Selling photos online is a good way to earn money. These are the tricks and websites that we recommend

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A good way to earn extra money as a photographer is to bet on online sales. We will not be able to become millionaires overnight, but it is a good way to add income. On the net we can find web pages where we can hang our photographs to sell them.

To sell photographs on the net they have to be good, it is inevitable. You will always have more possibilities if your work is excellent from an aesthetic and technical point of view. So we are going to present agencies where we can sell them.

How to sell photos online

There are two secrets to selling and if we don’t take them into account, our path will be more complicated: hang the maximum possible number of photographs and retouch them as necessary.

The first point is pure logic, it is easier to earn money if we have 1000 photographs than only 10, unless they are insurmountable and unique. Find a subject, photograph it from different points of view, with different lenses and lights and upload all the files that you consider good.

The second usually surprises everyone. The adjustments, the development, must be minimal. Even if the photo has no contrast, all the better. Those who buy the photos want the freedom to make the final adjustments (provided they are authorized or pay for such a license) so that the images work for their project.

This supposes us less work on the computerbut requires that the shot is perfect, with the fair exposure to make the least possible changes with the program we use. And make it very commercial. A good trick is to go down the street and imagine what images the owners of the stores we pass by would hang.

stock agency

In order to sell, no one recognizable can appear, unless we have your permission; any monument or mark, or anything that is protected by image rights. We have to be very careful in this aspect, if we want our work to be put up for sale.

Always work with the highest quality, and delivers the photos in jpeg with the highest quality and size. From 5 MB you will not have any problem on this side, but take advantage of the sizes and resolutions of current cameras. And if you want to make money, start hanging some 50 photos per month continuously.

Raising our income depends on many factors, such as the time we dedicate to it or the agency in which we hang our photographs.

In the networks we will find platforms that can pay you more or less, depending on their philosophy. Basically, we find microstock agencies, where prices will always be low (it will also depend on the amount you sell); Y premium agencies or macrostock, where the earnings for photography is much higher, although it is also more difficult to enter. The important thing is that you will be selling 24 hours a day, 7 days a week all over the world.

Once this little introduction is done, we go on to see the best websites to sell.

My photos have been viewed hundreds of millions of times: my life as a photographer Creative Commons

The best websites to sell our photographs online

We find many platforms on the net. I recommend that you always bet on the best known and recognized in the forums. The market spins like a wheel, and the ones that are up now can drop in popularity in a short time, so you have to be aware of all movements.

The best is try as many as you can handle, and after a while, work only with the ones that give you the most benefit. You don’t become a millionaire, but you will have extra income if you work and upload material regularly.

It is essential that you read all the requirements for each page to strictly comply with them. You upload the photo, but you have to pass some filters to be accepted and you can sell with them, so don’t break any rules, like compressing the files too much, interpolating them to make them bigger, or creating exaggerated effects.

Adobe Stock

When it started it was called Photolia. But the Californian giant bought this company in 2014 and right now it is one of the most interesting microstock agencies. If you have the Adobe license, it’s very convenient because you can do everything without leaving their programs, so you can go faster.

Adobe Stock

You can prepare your photos in Adobe Lightroom and upload them directly. In this program you can reveal, clean the image and, above all, put the keywords in English so that the Adobe Stock client finds them quickly.


Shutterstock is one of the largest microstock agencies today. For photographers, they always have tips such as the most demanded images by season, the most downloaded images of each month, etc.


Like all other agencies, they are very clear in their payments. For example, if you sell to 100 customers, you will get 15% of the profits, but if you sell to more than 25,000 you will get 40% commission.


The history of these agencies is eventful, with many purchases and sales between them. The case of Gettyimages is striking, since it began as istockphoto and ended up being bought by the prestigious Getty agency. And now they work with both brands.



This microstock agency is based in Malaga. Perhaps it is one of the ones that best explains how you want the photographs you are going to upload to be. Freepik has always caught my attention for the quality of its photographs.



Another bank of interesting images to post our work. To enter, as happens in all, we have to pass a pre-examination which consists of sending photographs to be evaluated.


The commissions are not very high, and it always depends on what you sell. As always, it is best to have as many images as possible to get benefits.


Registration on these pages is always free and like many of those we have seen, it does not require the exclusivity of the photographs. This makes the difference, because if you share the photo with the other platforms, you will get 25%, while if it is exclusive, they will give you half of the income it generates.



We went to a macrostock agency, where the profits are higher and the demands too. It is a very select market where only the best enter. In return they pay more for each photograph.


This image bank is the premium agency of Shutterstock. The facilities to enter this type of agency do not exist, so you have to reach a very high professional level to enter here.

Adobe Stock Premium

Again we meet the macro version of an image agency. The economic conditions are better for photographers, with the advantage of not having to leave the Adobe environment, if you work with these programs.

Adobe Stock Premium

In fact, here we find the photographs that we used to see in all the agencies. A single photograph can cost, in high quality, €500. If you enter here, you can dedicate yourself professionally to this world.

Hard drives for photographers: what to look at before buying one or the other

In the network we can find many more agencies of this type, but here we wanted to put those that have been recommended to us or those that we have personally tried. It is not an easy road, it does not consist of taking two photos and forgetting about it. It is very demanding that will take us many hours, but if we are constant it will give us another income.

A good way to earn extra money as a photographer is to bet on online sales. We will not be…

A good way to earn extra money as a photographer is to bet on online sales. We will not be…

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