‘Purple/Scarlet Pokémon’ is very improvable graphically. And even so, he has managed to re-engage me in the saga

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I will not deny that I have been disenchanted with the Pokémon franchise for a long time. The last game that really blew me away was ‘pokemon emerald‘. Then I played ‘pokemon pearl‘ and, after several attempts, I ended up giving up ‘pokemon black version‘ because it was the same again, but with another skin. After that, the only Pokémon game that has really entertained me has been ‘Pokémon GO’, which is my guilty pleasure.

Then came’Pokemon Legends: Arceus‘ and something inside me recovered the illusion. whatAn open world Pokémon game with the Pokémon swarming around? Come on, it was the wet dream of the girl of my generation. I played it (little) and, as an idea, I really liked it, but the mechanics of I craft (mainstays of the game) and the graphics were mediocre. I ended up abandoning it after a short time, but this title laid the foundations for what, I believe, is the future of the saga.

The same thing happens to me with the Pokémon saga as with ‘Call of Duty’: every year I say that I won’t go through hoops and, in the end, I ended up buying the new game. You are right with ‘Call of Duty’ I got a pretty good surprisewith ‘pokemon purple‘, which is the game that I have, the surprise has been capital. And here I am now with 28 years addicted to a game of ‘Pokémon’ as I was in the best days of my childhood. And how good it feels.

Pokemon open world: yes

I want to make it clear that this is far from being an in-depth analysis. Those interested in reading such an analysis have available those of extra life Y 3DGames. As far as this text is concerned, what I would like is to offer you a more personal point of view, more focused on how it has been to return to a ‘Pokémon’ game that completely breaks with everything we have seen until the arrival of ‘Pokémon Legends: Arceus’. I will always refer to ‘Pokemon Purple’, but everything is applicable to ‘Scarlet’.

Let’s start at the beginning, the region. This game takes us to palesalthough from the first trailer it has been baptized as ‘Espanita Pokémon‘ for a reason: Paldea is clearly inspired by Spain. So much so that the main town is Cahíz. Hats off, Game Freak. The game is full of references to our country, starting with Lechonk and Smoliv (the Iberian pig Pokémon and the olive Pokémon) and going through tortilla sandwiches, paellas or the Academy, clearly inspired by the Sagrada Familia, with the difference that that the Academy is finished.


Smoliv, also known as the olive Pokémon.

Beyond the national references, what I like most about Paldea is that you can explore it from start to finish, in the order you want, without loading times. I’m not going to say it has the magic of ‘Breath of the Wild’, but the similarities are there. If you see it, you can get there (with more or less effort, of course). ‘Pokémon Purple’ completely breaks with the linearity of the franchise. Here, you finish the tutorial and you are left to your own devices, you decide where to start, literally.

The game opens up three avenues for you: gyms, rare spices, and Team Star members to defeat. From then on, Paldea remains at your entire disposal to do whatever you want. I have started with the gyms because I am an agony, but it could well have started with the spices. There are maps out there with the “best routes” or “correct routes”, which have their point because they scale more or less the same as our Pokémon, but hey, if from minute one you want to go and break your face with the gym leader psychic type, do not hold back. The cemetery is full of braves.

Being able to explore Paldea at your own pace and without loading times is one of the great highlights of this title

Now, the game will stop you in one way or another, either with Pokémon of totally unaffordable levels or more complicated battles on the account. It’s a fancy way of saying “you’re not ready for this zone”. There is no use going to the level 30 Pokémon area if you do not have the necessary gym medals to make them obey you. You can explore them, but doing, what it says to do, you’re going to do little beyond go sightseeing until you level up.

pokemon purple

This feeling of freedom is impressive and applies in every way.. Until now, the fights have been random (walking through the tall grass = safe confrontation) and if you came across a trainer you had to fight yes or yes. Not now. Now the Pokémon are on the map, visible, and it’s up to you whether to face them, defeat them, capture them, or pass them. The same with the trainers: you have to be the one who approaches to start the fight, but they do not force it. With Pokémon, however, it depends on their nature. Some will jump towards you, like Tauros or Gyarados, and start the fight; Others, however, will run away when they see you or just stare at you without doing anything.

This closet full of Wii consoles has a single purpose: to catch the rarest Pokémon playing on all of them at once.

Can travel that world on the back of your land, water and flying mount It is an excellent point, although from my point of view you get it too quickly and in a somewhat forced way. I don’t want to go into spoilers, so we’ll leave it here.

I remembered Pokémon easier


It’s no secret that the Pokémon games of yesteryear were easy. It was enough for you to level up at the beginning and the rest was a walk. Well, in this new installment, no. It is the first time that a ‘Pokémon’ game It is a challenge for me when facing a fight. It is more complicated, the AI ​​is better (but not excellent) and the teracrystallizations represent a before and after in the franchise.

