Rockstar is shelving ‘Red Dead Online’ in favor of ‘GTA VI’. The players are already organizing a funeral

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What was an open secret has been confirmed by Rockstar Games: ‘Red Dead Onlinewill not receive any further major content expansions. The reason, they explain from Rockstar, is that they are focusing on the development of ‘GTA VI’, a game that we already know is in the oven and for which, surely, we still have to wait.

The online multiplayer of ‘Red Dead Redemption 2’, somewhat similar to ‘GTA Online’, has been “abandoned” for some time (the last major content update, ‘Blood Money’, was released a year ago). From now on, Rockstar is going to “take advantage of existing modes and add new missions by telegraminstead of offering major thematic content updates like in previous years.”

‘GTA VI’ and ‘GTA Online’ are the priority

From Rockstar they wanted to thank the game community for their “continuous support and dedication”, the same community that has been complaining about the lack of new content in the game for some time. A game that, far from its peak of almost 20,000 players, continue to enjoy around 3,000 peopleat least on Steam and not counting those on consoles, Epic and Stadia.

However, Rockstar is clear that his priority right now is GTA and its corresponding online mode. It makes sense, obviously, since ‘GTA V’ has sold 156 million copies and ‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ just over 40 million, so the player base is biggerergo income, ergo it is more profitable to keep the game updated.

Read Dead Online

And that is clear in statement issued by the company, in which they state that “we will work to improve the overall experience of ‘GTA Online’ with new updates to the game”. That includes more crime runs, more missions, community requested changes, etc. That is, support.

For ‘Red Dead Online’, however, the plans are very different. According to Rockstar:

“Along with special seasonal events and experience improvements – as well as other changes to improve and maintain a healthy ‘Red Dead Online’ environment – this year we plan to build on existing modes and add new telegram missions, in Instead of delivering big thematic content updates like in years past, we’ll continue to highlight and share the creative efforts of our ‘Red Dead’ community at every opportunity through the Newswire and beyond.”

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In a nutshell, Red Dead Online will still be there, but no major updates. And to say goodbye to the game, because after all the players have taken this as a goodbye, the community has organized nothing more and nothing less than a funeral.

The event will take place on July 13 and during it, players will put on their funeral attire and share photos on social networks along with the hashtag #SaveRedDeadOnline and #RedDeadFuneral. That said, until always, ‘Red Dead Online’.

What was an open secret has been confirmed by Rockstar Games: ‘Red Dead Online‘ will not receive any further major…

What was an open secret has been confirmed by Rockstar Games: ‘Red Dead Online‘ will not receive any further major…

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