Spain waiting for a trough to break with one of the hottest summers in memory

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The expression is not ours, it is from AEMET itself: next weekend will be “the final fireworks” of the “very high” temperatures that, without rest, have lasted since the beginning of July. Some areas of the country, in fact, will begin to notice the temperature drop earlier, but it will not be until August 15, with the end of the heat wave, when the situation really changes.

How has the summer gone? As the AEMET analyzes the data, the number of days with a heat wave begins to become clearer. Between the two that we have suffered this year, many parts of the country have counted up to 26 days of heat wave. In other words, the summer of 2022 is “the second with the most days of heat wave since we have records”. Of course, it seems that we are going to end the year as “the summer with more tropical and equatorial or torrid nights”.

And it is that, as we have pointed out on other occasions, the main difference between this year and the previous ones has been the absence of ‘thermal relief’. As a result of the usual atmospheric dynamics, after a heat wave or an especially hot event, the polar troughs lowered the temperature of the country and gave us a few days of rest. This 2022, on the other hand, extreme heat has been succeeding with heat only a little less extreme. It has also been especially dry.

the cold of august


This has meant that, although we have not broken the record for heat wave days, the sensation of wind chill (and fatigue) has been greater. And, as if that were not enough, the drought that we have been dragging on since 2014 has facilitated the ideal conditions for the fires to have destroyed the country as they had never done so far this century.

While we wait for DANA, the heat persists: what is the limit that we can endure and why is it less than we thought

The unknown is resolved. As has happened throughout the summer, the key to the high temperatures is in the Atlantic DANA: if it gets stuck off the coast of Portugal, strengthening the anticyclonic ridge over the peninsula, atmospheric stability and the lack of clouds condemn us to heat. However, DANA is moving.

And that will cause the “first entry of fresh air” so far this summer. This, as Martín León points out in Meteoredwill begin to be noticed during “the second part of Saturday, August 13”.

back to normal. This does not mean that from next week the cold will arrive; it means that we will live a few days with a normal temperature for the time of year in which we are. In fact, in some parts of the country, temperatures will be lower than normal… but we will continue in August. That is to say, relief will come (finally!), but it will not be a radical solution to all our problems.

The expression is not ours, it is from AEMET itself: next weekend will be “the final fireworks” of the “very…

The expression is not ours, it is from AEMET itself: next weekend will be “the final fireworks” of the “very…

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