POCO wants to be an independent brand, but it is more Xiaomi than ever

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The POCO F1 of 2018, the only launch of the firm during that year, was that smartphone that we all recommended without fear. This brand, a Xiaomi spin-off, launched a missile at the waterline of high-end mobiles: it had almost everything to compete with them, but it did so at a knockdown price. That launch was a complete success..

The idea had a clear appeal: one cell phone a year, and with a single idea: knock down the big ones in the price/performance ratio. That philosophy has faded, and in 2022 we find a POCO with a catalog that reminds us of the evolution of Xiaomi. increasingly confused and each time with less attractive price/performance ratios.

Wait, what’s the BIT that had to be recommended that I can’t remember anymore?

The birth of POCO was promising, but things changed. From the beginning of 2021 POCO began to step on the accelerator with the launch of new mobiles and that had a direct consequence in the way in which one contemplated this brand: it was no longer easy to recommend their mobiles so forcefully.

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Many of you will remember the hit of the POCO F1 and the no less spectacular success of the POCO X3 NFC, another terminal that many also we recommended with closed eyes: in the range of 200 euros it was not necessary to look much further.

We do not forget, either, the successful POCO F3. If we wanted to move in a price range below 400 euros at the time, we found the spiritual successor to F1: one of the best processors on the market, AMOLED at 120 Hz when it was not so mainstream, and LPDDR5 and UFS 3.1 memories in a cheap mobile. It was so good that the F4 launched today was born as a vitaminized clone of the F3.

Since then things have gotten complicated and to that F family were added the mobiles of the M family and the already mentioned X family. Differentiating between one and the other posed a challenge similar to the one that Xiaomi already posed when it began to manufacture more and more models that also competed with each other.

In fact, Xiaomi seemed to hit the mark with the creation of its Redmi brands for entry-level phones and POCO for these models that are especially notable for their price/performance ratio, but in the end they have all ended up intermingling and today mobiles of all these brands coexist and compete without it being easy to understand what to expect from each one.

As I said a year ago my partner Ricardo Aguilarthat new rate of pitches had questionable side effects:

A few months after launching the POCO X3 NFC, Xiaomi launched a vitaminized version, the POCO X3 Pro. It’s kind of launches, in my opinion, it’s the classic Xiaomi moves that they do not benefit the user who opted for the brand a few months ago, since they see how their model is replaced by a much better one in a short period of time. The POCO X3 Pro is a POCO X3 NFC with a much better processor, more up-to-date and with high-end memories: all for the same price as its smaller brother.

The story is effectively the same this year. In these almost seven months of 2022 we have already seen how that catalog is already quite large and with the POCO F4 and the POCO X4 GT that have been presented today we already have seven models (LITTLE C40POCO F4 GT, POCO X4 Pro 5G, POCO M4 Pro, POCO M4 Pro 5G and the two mentioned) that have their differences, of course, but that complicate the choice again.

It is true that the range is not as complex and numerous as that of Xiaomi, but we are halfway through the year and without a doubt more variants will appear in the coming months. With so many models and so many versions, what is the POCO mobile that we could recommend? Before, the answer was simple. Now it’s not so much.

The POCO range at a glance

Each user is a world, but if it were necessary to do a great summary Of each of the terminals that POCO has launched in this 2022, this would be a possible one:

  • LITTLE C40: the economic input range.
  • LITTLE F4 GT: the most powerful and with a lot of gamer orientation.
  • POCO X4 PRO 5G: the mid-range that boasts a 108 MP sensor.
  • LITTLE M4 PRO: A good bet to enjoy multimedia content.
  • POCO M4 PRO 5G: mid-range with 5G connectivity and remarkable autonomy.
  • LITTLE F4: A (very) ambitious mid-range that boasts OIS.
  • POCO X4 GT: the great promise in performance and efficiency.

NEW LITTLE in 2022



M4 Pro 5G


x4 Pro 5G




IPS-LCD 6.6″ FullHD+ (2,460 x 1,080 px)

500 nits


Gorilla Glass 5

AMOLED 6.67″

FullHD+ (2,400 x 1,080px)

900 nits


Gorilla Glass 5

6.6″ IPS/LCD

FullHD+ (2,400 x 1,080px)

450nits, 90Hz

Gorilla Glass 3

AMOLED 6.43″
Full HD+ (2400 x 1080px)
Corning Gorilla Glass 3

AMOLED 6.67″ Full HD + (2400 x 1080 px)

700 nits


Gorilla Glass 5

AMOLED 6.67″ FullHD+
(2400 x 1080px)

800 nits
Gorilla Glass Victus

IPS-LCD 6.71″
HD+ (1,560 x 720px)



MediaTek Dimension 8100

Snapdragon 870

MediaTek Dimension 810

ARM Mali-G57 MC2 GPU

Helium G96

Qualcomm Snapdragon 695 5G

Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1




6 / 8GB LPDDR5





8 / 12GB LPDDR5



128 / 256 GB UFS 3.1

128 / 256 GB UFS 3.1

64/128GB UFS 2.2

Expandable with microSD cards

MicroSD up to 1TB

64/128GB UFS 2.2

128 / 256GB
UFS 3.1


Rear Cameras

Main: 64 MP f/1.89

UGA: 8MP f/2.2 120º

Macro: 2MP f/2.4

Main: 64 MP (with OIS) f/1.79

UGA: 8MP f/2.2 119º

Macro: 2MP f/2.45

Main: 50 MP f/1.8

UGA: 8MP f/2.2 119º

Main: 64 MP f/1.8
UGA: 8MP f/2.2 118°
Macro: 2MP f/2.4

Main: 108 MP f/1.9

UGA: 8MP f/2.2 (118º)

Macro: 2MP f/2.4

Main: 64 MP f/1.9
UGA: 8MP f/2.2 120º
Macro: 2MP f/2.4

Main: 13 MP

ToF: 2MP

Front camera

20MP f/2.45

20MP f/2.45

16MP f/2.45

16MP f/2.4

16MP f/2.4

20MP f/2.4




Fast charge 67W


Fast charge 67W


Fast charging 33W

Fast charging 33W


Fast charge 67W

120W fast charge



android 12


android 12


Android 11 with MIUI 12.5

Android 11

android 12


android 12


Android 11



Side fingerprint reader, face unlock, dual speaker, IR sensor

Side fingerprint reader, face unlock, dual speaker, IR sensor

side fingerprint reader,

face Unlock,

double speaker, minijack, IR sensor

Stereo speakers, fingerprint reader on one side

Stereo speakers, fingerprint reader on one side

LiquidCool 3.0 cooling, NFC, four Dolby Atmos speakers, side fingerprint reader, magnetic gaming triggers

USB-C, minijack, fingerprint reader on the back

Dimensions and weight

163.6 x 74.3 x 8.87mm


163.2 x 75.95 x 7.7mm


163.56 x 75.78 x 8.75mm

195 grams

159.87 x 73.87 x 8.09mm
179.5 grams

164.19 x 76.1 x 8.12mm


162.5 x 76.7 x 8.5mm

169.59 x 76.56 x 9.18mm
204 grams


8/128GB: €349.99

8/256GB: €429.99

6/128GB: €399.99

8/256GB: €449.99

4/64 GB: 179 euros

6/128 GB: 235 euros

From 199.99 euros

6/128 GB: 259 euros

8/256 GB: 349 euros

8/128GB: €579.99

12/256GB: €649.99

About 140 euros to change

The POCO F1 of 2018, the only launch of the firm during that year, was that smartphone that we all…

The POCO F1 of 2018, the only launch of the firm during that year, was that smartphone that we all…

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