Porsche has achieved unexpected success with its first electric car and is going for more. This is how he plans to make it the hub of his business

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Porsche hits the throttle hard on the electric car. The success of its first EV model, the taycanThat the last year managed to surpass the iconic 911 sports car and exceeded the expectations of analysts, has encouraged the firm of the Volkswagen group to bet heavily on the new market. During its annual meeting, held yesterday, and in which the company broke down the accounts of a record year, with an operating profit of 5,300 million eurosPorsche advanced the strategy to give more scope to the electric ones and that in 2030 they already represent 80% of its new cars.

Broadly speaking, its roadmap is to increase the offer and services. Encouraged by the success of the Taycan, launched in 2020 and which in 2021 already captured the interest of 41,300 customers, 2,800 more than the 911 sports carthe company plans to strengthen its catalog. Next year it will present an electric SUV Macan and yesterday announced that in the middle of this decade it wants to offer its 718 mid-engined sports car
in exclusively electric version. In terms of services, the German manufacturer revealed that it aspires to build its own network of charging stations for EV, in a similar vein to Tesla.

Network of exclusive chargers

The company detailed yesterday that it is investing in premium charging stations hand in hand with its partners and on its “own charging infrastructure”. Today you already have an agreement with the provider EV Ionity along with other companies. According to The Verge, its objective is that the charging points are distributed along corridors with a high level of traffic throughout Austria, Germany and Switzerland and to carry out the first installations already at the end of this year. Those stations that display the Porsche brand, he specifies, will be exclusive to the brand’s customers and will complete Ionity’s own network. The idea is to turn them into luxury spaces and expand to China and the US.

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The commercial success of its first VE encourages this commitment. As Oliver Blume himself explainsChairman of the Executive Board of Porsche AG: “The Taycan is 100% Porsche and inspires all kinds of people: current and new customers, experts and specialized media. We are intensifying our electric offensive with another model: in the middle of the decade, we want to offer our mid-engined sports car 718 exclusively in all-electric form.”

Almost 40% of the vehicles that Porsche delivered in Europe throughout 2021 were already plug-in hybrids or totally electric, a percentage that is also expected to increase over the next few years: “In 2025 it is expected that half of new sales of Porsche come from the sale of electric vehicles; that is, fully electric or plug-in hybrids. By 2030, the proportion of all new vehicles with fully electric drive should be over 80%.”

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In addition to charging stations, the company is directing part of its investments into “core technologies” such as battery systems and module production at the newly founded Cellforce Group. In 2020, in any case, Porsche guaranteed that the firm “will always offer combustion engines” and cited, in particular, the 911 sports carwhich last year also achieved record sales data, with 38,600 units, approximately 13% of the total registered by the firm. The most popular models are macan (88,362) and Cayenne (83,071).

Just a few months ago, at the end of 2021, porsche confirmedin any case, that works in a hybrid model of the 911. The goal: that a few years there is a partially electric version.

Porsche hits the throttle hard on the electric car. The success of its first EV model, the taycanThat the last…

Porsche hits the throttle hard on the electric car. The success of its first EV model, the taycanThat the last…

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