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The expansion of the electric car and its growth does not only go through direct aid for purchase. We recently analyzed the impact that income and purchase aid have on the penetration of the electric car in the market. But, above all, much of the weight of choosing to buy an electric car remains the recharging network, insufficient in Spain by quantity and power.

The last voice that has warned of this has been ANFAC. The manufacturers’ association conducts its own electromobility barometer and, as far as infrastructure is concerned, they barely give Spain a note of nine points out of a possible 100. This figure is half the European average, which according to Anfac can only receive 18.5 points out of 100.

One of the main reasons is the poor recharging network. The association figures in 13,411 charging points available, a figure that is far from the 28,240 recharging points that there should be at the end of 2021, one of the necessary stages so that in 2030 we have 340,000 plugs available in our country.

But, in addition, charging points are not only scarce, they are also slow. 88% of the available charging points have powers of 22 kW or less. And only 109 points have ultra-fast powers of more than 150 kW.

Chargers Map

a sad photograph

In the image above that provides electromaps with its recharge network database we can see how the scarcity of the 120 kW ultra-fast points or higher powers is very scarce. In fact, it is difficult to follow the trail of the main national roads that leave from Madrid (from the A-1 to the A-6).

But photography is even more problematic if we remove from the equation some variables that must be taken into account when recharging an electric car. For example, eliminating hotels (because the chargers can be reserved for customers), dealers, workshops or camping, we have a few fewer points left. To this must be added that the red dots are stations that are being built and that most drivers cannot count on Tesla superchargers either.

Between Madrid and Valencia driving on the A-3, there is only one Tesla supercharger, so there is no possibility of charging a car with 120 kW of power or more that is not of this brand. Between Madrid, Murcia and Alicante there is only one available with this power, in Albacete. Between Madrid and Córdoba there is only one charging point ultrafast (in Valdepeñas) and two other Tesla superchargers. Exactly the same as to get to Jaén and Granada. And to get to Portugal through Badajoz, from Madrid, there are only two others available, one of them already in Mérida.

Circulating close to the coast, between Cádiz and Alicante we will only find two cities where to recharge at 120 kW or more, in Marbella and El Ejido, although in the latter case it is a Tesla supercharger, despite passing through Malaga, Almería or Cartagena . In all of Galicia there are only two charging points with plugs of this power that are not located in a dealership or depend on Tesla. One of these points, moreover, only has two plugs available to charge at 120 kW. The rest of the points are under construction. In fact, between Pontevedra and Bilbao there is only one Tesla supercharger available, passing through A Coruña, Ferrol, Oviedo, Gijón or Santander.

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In fact, we leave you a list with all the province capitals that do not have a single plug with a load of 120 kW or higher available at the moment:

  • A Coruña (two under construction in the outskirts, one from Porsche)
  • Ourense
  • Oviedo (one under construction on the outskirts)
  • Santander
  • Saint Sebastian
  • Pamplona (Tesla supercharger under construction)
  • Huesca
  • Tarragona
  • Castellon
  • Teruel
  • Basin
  • Guadalajara
  • Real city
  • Toledo
  • Jaen
  • grenade
  • Almería (one under construction)
  • Malaga
  • Cadiz
  • Huelva
  • Badajoz
  • Caceres
  • Salamanca
  • Avila
  • Zamora
  • Segovia
  • Valladolid
  • Palencia
  • Soria
  • Lion
  • Santa Cruz of Tenerife
  • The Gran Canarian palms

The expansion of the electric car and its growth does not only go through direct aid for purchase. We recently…

The expansion of the electric car and its growth does not only go through direct aid for purchase. We recently…

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