Spain today launches its first four-day week pilot experiment: this is how the aid will work

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The pilot of the Valencian four-day work week is already a reality. Starting today, companies based in that autonomous community can request the aid that the Government of Valencia has been announcing for a year to reduce the working day of its workers to 32 hours a week, according to the Official Gazette of the Generalitat Valenciana. The deadline to apply for this grant ends on September 30.

Grant amount. The call document states that the maximum amount that will be granted to each company per worker incorporated into the pilot test will be 5,492.19 euros, an amount that the Generalitat estimates would correspond to approximately 20% of an employee’s salary. with which it seeks to alleviate the possible loss of income from the day that less work is done in the transition period towards a system in which productivity is maintained by working only four days.

It should be remembered that the promoters of the four-day work week maintain that it is possible to perform the same working 32 hours a week if some aspects of business management are improved and thanks to the assumption that more rested and less stressed professionals are more productive. . However, the Valencian Government points out that to achieve this goal a transition period is necessary, which is the target of this subsidy, which is divided into three years.

Thus, the Generalitat will offer a subsidy that will compensate 100% of the weekly working day that is subtracted from the employee during the first year, 50% during the second and 25% the third, since it intends that the progressive improvement of productivity is effective in three years.

short supply. For this pilot program, the Valencian Government has allocated a total budget of 1.5 million euros, which will be divided into 450,000 euros in 2022 and 1.05 million euros in 2023, of which 25% will be reserved for SMEs from less than 10 workers, another 25% for companies with between 10 and 49 employees and 50% for companies with more than 50 professionals on staff.

A somewhat scarce endowment taking into account the amount per worker that the aid provides, since if a company manages to get ten of its workers to join the program, it will have taken, by itself, more than 10% of the regional budget for this test in 2022. The complete program, divided into several years, will have a total endowment of 10 million euros, as explained by its promoter to Xataka.

Requirements. In order to benefit from this aid, companies must apply an effective reduction in the working day of workers assigned to the program of at least 20% of their working day if this is 40 hours per week or 32 hours per week if it is less . This commitment will be maintained for at least one year, extendable to three, and will exclusively affect workers with a full-time indefinite contract, as reflected in the regulatory bases of the grant. Under no circumstances may salary be reduced.

Spain is already closer to its first national four-day week experiment: these companies will be able to benefit

In addition, companies that benefit from the aid will have to commit to including a minimum percentage of their workers in the program: in SMEs with between one and 49 employees, 30% of the workforce, and in companies with more than 50 workers. , at least 20%.

Likewise, companies must prepare a productivity improvement plan in accordance with the guidelines established by the annual call, which must indicate the organizational and training measures provided by the organization to optimize working time and that the subsidy is really effective. This document, together with the monitoring of the reduction in working hours and the memory of the repercussion of the measures, will be the one that serves as justification for the aid.

Request. Companies interested in taking advantage of this program must send their request through the website of the Generalitat Valenciana between August 29 and September 30, both included. At the time of writing this article, the form to ask for help was not yet activated. The Government of the Valencian Community has a maximum period of six months from the publication of the call (in this case, August 24) to notify the resolution to the applicant companies.

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The pilot of the Valencian four-day work week is already a reality. Starting today, companies based in that autonomous community…

The pilot of the Valencian four-day work week is already a reality. Starting today, companies based in that autonomous community…

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