Someone has created a bicycle whose wheels work without spokes. And it can already be bought in Spain

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Although the project started as a crowdfunding, the bicycle without spokes on wheels is now available in our country. Reevo Bikes now allows you to order this peculiar “Hubless” bicycle that surprises by what it sees from the outside and what it hides.

What is a “Hubless” bike? The one in which the wheels have no spokes. An improvement that, according to the brand, in addition to providing an extra design, also provides safety and eliminates excess weight. But how do they get it to work?

Reevo Bikes, the bicycle without spokes in the wheels

Months ago, Reevo posted a video in which he explained everything that his bicycle offered. East personal mobility vehicle exceeded all expectations of the brand during its financing campaign and even reached a 1000% of orders that had been targeted.

The great interest was in its wheels. Alec Liam, CEO of the firm, explained some of its features in a Youtube video. Above, he pointed out that the secret of the wheels is that they have a layered construction that allows the wheels to spin without the aforementioned spokes.

The inside of the rim has two rings. One is fixed and is responsible for keeping the wheel fixed in place. The second ring, inside the wheel, rotates at the same rate as the tire. This is achieved by means of bearings that rest on the fixed ring and allow its free movement.

The fixed ring is joined by one of the sides to the frame and, in the rear wheel, a set of three bearings, moved by the central one by the pedals, drive this tire. In addition, the frame has an integrated battery that provides extra power and momentum.

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In case of puncture, from Reevo they point out that you have to deflate the cover completely and remove it. Being joined by only one of the sides of the forks, they ensure that mounting and dismounting it is much easier on traditional bicycles.

But, if you want to know more in detail the general operation of this system, the following video of Q shows how it is possible to make a homemade spokeless bicycle at home.

The procedure, as we can see, is very similar and only changes drastically in the installation of the string. In this case, the wheel has a fixed rim reinforced by screws that cross it from side to side to “glue” the two walls. Inside, a ring with lateral bearings can rotate and move the tire.

In the process, the front fork is cut to support this new type of rim on both sides. Of course, the chain in this case is visible and the development is as long as the entire rear wheel to generate traction.

How to take advantage of a wheel without spokes

In addition to the peculiar design, Reevo Bikes has found two interesting uses for this way of understanding the bicycle.

The first of these is the fixed installation of two lights in each of the fixed parts of the rim. With red LEDs at the rear and soft LEDs at the front, the rider doesn’t have to add new accessories to the handlebars or under the saddle to get noticed.

In addition, they highlight the possibility of installing a backpack carrier inside the rear wheel. Thus, the bicycle is not unbalanced on one of the sides if we want to move with a single backpack and having the center of gravity so low and centered also gains in stability.

As for the rest of the characteristics, in Spain this Reevo Bikes has a 250W electric motor and its autonomy is about 60 km. The electric assistance is automatically disconnected at the 25km/h in order to be approved as an electric bicycle instead of as a moped. And it is that, in other markets, this speed limitation does not exist and its motor is 750W.

It also does not have the manual accelerator that can be used in some countries, although its assistance does have five modes of involvement of the electric motor. It also has fingerprint unlocking (with five profiles) and an anti-theft alarm if someone moves the bike without permission, sending a GPS signal of its position.

In the event that we want to get hold of one of these bikes, Reevo Bikes has already opened orders for Spain. It is possible to get one from €4,795to which we must add 99 euros if we want home delivery.

Although the project started as a crowdfunding, the bicycle without spokes on wheels is now available in our country. Reevo…

Although the project started as a crowdfunding, the bicycle without spokes on wheels is now available in our country. Reevo…

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