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The Honor Magic4 Pro does not leave you indifferent. With that huge circular module for its triple camera, with its super 100W wireless charging or with its 6.8-inch curved screen with 120 Hz and AMOLED LTPO. Top-level specifications for a flagship whose price leads it to compete directly with the best phones of the moment.

In its presentation at the Mobile World Congress 2022 we have had the opportunity to test it and here we bring you our Honor Magic4 Pro first impressionsa beastly smartphone with many arguments to go beyond the struggle for quality-price and begin to compete directly against the most established ‘flagships’.

Technical specifications of the Honor Magic4 Pro

Honor Magic4 Pro

Dimensions and weight

163.6 x 74.7 x 9.15mm




2,848 x 1,312px

Curved panel, 120Hz

1920Hz dimming

1,000 nits maximum brightness


Snapdragon 8 Gen 1

Adreno 670 GPU




256GB UFS 3.1

Rear camera

Main: 50 megapixels, f / 1.8

Wide: 50 megapixels, 122º, f / 2.2

Zoom: 64 megapixels, 3.5X

Depth: 8×8 dTOF sensor

Frontal camera

12 megapixel + ToF 3D camera


Magic UI 6.0 + Android 12



100W fast charge

Wireless charging 100W


5G, Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.2, NFC, GPS, USB Type-C


Turbo X GPU, on-screen fingerprint reader, IP68


1,099 euros (8 + 256 GB)

An “all screen” with a very particular rear

Honor Front Aspect

The Honor Magic4 Pro is not a small mobile, but its compactness work is excellent and it has a addition that makes it even easier to grip: a slightly curved screen on all four sides. Here we can find from the defenders of this type of panels to those who prefer flat screens. In this case, Honor is committed to giving it a curved touch that causes that “all screen” effect and eliminating the side edges.

If we go to the traditional screen ratio, the Honor Magic4 Pro reaches 93.0%, surpassing 89.6% of the OPPO Find X5 Pro or 90.2% of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. It is also above its rival at home, the Huawei P50 Pro, which stays at 91.2%. The Honor Magic4 Pro becomes the mobile with the best screen ratio among recent flagshipswith a relatively wide difference.

Honor Display

In hand this makes it very comfortable to hold despite the large screen. A Flex OLED LTPO panel with a FullHD + resolution in a strange 19.54: 9 format that gives us 2,848 x 1,312 pixels and a density of 460 dpi. We have an adaptive refresh rate of 1 to 120 Hz and up to 1,000 nits of brightness.

What do all these numbers mean in practice? Well, we have a screen with a good brightness, an adequate color and very good fluidity, the level of detail being perhaps its biggest drawback. Not that it’s a bad thing, but if we’re talking about a flagship in 2022, 2K resolution is expected.

Honor Magic4 Pro Rear Blue

How minimalist the Honor Magic4 Pro is from the front disappears when we turn it over, where Honor has decided to implement a gigantic rear camera module, similar to the one already shown with the previous generation, the Magic3 Pro. A black circle where the three cameras and the flash are located. A black hole that can be seen from a distance and fortunately It is quite integrated into the body of the mobile.

The Honor Magic4 Pro is a recognizable mobile, both for its gigantic rear module and for being the ‘flagship’ with the best screen ratio on the market.

Honor adds IP68 certification for resistance to water and dust, although it does not specify that it is protected with Gorilla Glass Victus, a glass that several super high-end models do add.

It is appreciated to find details such as the on/off button with a different touch and a red color. Also a rear that has a subtle water effectwhich particularly in the cyan color version gave it a very flattering look.

This mobile goes like a shot, but we are left wanting to test its wireless charging

Honor Proving

With 8GB of RAM and Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, the Honor Magic4 Pro flies. It is true that it was a demo terminal and we have not been able to give it enough stamina, but the first contact invites optimism.

The best mobiles today have surprising power and the new Honor is no exception. Android 12 and Magic UI 6 seems to work correctly and we also have full access to Google services.

