Say goodbye to boring vacation photos with these tips from three travel photographers

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Surely many of you are going to start your holidays soon, and you are shining your cameras to take advantage of free time. But you don’t want to do the same old thing, so we have searched the net top tips for travel photography.

travel photography teaches how we see the world. Some prefer the postcard style, where everything is beautiful and the sky is always blue; others are always looking for self portrait; some people don’t care how the photos come out and a few try to find something new to say with the camera.

It is difficult to take a good photograph, to show a tourist place as if it were new. This is not the time to become a great photographer, but it is try to make our images better. So we have pulled the newspaper library and found the best advice from three travel photographers.

Tips from Jim Richardson, National Geographic Photographer

Jim Richardson He is one of the greats of the mythical editorial and magazine. If you want to improve your photographs, do not hesitate to pay attention to it so that your shots make much more sense:

First of all, you have to research the place you are going to go to have the best inspiration. You can’t go with a blank mind. You have to know the place before you arrive.

When you are there you have to be interested in all the things they offer, from the inhabitants themselves to all their traditions. And being able to play all the sticks of photography, not just travel. It is important to master the portraitnature…

One of the things he insists on the most is understanding how the color harmony. Combining blue with green is not the same as betting on a photograph in which we see the blue of the sky, the green of the meadow and the red of the t-shirts of the people who accompany you.

And don’t shoot everything with the same orientation. Work with horizontal images, but don’t forget to take out some vertical ones. And adapt to the space where you are going to show your photographs. It is not the same to think about the mobile or a paper copy.

Finally recommend return again and again to the same places with a different light, with a different temperature, day and night. Everything changes and can improve.

How to Create a Fun Vacation Photo Carousel (And Not Bored Your Family Trying)

Esteban Moro and travel photography

Stephen Moor is one of the travel photographers with the most projection in Colombia, as we saw in the interview we did with him in Xataka Photo. Here we have the tips from him.

travel photography @Ferfoto

In the photography chance is essential. And you have to learn to live with it. You may have everything prepared and that day you may not get anything interesting. Or the opposite happens to you.

When it’s time to take the camera to your eye, you have to have visual references in your head. They can be renowned photographers, historical painters, or anyone who inspires you to take better pictures.

Of course, before photographing a person, you have to ask permission. So you build an image and not steal it. For everything to come out natural you have to master your camera in such a way that you do not hesitate in any technical aspect before shooting.

And two important things to finish, learn to live with all kinds of people. And never stop working.

Gonzalo Azumendi, one of the best Spanish travel photographers

It’s one of the most dynamic photographers of Spanish photography, after carrying the camera on his shoulder for more than three decades. He is a man of tireless spirit and body, and it shows in his photograph. His advice is pure gold.

travel photography @ferfoto

For him the key is move on instinct. Don’t think about anything before you get where you want to go. And once there, he starts to organize and plan you to get the shots that inspire you the place. He sees with a clean mind. Let yourself be carried away by the sensations.

also recommend do not carry heavy equipment. If it is light much better, since the weight kills the photographer.

And for the end, a very valuable thing, which many should follow to the letter: it is not necessary to take it seriously. You can use social networks to have fun and show some side of yourself that you don’t work on in more personal photography. The secret is to enjoy having the camera on your shoulder at all times.

I have more than 170,000 photographs and this is how I organize my collection so as not to go crazy

In the end, each of us has to choose your own path with your referents in hand. Even if you just want to have memories, I imagine you want them to be good ones. Maybe these three photographers do not inspire you, but if you search, you will surely find someone who will guide you to find your best shot.

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Surely many of you are going to start your holidays soon, and you are shining your cameras to take advantage…

Surely many of you are going to start your holidays soon, and you are shining your cameras to take advantage…

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