Seat will take its battery factory to Sagunto with the aim of being 100% electrified by 2025

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It was practically an open secret but it was at its annual press conference where Seat made it official that it would install its battery factory in Sagunto. The Valencian town will receive the battery plant which, in addition, could be an important boost for Ford to deliver the manufacture of future electric models to its plant in Almussafes.

The announcement has been confirmed after the Government opened the period to sign up for PERTE aid to promote the electric car. This step is essential because Wayne Griffiths, CEO of Seat, assures that, if these aids go ahead, the Volkswagen Group will invest 7,000 million euros in Spain (together with external partners), of which more than 3,000 million will be exclusively dedicated to the manufacture of small electric models for the entire automobile conglomerate.

A historic investment

The 7,000 million euros of investment that the Volkswagen Group is preparing for Spain is the largest industrial investment in the history of our country. They include the money dedicated to the construction of the battery factory in Sagunto but also for the complete electrification of Martorell from 2025. The Catalan plant will supply the Volkswagen Group with future small-size electric models.

Sagunto’s decision was based on logistical reasons, after Catalonia, Aragon and Extremadura fell along the way. It must be taken into account that the configuration of the PERTE requires that five companies participate in the project, of which 40% must be SMEs, that one of them contributes knowledge of R&D&i and that at least two Autonomous Communities participate.

The goal is for the battery factory to be up and running at full capacity by 2026, with the ultimate goal of employing 3,000 people and a annual production of 40 GWh. This will be key to comply with the complete electrification of Martorell from 2025. From then on, the Catalan plant will be in charge of supplying the Volkswagen Group with its small electric models. The Navarra plant of Volkswagen will also be powered by these batteries.

Griffiths has also not denied that the Sagunto plant supplies parts to the Ford factory in Almussafes. The CEO of Seat has emphasized that they have always been open to collaborating with other manufacturers and that they do not close the door to this possibility.

Objectives and doubts

Seat will be key in the electric future of the Volkswagen Group. At least that is what the investment plans that are on the table and the future projects of the brand say, since the future electric models of Seat and Cupra will arrive first at the latter firm. For now, we will have to keep waiting to see new exclusively electric models from Seat.

In this sense, Cupra will have a new electrified model which will arrive in 2024 with versions of light hybridization and plug-in hybridization with 100 kilometers of electric autonomy. In this case, the manufacture of it will go to Hungary, so it is expected to be an SUV of the same size as the Audi Q3 that is already assembled there.

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To achieve the objectives, however, Griffiths has appealed to the Government and unions in their intervention. For the first, he has asked for agility in the procedures and a significant investment in the recharging network, which is still insufficient for the objectives set. He has asked the unions for greater flexibility in establishing shifts and working more or less hours depending on the components available.

Finally, Griffiths has also wanted to reassure the employees of the El Prat plant, dedicated to the manufacture of gearboxes, which will disappear with future electric models. “We will look for other jobs for them,” said the CEO of Seat, who has also rejected that the electric car could lead to the destruction of jobs. According to Griffiths, it is time to create new ones.

It was practically an open secret but it was at its annual press conference where Seat made it official that…

It was practically an open secret but it was at its annual press conference where Seat made it official that…

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