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Electric vehicles are progressively taking over our streets, and not just four-wheelers: apart from the omnipresence of scooters in cities, motorcycles also claim their place. And there is a brand that has everything to succeed in Spain: Yadea. I have tested your proposals on two-wheeled EVs and they are really solid.

The range of electric mobility two-wheelers ranges from large-displacement motorcycles to scooters. And it is precisely in the “lower part” where there is more movement among the brands, mainly recently landed in European territory. Niu is one of the most recognizable in this segment, Seat also has its popular Mó here. To further expand the catalog of options, Yadea lands in Spain with six electric models that can be purchased for less than 5,000 euros. And we were able to test them, especially the most powerful bike: the Yadea C1S Pro.

Technical sheet of the Yadea C1S Pro

Yadea C1S Pro




2 x 72V 20Ah


3 hours: 80%
4 hours: 100%


gear transmission

Engine power

12.5Nm of torque

Maximum speed

80 km/h (Sport mode)


CBS braking system


42Wh/km (Sport mode)


92 km (Sport mode)

Dimensions and weight

1,800 x 730 x 1,195mm
1,265mm wheelbase
87 kilos


regenerative braking system
Compartment with lid and USB
Chest with capacity for jet helmet
Wheel lock and alarm
One year of insurance included



Well built and classic scooter design

Yadea C1s Pro

The Yadea C1S Pro is not an oversized motorcycle, it is not excessively bulky and it does not weigh much either. These qualities make driving comfortable, practical and also easy. In addition, it is so manageable that I did not need more than a few minutes to find the point between the traffic of Zaragoza, the city where I was able to test it. The result is a EV that feels firm despite its clear scooter design.

The materials used in the construction are of good quality. The Yadea C1S Pro offers a classic appeal, inherited from the big city scooters and that allows you to not stand out excessively compared to other vehicles. At least as long as you don’t walk past them, because the absence of noise makes a clear difference to combustion engines. It’s also one of its strong points: gliding across the asphalt with a rumble hooks.

Yadea C1s Pro

The seat of the Yadea C1S Pro is comfortable, although it does not reserve too much space in the case of carrying a package. Enough space to place your legs, controls feel of good quality, the electronic screen offers cruise information with battery charge data, the touch of the accelerator is soft and with too much travel until the electric motor begins to act seriously. The brakes were a bit stiff for my liking.

The grip travel is not too long and the electric motor acts with power above half of said travel

Apart from the usual controls of any vehicle, Yadea includes a reverse gear, parking mode and two driving styles: Eco and Sport. Obviously, each one behaves differently altering the response and speed of the motor. And as for said motor, it is housed in the side of the rear wheel, maintaining traction and balance in the rear. The construction and the balance of the weights make the Yadea C1S Pro a very stable motorcycle, although I did notice a slight instability at maximum speed (the speedometer showed 82 km/h) with the north wind blowing from the side. I found the suspension somewhat stiff.

Yadea C1s Pro

The good construction of the motorcycle raises the sensations of quality / price that Yadea transfers from the technical sheet to reality. The chassis, the fairing, the LED headlights, the inclusion of a kickstand and kickstand, the regenerative disc brakes… You can see that the C1S Pro is going to win over those who want to mmaximum performance with the advantages in consumption that only electric vehicles provide. It even poses well in photos: the overall balance of design, build and components scores highly.

More power than it may appear

Yadea C1s Pro

In gross figures, and taking Yadea’s data for Sport driving mode, the C1S Pro reaches 80 km/h thanks to its 6,000 W motor on the side of the rear wheel. The motor offers a torque of 12.5 Nm, maintains a consumption of 46 Wh per kilometer and a total autonomy of 92 kilometers (figures audited by Yadea in Sport mode). The bike includes two batteries with a total capacity of 2.88 kWh.

The numbers are not bad at all for an electric motorcycle in its segment. On the road, I was able to check the speed of the vehicle (I reached 82 km/h on the speedometer, it would be less in reality) and also its acceleration: although it is not aggressive as a rule, yes that indomitable spirit is reserved when you play with the brake and the grip in Sport mode.