As for the level of difficulty, I have come across wild Pokémon (eye, wild) capable of putting you against the ropes. Some challenges, such as the fights against the leaders of Team Star, are difficult and force you to rethink your strategy and even modify your team. It is the first time in the saga that I have chosen to leave the initial one alone and level up a Psyduck and a Diglett because they were good for me to fight against fire. However, there are still those battles where, with your Pokémon half-dead, the opposing Pokémon sees fit to, for some reason, step up defense for the twenty-fifth time.


However, I appreciate more consistency in the fights, especially in the gyms. There is an intention, a specific way of fighting, and the Pokémon act accordingly. It’s normal to be tempted to go bare chested with your evolved Fuecoco’s flamethrower, but this game urges you to think “Hey, what if I turn up the special defense before I attack and then I attack?”. It has a more strategic touch (like the first thing the opposing Pokémon tries to do is apply confusion to you) and the teracrystallizations help, a lot.


So that we don’t get too confused, let’s say that teracrystallizations are type modifications. For example, I have a Pikachu (electric) with a flying teratype. If I teracrystallize it, it becomes a flying type. Suddenly, the strategy you have to follow to defeat the Electric-type Pikachu doesn’t work, because it is now a Flying-type. It is no longer worth attacking him with water or earth, but what affects him the most is an electric-type attack. Something as, a priori, simple as this completely changes the course of a fight and makes you think.

Speaking of “teracosas”, ‘Pokémon Purple’ offers us the teraincursions. They are fights with more complicated teracrystallized Pokémon. To access them, just look for the crystals scattered around the map. The idea is to connect with friends and fight together to defeat him and have a chance to capture him. In fact, multiplayer is awesome: play with your friends on screen, do things together and explore Paldea while chatting on Discord? Yes, yes and a thousand times yes.


It’s these kinds of things that make Pokémon such a magical franchise. For the first time you find yourself living an adventure similar to the one you saw on TV when the anime was on. You have an open world, Pokémon live in it and you can get close to them, you can explore the region with your friends at your own pace… It’s the Pokémon I’ve been waiting for for years. and precisely for this reason the technical section saddens me.

What a shame the graphics


I don’t know if the Nintendo Switch is beginning to show its age or that Game Freak has neglected the game, but I am clear that a world like Paldea’s could shine much brighter. Yes, it is true that the maps are beautiful, that the Pokémon are well defined and colorful and that the cities are visually amazing, but the technical problems manage to take you out of the immersion on more than one occasion.

It is true that the graphics are better than those of ‘Pokémon Legends: Arceus’, something that was not difficult (everything is said), but FPS drops are the order of the day. It is not only that when you enter a city you notice that the performance drops because there are more elements on the screen, but it is enough to run into a large group of Pokémon on the map to appreciate that the performance drops.


There are solutionslike restarting the game completely every two hours, but we are talking about a console that is capable of moving ‘Bayonetta 3‘, ‘The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild‘ either ‘Xenoblade Chronicles 3‘. That takes weight away from the argument that it’s the fault of the console and tip the scales in favor of a lack of attention to detail. Not to mention the classic bugs, like the NPC that moves at two FPS while walking or the camera that gets under the map.

This is how 3,000 Pokémon created by artificial intelligence inspired by real Pokémon look like

I am not going to say that the graphics are bad, but to Caesar what is Caesar’s: this franchise cries out for more pampering. Pokémon gives to make a detailed, alive, immersive world. The playable bases are there, the gameplay is already good, the game is interesting, now it just needs to move like silk, there is no popping and those sudden FPS drops disappear. My kingdom because after a few updates these kinds of things are more or less resolved.

Hooked on pokemon again


Beyond the technical problems, the reality is that Game Freak has hit the nail on the head with ‘Pokémon Scarlet/Purple’. I didn’t expect to like the game so much. For the first time in a long time, I feel like I did when I was little playing Pokémon LeafGreen with my brother on the Game Boy Advance.

I have that illusion again to complete the Pokédex, to get the medals, to make exchanges and to live that experience that Pokémon has been putting on the table for 25 years and that it failed to give me with ‘Arceus’. The game is not perfect and in terms of performance it has a lot of room for improvement, but it only takes a couple of hours to realize that we are facing something different, something goodsomething that suits the franchise and something that hooks.

The thing is, this new Pokemon game It catches me older and I feel that the franchise has grown with me. Now it is a little more difficult, he is aware that I want to choose my own path, that I want to go at my own pace, that I am playing to enjoy my spare time and that I am not looking for rush the adventure to be champion of the Pokémon League and that’s it. Pokémon has matured as I have, and that makes a difference.

I accept and buy the argument that the premise is the same as in the zillions of previous installments, but this twist to the gameplay feels scandalous and marks what, from my point of view, is the beginning of the future of the saga. This is the way forward, and I’m glad we’re finally on it..

pokemon purple

Pokemon Scarlet

I will not deny that I have been disenchanted with the Pokémon franchise for a long time. The last game…

I will not deny that I have been disenchanted with the Pokémon franchise for a long time. The last game…

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