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We are not always clear about what to watch, and platforms like Google TV or Android TV are not entirely effective when it comes to bringing together all the content we pay for and recommending proposals. That’s where the Plex’s new front attackwho wants to become the center of that experience.

For this, three new functions debut: Discover, Watchlist and Universal Search, which will allow us to discover new content and keep track of those releases so that we can easily play them on each of the streaming platforms to which we are subscribed. And all for free and without giving Plex our username/password in those services.

to discover has been said

How Plex works is simple: just install the application on our mobile or devicelog in (or create an account if we didn’t have one) and that will make the tool ask us the content streaming services we want to add.


Credentials on those services are not requested here, and the list of supported services includes the most popular, but also lesser known ones. There are also proposals focused on Spainsuch as Filmin, RTVE, MiTele or Movistar+.

Once added, we can go to the main menu and choose the Discover option, which is in beta. By doing so we will access a selection of trending trailersbut also popular content on the platforms to which we are subscribed or on other platforms.


Each of these contents is associated with a complete tab in which we can see the trailer of the content (if it exists), but which also shows something important: where is it available.

If we are subscribed to that service, we can click on the icon of the service, which will allow us to see it quickly on the mobile and then do ‘casting’ of that content on television.

In our tests we had any problem with that function, but considering that the service is still in a preliminary phase, we are sure that it will end up working without conflicts.

watch list

These options also come powered by Watchlistwhich is the watch list from which we can monitor our favorite content.

We will can add all kinds of content from your file through a small icon, but also from the Discover screen by keeping your finger pressed for a moment until the option appears in the pop-up menu.


Plex’s proposal is even more interesting thanks to the universal searchwhich is always available in the application interface and is one of the most powerful options.

When performing a search we will access a powerful system that remembers a lot to JustWatch and that allows us to know if that movie, series or documentary that we want to see is on one of our platforms or in a different one.


That search joins Watchlist for eg keep track of expected premieres What ‘Top Gun: Maverick‘ or ‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’ and have information on when those films are released, in addition to enjoying their trailers.

These features can also work with our local content: if we have a Plex server with movies and series stored on said server —for example, on a NAS—, the application will also allow us to access that content easily if we want.

Plex’s proposal is interesting and is available for all types of devices. Thus, we can install it on Android and iOS mobiles, PCs and laptops, the Xbox or the PlayStation and also the Amazon Fire TV, the Apple TV or Android TV.

Not only that: it is a free app, something very striking and that could promote it as the center of that user experience. If you were looking for an alternative to manage all the content to which you have access, you might want to give it a try.

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We are not always clear about what to watch, and platforms like Google TV or Android TV are not entirely…

We are not always clear about what to watch, and platforms like Google TV or Android TV are not entirely…

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