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Samsung has returned in style to the field of laptops. We have had the opportunity to test the new Samsung Galaxy Book2 Pro and Book2 Pro 360 during the Mobile World Congress 2022 and here we bring you our first impressions.

An ultralight laptop and convertible with touch screen and hinge. Two devices with the latest Intel processors inside, AMOLED screen and an extremely slim design that places them as the lightest ultrabooks on the market.

Samsung Galaxy Book2 Pro: It’s amazing to be able to lift a 15.6″ laptop so easily

The Samsung Galaxy Book2 Pro is Available in two sizes: 13.3 and 15.6 inches. And both are pure featherweight. In recent years we have seen many ultralight laptops, but these take the cake. Not only because of the weight itself, which is a record, but we are also facing two very complete laptops with first-rate specifications. We will not find dedicated graphics, but even the 15.6-inch model with the Intel Arc GPU weighs only 1.17 kg.

Samsung Galaxy Book2 7

Samsung has taken a step forward in the compactness of its laptops. And the bar was high. The Galaxy Book Pro with its 13.3-inch panel weighed 889 grams, but the new Galaxy Book2 Pro reduces weight to an amazing 868 gramsnotably below the lightest laptops on the market, which did lose a kilogram but have smaller screens and less powerful processors.

The 15.6-inch model can be easily held with one hand. Normally, if we are looking for maximum portability, one has in mind a 13 or 14-inch model, but Samsung turns 15.6-inch laptops into an equally portable size. It is one of those sensations that mark a before and after. Once you pick up the 15-inch model, everything else feels inexplicably heavy.

Samsung Galaxy Book2 5

The metallic design is very clean, it offers a backlit keyboard and I was especially convinced by the generous touchpad size. At the level of connections and connectivity, we have Wi-Fi 6E, two USB C ports (one of them Thunderbolt 4), a microSD card reader and an HDMI connector. We also have space for nanoSIM in the 15.6″ model, which has a 5G connection. For how thin the model is, with a thickness of 11.7 mm in the 13″, the number of connections is quite acceptable .

The screen is the point where Samsung could have offered a higher level. We have AMOLED panels and the brightness level with its 400 nits is quite correct, but despite the fact that the contrast and tonality are very good, in terms of detail it falls short with a 1080p resolution that for the 13″ can be fine, but for the 15.6-inch model it clearly falls short. Here Samsung has prioritized reducing the price of the laptop and benefiting autonomy, but with the inclusion of a 2K screen, this Samsung Galaxy Book2 Pro would have been devastating.

Samsung Galaxy Book2 9

We’ve been testing Samsung’s new laptops for a while, not enough to get a good idea of ​​performance, but in general Windows 11 moved smoothly and without appreciable delay. We have not noticed heating either. Being such a thin laptop, this is a point that should be analyzed in the future.

Samsung boasts Intel Evo certification and incorporates the 12th generation Intel Core processors in its i5 and i7 versions. For the battery we have 63 Wh and 68 Wh, which promise a range of about 21 hours. At the RAM level, there will be versions with up to 32 GB and storage will reach up to 1TB SSD.

So are the 12th generation Intel Core processors with Alder Lake architecture that are about to land on laptops

At the software level, Samsung boasts of additions to Windows 11 such as the possibility of sending the mobile screen to the computer, in a very fluid way. We have tried several videos and transmission was with negligible latency.

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With the 1080p webcam, the Galaxy Book2 Pro is also a good device for making video calls. Samsung explains that it allows you to add filters and through its dual microphone you can analyze the environment to reduce ambient noise. webcams capable of capturing 1080p video, sound

Samsung Book2 Pro 360: the comfort of having a touch screen

Samsung Galaxy Book2 1

The second laptop that Samsung has presented at this MWC 2022 is the Galaxy Book2 Pro 360, practically identical to the Galaxy Book2 Pro but being a convertible with a hinge that allows the screen to rotate and the inclusion of a touch panel.

The sensations are very similar, but each one offers a different driving style. While the Galaxy Book2 Pro would be a more traditional laptop where the main argument is ultra-lightness, this Galaxy Book2 Pro 360 acts as a large tablet, to be used with the fingers or a S Pen with which it is fully compatible.

Samsung Galaxy Book2 12

With a weight of 1.04 kg and 1.41 kg for the 13.3 and 15.6-inch models respectively, the Galaxy Book2 Pro 360 is super light, but the difference is noticeable. Especially when we go from one to the other. The explanation that they offer us from Samsung is that it is expected to be the inclusion of the touch screen and the presence of the central hinge, which allows the screen to rotate. hinge that gives a good feeling of resistancebut it wouldn’t be the strongest we’ve seen in a convertible.


As with the ultrabook, the Galaxy Book2 Pro 360 has stereo speakers with Dolby Atmos and signed by AKG and a fingerprint reader for biometric security. The Galaxy Book2 Pro 360 takes the best of Samsung’s laptop and adds a touch screen and a very useful convertible design to be used as a tablet, whether for the consumption of multimedia content or for creative tasks.

Samsung is going straight to become a benchmark also in laptops

The new Samsung Galaxy Book2 Pro will be available to reserve from mid-March at an official price that will start from 749 euros, while the Galaxy Book2 Pro 360 will start at 1,299 euros. What we have seen with these new Samsung laptops has seemed first class. And the truth is that they come from a very competitive price level. If you are looking for a thin laptop, but with good components and access to the latest Intel processors, here Samsung offers us a device that meets everything we may need. And with mobility as a flag.

For years we have known that Samsung is one of the main manufacturers of mobile phones and tablets, but in the field of laptops, at least in Spain, they have always had a lower profile. Now this changes with the arrival of the new Samsung Galaxy Book2 Pro. Samsung has many arguments to become a reference brand in the ultrabook sector. Welcome to the competition.

Samsung has returned in style to the field of laptops. We have had the opportunity to test the new Samsung…

Samsung has returned in style to the field of laptops. We have had the opportunity to test the new Samsung…

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