Spending almost 1,000 euros on a mobile and not having the best. The curse of the “non-premium” high-end

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What times those in which you bought yourself, for 400 euros, a high-end that almost stood up to the best on the market. OnePlus 3, Xiaomi 9T Pro… The bargain mobile has been dying since last year, and if we talk about high-end the picture is not much better.

With the arrival of the “premium high-end” manufacturers have the perfect excuse to segment between their best phones, and those especially expensive phones that have almost everything, but not everything: the “plain” high-end ones. Not even with 900 euros can we have the best todayalthough there is great hope this year.

When a mobile of almost 1,000 euros is a second-class mobile

Xiaomi 12

That mobiles rise in price is simply inevitable. That a manufacturer sells you a mobile for almost 1,000 euros and it does not have everything, because the one that has everything is worth 1,300 euros, is another more questionable matter. Today there are two high ranges, the high-end and the premium high-end. The second is the one that includes mobiles such as the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, iPhone 14 Pro Max, OPPO Find X5 Pro or Xiaomi 12 Pro.

mobiles that easily exceed 1,000 euros, and that are the representation of all the efforts of the manufacturer embodied in a mobile. But then there is the high-end, phones that do not reach these levels of excellence, but are more than solvent for most users. The problem is that they are not exactly cheap..

  • Sony Xperia 5 IV: 1,049 euros
  • Samsung Galaxy S22: 859 euros
  • Samsung Galaxy S22+: 1,059 euros
  • iPhone 14 Plus: 1,159 euros
  • Xiaomi 12: 799 euros

(Those who still resist):

  • OnePlus 10 Pro: 909 euros
  • Motorola Edge 30 Ultra: 899 euros
  • Google Pixel 7 Pro: 899 euros
iPhone 14

The iPhone 14 Plus already costs like an iPhone 13 Pro, if you spend 1,059 euros you don’t have the best Samsung camera, and even Xiaomi forces us to exceed 1,000 euros to access the best (if the new Ultra arrived in Spain, the figure would be even higher). Fortunately, there are some exceptions and great hope.

Spending a fortune on high-end makes more sense than ever: good and cheap mobiles are disappearing

OnePlus, although it does not compete in photography with the rest of its direct rivals, continues to offer its flagship for around 909 euros. The Motorola Edge 30 Ultra, of which we will soon have analysis, it is the best Motorola to date and the most ambitious proposal of the brand. But among the exceptions, there is a star that shines.

Pixel 7Pro

The Google Pixel 7 Pro is, on paper, the best Pixel ever. With a photographic section that should equal (or exceed) that of 1,300/1,500 euro mobiles, top-of-the-line software and all the specifications that can be asked of a high-end premium. It lacks fast charging, but if Apple and Samsung do not add to the skyrocketing figures, it may be for something.

Be that as it may, you have to dive and search among not so well known mobiles to get a purchase that is around excellence below 1,000 euros.

What times those in which you bought yourself, for 400 euros, a high-end that almost stood up to the best…

What times those in which you bought yourself, for 400 euros, a high-end that almost stood up to the best…

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