The Honor Magic4 Pro is also accompanied by GPU Turbo X, a rendering for games that the company incorporates to boost performance. At the connectivity level, we find 5G, Bluetooth 5.2 and WiFi 6, although not WiFi 6E. The manufacturer also incorporates a dedicated ICC security chip and Dual TEE Security technology.

Honor XTK

What we have not been able to prove is one of its main characteristics. The Honor Magic4 Pro incorporates a 100W super fast charge. That alone would be very striking and would place it above models such as the current Samsung or OPPO flagship, but Honor has jumped into the pool and brings us ‘Wireless Supercharge’, a 100W wireless charge.

Its 100W fast charge would already place it among the best, but Honor has decided to bring its wireless charge to these 100W as well.

It is not only the fastest wireless charging mobile, it is also the first to decide to equate wireless charging with fast wired charging. With it they promise to be able to charge 50% of the battery in just 15 minutes, through the 135W Honor Wireless Supercharge wireless charger that is sold separately.

Ultra Fusion technology is appreciated in night photography

We will not deceive you. Honor has spent the entire presentation comparing itself to the iPhone 13 Pro, to almost annoying levels. Normally the comparison did not make much sense, since most of us know that numbers hardly represent reality. Yes, this comparison was acceptable to explain how its Ultra Fusion technology works, in clear reference to Apple’s Deep Fusion. The idea behind is that the camera of the Honor Magic4 Pro takes advantage of several sensors at the same time when taking an image.

In a generic way, the main 50-megapixel sensor is used and from the 2x zoom, the main sensor is combined with the dedicated 64-megapixel sensor for telephoto. Something similar happens with the wide angle. This is the slide that Honor leaves us where it explains when each sensor is activated.

Honor Magic4 Series Launch Event 04

During the test we have taken a few photographs in a fairly dark setting and with many different lights. The results were quite good, although we would anticipate that Honor is still a point below the top in tonality and detail.

Maybe where it has caught our attention the most is with night photography and night mode. The lights were perfectly defined, the tones of the objects well represented and the level of detail not too far from when we focused on better lit areas.

Night Photography

Something similar, without perhaps going so far, is the portrait. The Honor has detected the backgrounds well and defined the environments correctly. We do not know which of all the processing algorithms is responsible, but in general a step forward has been taken compared to what we had seen in the last Honor.

After each photo, when we went to the gallery there was a delay of a few seconds where the processing finished loading. Very much in the style of the Google Pixel, the result after processing is clearly superior the one shown at first. Photos that leave a good taste in the mouth, waiting to be able to test it more thoroughly in the analysis.


As for the zoom, the Honor Magic4 Pro comes with a 3.5x optical zoom that reaches 100x hybrid zoom. we would have liked to find better zoom stability. A zoom that changes tone when we go from 6.5x to 7x and that, as an interface detail, offers us a small window in the upper corner to see what we are focusing on.

An era comes to an end when even Xiaomi signs up for 1,000-euro mobiles

Honor wants to play in the first league

Honor Front Camera

The Honor Magic4 Pro costs 1,099 euros, in its 8GB and 256GB version. Predictably, after a few months of its launch, it will be possible to buy an offer for less than a thousand euros, but that is something that happens to a greater or lesser extent with everyone. What we do see is that Honor is convinced that it is ready to face super high-end mobiles.

The Honor Magic4 Pro represents that step forward that we asked of the brand. A super high range with all of the law, willing to justify an investment as high as the rest of the flagships.

Beyond the classic comparisons with the iPhone, Honor introduces several technologies that lead it to surpass its rivals and although it is still noticeable that it lacks details to aspire to the podium, we are clearly facing a mobile that not only want to compete in quality-price.

Both for its excellent design, its large screen, for incorporating the latest from Qualcomm or for the step forward in photography, the Honor Magic4 Pro should be a mobile to be taken into account when we talk about the best high-end phones on the market.

The Honor Magic4 Pro does not leave you indifferent. With that huge circular module for its triple camera, with its…

The Honor Magic4 Pro does not leave you indifferent. With that huge circular module for its triple camera, with its…

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