Solid-state batteries are the great hope for electric vehicles. And finally we have the first interchangeable

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Gogoro is going for it all and has been ahead of the vast majority of manufacturers with the presentation of the first swappable solid-state battery for electric vehicles. Specifically motorcycles, a specialty of this Taiwanese company that is given the nickname “Tesla of scooters”.

The battery has been created together with ProLogium Technology, a company specialized in this type of battery and which has also collaborated with manufacturers such as Mercedes-Benz. According Gogoro explains, it is a first prototype and is not yet expected to go into mass production. Although, we do have several details of what this new type of batteries will offer, called to revolutionize the electric vehicle sector.

Up to 140% higher capacity than current batteries

Gogoro’s plan is not just to be a manufacturer of electric motorcycles. Battery development is one of its strengthsbut also today they have presented SSmartCorehis new platform so that other manufacturers can create electric motorcycles based on his work.

If we go to the solid-state battery, it promises greater autonomy, more security and faster charging due to the higher density. According to company data, these new batteries promise up to 70% more capacity in the same space.

Interchangeable Gogoro

This is a solid-state lithium ceramic battery that promises go from the current 1.7 kWh to 2.5 kWh. That is, up to 140% higher capacity than the current interchangeable lithium batteries used by the company.

The next great milestone of the electric car will be solid-state batteries: the big question is when will they reach the consumer market

Till the date, solid-state batteries did not offer enough security to be interchangeable. Gogoro has shown that this is not the case and shows a functional prototype, based on a ceramic oxide electrolyte which, despite its great stability, was somewhat fragile.

One more step to lead the market of interchangeable batteries

Brands like Yamaha equip Gogogo batteries on their electric motorcycles. At the moment this solid-state battery is a prototype, but they explain that it is compatible with all existing Gogoro vehicles, as well as its battery exchange network.

Since 2019, the Taiwanese company allows you to go to a GoStation and exchange the discharged battery of a motorcycle for a charged one. This has led it to be the undisputed leading company in Taiwan, a country with a long tradition of scooters.

In addition to its native country, Gogoro has a presence in India, China, Indonesia and the Netherlands, where it operates alongside other brands. This year, the company has partnered with Foxconn to increase the production of batteries and motorcycles.

Gogoro Supersport Smartscooter

Along with its new prototype, Gogoro has presented the new SuperSport. A new electric motorcycle that incorporates LTE for the first time. A connectivity with which users will be able to control their parameters remotely, receive alerts, lock or unlock the motorcycle remotely and locate it in real time.

Gogoro is going for it all and has been ahead of the vast majority of manufacturers with the presentation of…

Gogoro is going for it all and has been ahead of the vast majority of manufacturers with the presentation of…

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