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July is already ending, and Netflix has already presented some of its great summer cards, such as the last season of ‘Stranger Things’ or ‘The Invisible Agent’. But August does not have to be a disappointment in that aspect, since the long-awaited adaptation of ‘Sandman’, the end of ‘Locke & Key’ and more striking things are planned for this next month. These are the news that the platform will bring us in this new month of intense heat.

Catalog of new series in Spain


Beyond the aforementioned ‘Stranger Things’, Netflix never stops looking for new franchises to launch and that can become events. Neil Gaiman’s ‘Sandman’ certainly has the potential for it. Just as it has the potential to not succeed given the narrative and visual complexity that Gaiman’s graphic novels had. But the author himself is bringing this version forward together with David S. Goyer and Allan Heinberg, who are not necessarily a guarantee of quality, but rather some experience in the field of complex and ambitious fantasy. Perhaps what it takes to bring out a story of deities, ancient and modern myths, and the power of stories.

‘Locke & Key’ S3

Without leaving adaptations of fantastic comics, we have the end of this peculiar adaptation of those written by Joe Hill -who is having a sweet summer after the success in cinemas of the adaptation of ‘Black Phone’-, very thrown towards extravagance and haunted Houses. It did not finish scratching all the possibilities that Hill’s work did give of itself, although it has not stopped offering estimable youth entertainment that we hope can say goodbye with dignity in its last season.

All Netflix series in August

  • ‘Good morning, Verônica’, S2 (08/03)
  • ‘Supergiant robot brothers’ (08/04)
  • ‘Kakegurui Twin’ (08/04)
  • ‘Sandman’ (08/05)
  • ‘Zenko: The Good Brigade’ (08/08)
  • ‘Locke & Key’, S3 (08/10)
  • ‘School Tales: The series’ (08/10)
  • ‘Dota: Dragonborn’, Book 3 (08/11)
  • ‘I never’, S3 (08/12)
  • ‘A model family’ (08/12)
  • ‘Nothing suspicious’ (08/17)
  • ‘Where there was fire’ (08/17)
  • ‘He-Man and the Masters of the Universe’, S3 (08/18)
  • ‘Tekken: Lineage’ (08/18)
  • ‘Soul’ (08/19)
  • The Cuphead series!‘, Part 2 (08/19)
  • ‘Duality’ (08/19)
  • ‘Kleo’ (08/19)
  • ‘Mo’ (08/24)
  • ‘Ollie is lost’ (08/24)
  • ‘Angry Birds: A Summer of Crazy’, S3 (08/25)
  • ‘Rilakkuma goes to the theme park’ (08/25)
  • ‘Ludik’ (08/26)
  • ‘Mighty Express’, Season 6 (08/29)

If you watch Netflix with publi, get ready: you still can't watch 'Cobra Kai' or 'Breaking Bad'

Premiere movies on Netflix


A man wakes up not knowing where he is, how he got there, or even who he is. His only help is a device in his ear that will guide him through a series of dangerous situations from which he will come out with a clean smack and gunfights. All elaborated in a sophisticated sequence shot by one of the action masters of the century, Jung Byung-gil, director of the highly recommended ‘La villana’. The latest attempt to exploit the phenomenon of Korean cinema that still gets one of the action gems of the year.

‘Day shift’

Parenthood tries to go out of your way and do everything possible so that your offspring do not lack for anything. It’s something that has become recurrent in recent Jamie Foxx productions, whether doing family comedies or action products like ‘Project Power’. His latest film follows the path of the latter, this time with fewer pretensions of a great blockbuster and more of a summer and very fantastic middle-of-the-road film, where Foxx plays a vampire hunter in the San Fernando Valley area whose facade is a pool cleaning. Powerful fantasy and comedy go hand in hand in this film.

All Netflix movies in August

  • ‘Buba’ (08/03)
  • ‘What is karma to blame?’ (03/08)
  • ‘Wedding season’ (08/04)
  • ‘Carter’ (08/05)
  • ‘The Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Movie’ (08/05)
  • ‘Darlings’ (05/08)
  • ‘Mother of the family’ (08/06)
  • Code: Emperor‘ (08/09)
  • ‘The song of the heart’ (08/10)
  • ‘Day shift’ (08/12)
  • ’13: the musical’ (08/12)
  • ‘Wild River’ (08/16)
  • ‘My two lives’ (08/17)
  • ‘Royalteen: The heir’ (08/17)
  • ‘365 more days’ (08/19)
  • ‘Fullmetal Alchemist: Scar’s Revenge’ (08/20)
  • ‘Time for me’ (08/26)
  • ‘Love for adults’ (08/26)
  • ‘I was passing by’ (08/26)
  • ‘Seoul at full speed’ (08/26)
  • ‘The boss’ (08/29)
  • ‘I was here’ (08/31)

Three modern classics on Netflix that visualize dystopias as disturbing as they are close

Documentaries and comedy specials on Netflix

‘The big fudge: Woodstock 1999’

Among several documentaries with scandals we find highlighted this ‘The great fudge: Woodstock 1999’, which almost from the investigation true crime seeks to investigate how the disastrous edition of the festival in 1999 came about. In three episodes we are told about all the fires, disturbances and destruction that occurred in the venue through interviews with attendees, artists and employees as well as unpublished material from those events. A little look at the egos and greed that can occur at a music festival.

All the documentaries and comedy specials on Netflix in August

  • ‘The great fudge: Woodstock 1999’ (08/03)
  • ‘Tamara Falcó: The Marchioness’ (08/04)
  • ‘I just killed my father’ (09/08)
  • ‘Iron Chef Brazil’ (08/10)
  • ‘The thieves: The true story of the robbery of the century’ (08/10)
  • ‘Indian Matchmaking’, S2 (08/10)
  • ‘From house to large house’ (08/10)
  • ‘My lifeline: The story of Leo Baker’ (08/11)
  • ‘Secrets of sport: The girlfriend that did not exist’ (08/16)
  • ‘In the mind of a cat’ (08/18)
  • ‘Makeup Artists’, S4 (08/19)
  • ‘Secrets of the sport: The rise and fall of AND1’ (08/23)
  • ‘Chad and JT Go Deep’ (08/23)
  • ‘Queer Eye: Brazil’ (08/24)
  • ‘Orange: The Golden County’ (08/24)
  • ‘What a story!’, S2 (08/25)
  • ‘I AM A KILLER’, S3 (08/30)
  • ‘Secrets of sport: Unsportsmanlike foul operation’ (08/30)

July is already ending, and Netflix has already presented some of its great summer cards, such as the last season…

July is already ending, and Netflix has already presented some of its great summer cards, such as the last season…

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