PS5 can’t afford to be late at VRR and 1440p. Not with an Xbox Series X and S at full throttle from the start

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Better late than never. VRR technology reached the PlayStation 5 consoles at the end of last April, and a few days ago Hideaki Nishino, one of the heads of this platform, announced on the official PlayStation blog that the latest beta of the firmware of this console implement native rendering at 1440p.

It is enough to go through the video game forums to realize that many users have been demanding these two features for a long time. In fact, there is no doubt that Sony has felt the pressure of its users, and it is possibly what has caused these two features to finally see the light.

VRR adaptive refresh technology was on Sony’s itinerary from the start, but its implementation has clearly been taken very slowly. However, native rendering at 1440p it was not in his plans. In fact, just a few days before placing PS5 on the market, it announced that this console would not bet on this resolution. I would only consider 1080p and 2160p.

This change of opinion reflects that Sony has received pressure from users of its console. And, rightly so, he has reconsidered. There is no doubt that for most users who decide to get a console, the most important thing is its catalog, but its technological capacity it is also highly relevant because it has a profound impact on our experience.

Users should not wait so long to have basic features

Adaptive Frame Rate Sync and native 1440p rendering are not exclusive features. Not last batch. Both have been present in the PC world for many years, and we must not overlook the fact that the PlayStation 4 and 5 consoles, unlike their predecessors, have inherited from computers good part of the characteristics that define its architecture.

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It’s a fact: Xbox Series X and S have finished their homework before PS5. and with a better grade

In addition, Xbox Series X, its main competitor, did its homework much earlier. The Microsoft console put these two features in our hands From the beginning. Even the most modest Xbox Series S has given us variable refresh rate since it hit the market. And the 1440p. However, this is not all. Both Xbox Series X and S, by the way, support FreeSync. This is what I call doing homework first. And better.

Sony should be much more nimble. In this area you would have to put your batteries. PS5 users should not have been forced to wait a year and a half to enjoy these features on their console. The updates of firmware they are for this, to introduce improvements, but, as I have defended a few lines above, these characteristics in particular they are nothing newand PS5 should have implemented them from the beginning.

However, this is not all. PS5 native 1440p rendering is about to land, but not with all the meat on the grill. And it is that for the moment will not be able to coexist with variable frame rate. Users who want to keep VRR technology active on their console should opt for 1080p or 2160p rendering. It seems reasonable to expect that in the future it will also work at 1440p, but once again Sony makes us wait. We’ll see how long.

Better late than never. VRR technology reached the PlayStation 5 consoles at the end of last April, and a few…

Better late than never. VRR technology reached the PlayStation 5 consoles at the end of last April, and a few…

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