Robotic car parks want to win over our cities. They are more spectacular than useful

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How many times have we gone to park and have not been able to find a place because other drivers have taken the opportunity to use two places? And the parking lots whose seats have become too small by today’s standards? What to say about arriving at the car, properly parked, and seeing that it has a paint mark where before there was only the original color of our bodywork.

None of this can happen to us in a robotic car park. Yes, they exist and they are more common than we might have thought at first. They have their advantages but also some drawbacks derived from their own philosophy. What is special about them? That a machine parks our car.

This is a robotic parking

The Twitter account China4Tech published a curious video a few days ago in which a automated parking. In the video you can see how the drivers leave their vehicles on a platform and then the machines on the platform lift the vehicles and park them at height on different levels.

One of these car parks also can be seen in Beijing. Next to one of the busiest metro stations, a huge vertical space stores vehicles on various platforms. The driver only has to leave his car and breathe easy, of course, nobody is going to touch the precious bodywork.

But we don’t have to go that far. Madrid has the largest automated parking in Spain and one of the largest in Europe. It is located next to Plaza de Callao, next to Gran Vía. There, drivers leave their cars on one of the three platforms that make up the car park, the vehicle is lowered and stacked in one of the empty vertical rows. The car park has 40 meters deep and it has the advantage of being able to reserve a space and that the system itself manages whether it will have enough space for the vehicle. In Tokyo, the so-called Gisen Eco Park it works exactly the same.

New York also has its own automated parking. The system is Parkmatic and in this case a system similar to that of a Ferris wheel is chosen. The car park has a central structure and the platforms that carry the cars rotate around it to stack them or deliver the desired car. And something like that could not be missing in Dubai either, where the hotel Ibn Battuta Gate It has its own fully automated vehicle storage space with space for more than 700 spaces.

A system with its lights and shadows

There is no doubt that seeing a robotic car park in operation is something hypnotic. How the machines take the car and move it of their own volition to stack it next to the other vehicles is really curious. But not everything are advantages.

Obviously, the operation of these robots guarantee that nothing happens to our vehicle. There is no possibility of someone brushing against our car, the driver on our side hitting our door when getting in or out of his own car. Nor that, as a result of an oversight, we hit the parking column.

Also, these car parks are really useful when you have lots of vertical space to take advantage of but very little in width. With a platform that raises or lowers our vehicle is enough and, therefore, it is not necessary to build an up and down ramp that expands the space requirements widthwise.

What is the DGT fine for parking on the street

However, and although some drivers do not respect their spaces, a traditional car park can accommodate a greater number of spaces. The size of the platforms is so large that with lines on the ground the available land can be maximized. Especially in those lands managed by the same company, such as the vehicle fields, where thousands of vehicles await their turn.

Also, and I write this for personal experience, these types of car parks usually require more time to park and remove the vehicle. Especially the first. In the robotic car park in Madrid, for example, there are only a few platforms where the vehicle can be placed. Although the work of the machines is fast, the number of spaces where you can leave your car is negligible compared to the possibilities of any other car park.

And, finally, it is necessary to have the expertise of the drivers, since they are required to leave the vehicle located in a specific space within the platform, to guarantee that nothing collides or rubs against the car.

How many times have we gone to park and have not been able to find a place because other drivers…

How many times have we gone to park and have not been able to find a place because other drivers…

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