Acceleration is very smooth, too much for my taste. If you need a powerful output, you just have to tighten your fist and play with the brake

The driving modes are suitable for adapting the ride to the road conditions. In Eco mode, the Yadea C1S Pro contains the performance, placing the peak at around 45 km/h. In Sport mode (changes are made with a selector under the grip), the bike unleashes its potential reaching a maximum of 80 km/h. The brand specifies that the speeds and powers maintained by the motor are constant and independent of the weight: if a passenger is mounted, the C1S Pro would maintain the same performance. The 6 kW electric motor goes a long way.

Yadea C1s Pro

Let’s talk acceleration. The grip does not have an excessive travel and until a little more than halfway the bike does not acquire a minimum speed to safely leave a traffic light. Acceleration is very smooth, something I appreciate on an electric motorcycle: containing the aggressiveness of the EV to facilitate driving seems very positive to me. Of course, without the Yadea C1S Pro not being able to afford a good start: after braking the bike, and giving it almost full throttle, all you have to do is release the brake to feel the kick of the electric motor.

Yadea C1s Pro

The handling seemed very balanced and perfect to adapt to any style. Always maintaining the peculiarities of a scooter, equivalent to a 125 cc. I really enjoyed driving around Zaragoza, both in the streets of the center and in the outlying areas. The Yadea C1S Pro behaved like a charm: Delivering power off the line or down the straights and maneuverability when venturing through dense traffic jams.

It seems to me the ideal vehicle for those who need urban transport without for that reason having to deny intercity getaways (even something further, to adventure). Autonomy contributes to this: its double battery achieves outstanding endurance.

Double battery and a more than remarkable autonomy

Yadea C1s Pro

Yadea assures that the C1S Pro has a endurance of 92 km with its double battery of 144 kW/h each; with a consumption is 46 Wh per kilometer. As specified by the brand, all measurements are made in Sport mode; so by restricting driving, autonomy is extended.

I was testing the Yadea C1S Pro basically on urban roads for approximately two and a half hours in total (includes stops and points of checkpoint marked on the route). The bike had both batteries at 100% before starting the test. And, after doing 31 kilometers (I got lost several times), the LCD screen showed a charge of 72% for one of the batteries and 78% for the other. The test on a real circuit showed an empirical consumption lower than that marked by the technical specifications.

Yadea C1s Pro

I could not test the load of the vehicle, this aspect is difficult to measure during first impressions. Yadea claims that the C1S Pro charges both batteries to 80% in about three hours; with 4 hours to get 100% charge. The bike can be revived from a recharging point and also from the comfort of home: the two batteries are removable.

The Yadea C1S Pro allows charging at an external charging point and also at home: the batteries are easily removed to connect them to any outlet

While driving, the vehicle is responsible for obtaining electricity. swinging the take from both batteries. Having two not only expands the total capacity of the motorcycle, it also makes it more versatile: if necessary, only one can be recharged, for example. There is also no reason to go home with the two batteries if the daily routine does not completely deplete them, which are not exactly light.

The Yadea C1S Pro has enough capacity to endure the usual daily commutes within a city. The urban consumption seemed quite contained, surely it is greater during long journeys and at maximum continuous power.

A complete, quality bet with significant savings on travel

Yadea C1s Pro

First impressions never give the perspective that an analysis of several days gives. Still, my time on the Yadea C1S Pro made me almost forget about my Suzuki GSXR: going down to a much smaller displacement has huge benefits, especially if the bike is electric. How smooth it goes, that point of rebellion when playing with the brake and the fist, how manageable it is and how well it slips between cars and buses: I have no doubt that, if I only had to move around the city, I would put the Yadea C1S Pro on my wish list (it is already, in fact). The silence of the electric motor is a delight; As much as I miss my Akrapovič.

Sufficient speed (with a slight instability in maximum, the light weight marks the driving), the autonomy seemed very good and both the design and the materials are at an excellent level. It seems to me a super complete motorcycle for the price it has. And very economical in consumption: with about 3 kWh per day (if it is used a lot), the cost can be less than one euro.

The Yadea C1S Pro will begin marketing on November 2, just like the rest of the two-wheeled EV that the brand brings to Spain. The price of the motorcycle rises to 4,890 euros, it is at the top of the brand’s catalog. Being of category L3e, the Yadea C1S Pro falls under the Moves III plan. For my first contact, the balance between quality and price is very tight.

Electric vehicles are progressively taking over our streets, and not just four-wheelers: apart from the omnipresence of scooters in cities,…

Electric vehicles are progressively taking over our streets, and not just four-wheelers: apart from the omnipresence of scooters in cities,…

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