“Only 30% of drivers need their car”

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Paris will also have a wide space restricted to circulation In the city center. The project, which was due to start this year, is delayed until early 2024 with the aim of having it ready before the start of the Olympic Games.

The project, called Limited Traffic Zone (ZTL) at first and renamed as Zone apaisée Paris-Centre-Saint-Germain (Paris-Centro-Saint-Germain Pacific Zone), wants to eliminate traffic circulation in districts 1, 2, 3 and 4 and partially in districts 5, 6 and 7. It will be a project similar to the ZBE of Barcelona or Madrid 360 in the capital.

Goodbye to transit traffic

As is already the case in the aforementioned Spanish cities, Paris wants restrict transit traffic inside a large area that extends along the Seine, between Place de la Concorde and Place de la Bastille and bordering the Montmartre district. It contains monuments such as the Louvre Museum, Notre-Dame Cathedral or the Pompidou Center, among others.

Although exactly who will be able to enter the city center and park in it has yet to be specified, the Paris city council ensures that residents, workers, those who have a business, those who go to the doctor, to a museum will be allowed access. or to the movies and those who visit friends who live in this area.

In addition, taxis, which were already allowed access to this space, also VTC will be addedalthough the latter will have to meet the requirements of a “green fleet”, although what these obligations will be has not been specified. Shared rental fleet vehicles will also be able to access.

To guarantee compliance with these requirements, police patrols will be stationed at the entrances to carry out random checks on those leaving the Paris-Centre-Saint Germain Pacific Zone.

“Only 30% of drivers need their car”

The measure, which will go through a consultation phase before its full implementation in 2024, has raised some voices against the measure. In its defence, the Parisian City Council assures that only 30% of drivers who make transit trips through the affected area (those whose origin and destination are outside this area) really need a car due to poor public transport connections, complex trips or loading ports.

Paris map

The upper map details the volume occupied by transit traffic in the most central streets. On the streets painted purple, these trips without destination or origin within the delimited area represent more than 50%.

One of the first critical voices has been the city’s Police Prefecture, with a statement in which it has highlighted that they have not shared data or information with the mayor’s office about the impact of the measure on the flow of traffic, its management or the economic changes that affect this space.

From the opposition different voices have also been against the project. From the Republican party, responsible for district 6, one of those partially affected, they have warned that these restrictions will have a direct effect on border streets. “When you block one place, another overflows,” said Jean-Pierre Lecoq, political leader of this neighborhood.

Aurélien Véron, Councilor for Paris and who was also part of The Republicans, has pointed out that this project will completely transform the economic and social life of the city center and has emphasized the economic difficulties that it may cause or the possibility of converting this space in “a big shopping center”, where the neighbors are expelled and there is only space for tourists and big companies.

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From the City Council they defend themselves by assuring that this project will help calm the traffic in the center of the city and that will make it possible to popularize rest, refreshment and socialization areas, as well as the promotion of walks and bicycle routes. However, the page that includes the project also highlights that 22% of those surveyed expressed their rejection of the project and that 38% expressed their concern about the possible negative consequences that this restricted traffic area may have.

Paris will also have a wide space restricted to circulation In the city center. The project, which was due to…

Paris will also have a wide space restricted to circulation In the city center. The project, which was due to…

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