People are taking the screen off the MacBook Pro to make it an amazing PC. and it makes sense

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Not a long time ago showed up in the patent office one of Apple in which the company adapted an old idea —little patentable, we believe—: that of a keyboard that was a computer. That was already done in the 80s by the Spectrum, the Amstrad or the Commodore 64.

The point is that Apple actually already has something like this, because MacBooks they can be “decapitated” to remove the screen and act as PCs to connect to a monitor. More and more people are doing it, and the proposal makes a lot of sense in a particular scenario.

Recycling MacBooks with a broken screen

That scenario is clear: when a MacBook has a broken screen —for example, due to a blow— it can probably continue to function as a PC .

A user on Twitter uncovered a curious trend that he had detected: that more and more people bought a MacBook Pro without a screen to use it as a kind of Mac mini.

One that also already has its keyboard and integrated trackpad, in addition to good speakers. The price of this equipment on sites with second-hand products is also usually much more interesting than that of complete equipment because many people give them up for lostbut in reality they can still be used as desktop PCs.

This idea is in fact an adaptation of the way millions of people work: they buy a laptop, but use it as a desktop PC by connecting it to an external monitor and even to a mouse and keyboards with which they feel most comfortable.

They even close the laptop lid and they don’t use it as a secondary screenwhich gives versatility because whenever they want they can disconnect everything and take the laptop to another place to use it without problems.

On TheVerge They experimented with that idea, although they did it more out of curiosity to convert a portable computer —with a functional screen— in a curious PC that you can take, for example, to the living room to use a Smart TV where you can see the screen output by streaming.

They toyed with the term “slabtop” (“slab” is a flat surface of a certain thickness, a slab or block in English), and told how certain things are lost (the webcam, for example) but the proposal gives more freedom and portability than that of a conventional laptop.

Buying a laptop with a functional screen and then doing something like that seems strange and even absurd, but of course the idea does make sense when it is possible to find computers like the MacBook Pro with a broken screen for much less than what they would cost completely. Using them later as that kind of “Mac mini” is certainly interesting and allows to give a new life to these equipment.

The idea is not, as we say, especially novel and surely there will be people who had already thought about it. It’s not actually exclusive to MacBooks, and it’s perfectly doable to do the same thing on Windows-based laptops, so if you’re on the hunt for a cheap PC, maybe you want not to look for a PC as such, but a laptop with a broken screen.

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Not a long time ago showed up in the patent office one of Apple in which the company adapted an…

Not a long time ago showed up in the patent office one of Apple in which the company adapted an…

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