…

This game has been in the oven for almost a decade now. Bethesda began to develop it in 2013, so…

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