Seven details of ‘Elden Ring’ that must be clear before diving into the latest FromSoftware

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The critics have just begun to see the light and there is already talk of the best ‘Souls’ to date. First impressions (almost no media has managed to boast of having finished it in its entirety) make it clear that, at least, it is an exceptional game. In any case, it will not be an easy journey, and From all these criticisms we extract a few lessons that we better take clearly to this adventure. Get psyched up about all these unanswerable questions before you drop your claws on the Midlands on February 25.

1 – It is very difficult

To no one’s surprise. It is a ‘Souls’ with all honors. this time FromSoftware has refined the combat system, with much more fluid movements, and a very useful jump which comes in handy in and out of combat. In other words, now more than ever, your dramas against the vast catalog of bosses will be more your responsibility than the game’s shortcomings. You will cry, but you will not be able to blame anyone for your tears.

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2 – The open world of ‘Elden Ring’ is overwhelming in size

Miyazaki was talking about 30 hours of gameplay, but you can expect many, many more. There are those who speak of around eighty, and that, of course, without getting too lost in the many corners and secrets that the game proposes. The draw distance is immense and the perspective of exploring everything in sight is impressive. It’s easy to get distracted from exploring, dropping into caves, camps, and other distractions. And although the main path is very well marked by Grace, the hours of play are multiplied in multiple secondary places, such as fortresses and dungeons.

3 – And for this reason, exploration is key

Thanks to the jump and the use of a mount, the Torrentera horse, which allows double jumping and moving through air currents, the places of ‘Elden Ring’ are presented in a different way from other ‘Souls’. On this occasion, letting the scenarios unfold before us and offer us alternatives is paramount, and although in the first two large areas of the game the development is relatively linear, from then on the feeling of total freedom can even become overwhelming. This time there is not so much tension for the next big fight, but a softer and more sustained tension caused by exploration, which also kills us well dead.

4 – Not as dark or macabre as other From Software games

And that luminosity tells us a story: that of a time gone by when the Midlands lived in glory and wealth. In any case, expect to meet the trademark nightmare monsters, but the exploration and the remains of a bright and festive past gives it a different touch, for example, from that urban and very personal gothic of ‘Bloodborne’

5 – History Matters

Perhaps more than in any other ‘Souls’. Of course, it is possible to concentrate on the battle and the challenge, but the players who overcome one enemy after another without more will leave one of the great proposals on the way of the game: the past and present of the Middle Lands, ruled by the lord of the Elden Circle. His power descends from Queen Márika, the original ruler of the place, but you and other Lightless rise to become new lords of the Circle. It is this argument that promotes the large number of secondary characters that populate the game.

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6 – The dungeons are more worked than ever

If you are from open spaces, you may have to rethink your strategies, because Miyazaki and his team have put a lot of effort into making dungeons a toll you’ll happily traverse. The six main ones, called Legacy Dungeons, are tough challenges that you will have to go through yes or yes, but the secondary ones are curious mini-tests, caves and mines with minor bosses, simple missions and not-so-wild enemies, but where you haven’t Careless design or surprises. Some are as complex and extensive as the large areas outside.

7 – Summons will be controversial again

Help for less resistant players or key element to understand the ‘Souls’? The question is always in the air, but in this case lSummons that don’t damage (but entertain) bosses are there as a never-obligatory aid and always possible. But this time FromSoftware seems to have ironed out the rough edges of this option more, and has created bosses designed to be defeated with summons, and many others in which summons are clearly only an option and their use will depend on your desire to complicate your life.

The critics have just begun to see the light and there is already talk of the best ‘Souls’ to date.…

The critics have just begun to see the light and there is already talk of the best ‘Souls’ to date.…

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