Someone has built a laser-guided knife machine gun. And yes, it’s as terrible as it sounds

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Quint BUILDs is a YouTube channel whose creator, Quint, likes to build anything. He gets to do such crazy things that sometimes it takes a long time to complete each project. Three days ago he published a video with which has been overcome. He has built a “homemade” knife thrower that has pinpoint accuracy when aiming a laser. As the author demonstrates at the outset, throwing a knife (and sticking it in) is not as easy as it might seem from the movies.

When starting the project, Quin was looking for build a machine that could throw 10 knives in a row, with two other conditions: that it would not be necessary to plug cables into the electrical current, that is, it would require batteries or a mechanical system without electricity, and that the weight be less than 9 kilos. The resulting machine is an incredible feat of engineering.

A very long process that has even included a LIDAR

To carry out this work, Quint has received the help of his son during a very long process, in which he has had to take into account aspects such as the fact that for a knife to stick into an object, a specific number of rotations is needed for what hit the target is the tip and not the handle, for example.

In the early stages, as shown, and assuming a Extraordinary mastery of 3D modeling and printingthe most difficult thing was to get a launching system as powerful as is required to forcefully nail an object of that size and weight, but in a moderate size that allows not to lose the portable nature of the invention.


The software programming has been in charge of the son, while Quint has been passing him the necessary force formulas. Despite the great work they have done, they show that at a certain point they were about to throw in the towel, because they could not stick the knife in the wood they used as targets. Until they got it with the evidence knife.

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The problem is that they were generating challenges, like use exactly the knives from the movie ‘High Alert’ by Steven Seagal, which was what led the father to be passionate about throwing knives. Although they managed to modify these knives so that they stuck, they had to end up making their own with the same shape, because with the material of the originals they could not achieve consistent throws.


The other big challenge was, in addition to being able to launch them and hit 10, being able to aim at different distances and at different targets. To do this, they used a laser, used for targeting, and a LIDAR sensor capable of measuring the distance to the target to regulate aspects such as the trajectory. What they did not achieve is that it weighed less than 9 kilos, finally remaining in 14. Of the original challenge, they achieved two of three objectives after innumerable inconveniences. Nothing bad. If the video has fascinated you, it is advisable to take a look at the how it was made.

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Quint BUILDs is a YouTube channel whose creator, Quint, likes to build anything. He gets to do such crazy things…

Quint BUILDs is a YouTube channel whose creator, Quint, likes to build anything. He gets to do such crazy things…

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