One of the most crazy and surprising movies in the Netflix catalog is hidden: so you can see it

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‘RRR’ is the strange title of a film that may not be well known outside of India, where it originates from (although it has also produced excellent results in countries like the United States or Australia). But It is preceded by a phenomenal success: almost 70 million euros of budget against almost 150 million of collection, after the pandemic forced its premiere to be delayed and it hit theaters in March of this year. And that came in turn from breaking a strikingly expensive record: it was the most expensive film in the history of his country.

However, it also began by breaking a more reassuring record for its producers: the highest grossing on its first day of release in the history of India. As the weeks went by and its subsequent release in other countries, it became the second highest-grossing film in the country’s history, although during its showing it was surpassed by another premiere, ‘KGF: Chapter 2’ (in case you’re curious , the first on the list is ‘Baahubali 2’, another great success that you may not have heard of if you are not interested in Asian cinema, but which is directed, like ‘RRR’, by SS Rajamouli)

The point is that the international distribution of ‘RRR’ was acquired by Netflix, but while in other countries it is easy to locate the film in the catalogue, in Spain it is in a perpetual state of “Coming soon“. Y Although the platform has not been able to point us to a release date, there is a way to see it: if you enter the section to manage your subscription, in the ‘Account’ section in the options menu, and click on the options related to your profile by clicking on the arrow next to your avatar, you will find the language options, that you possibly have in Spanish. Change it to English and you will have ‘RRR’ available (with Spanish subtitles option).

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‘RRR’: historical fantasy cinema

In exchange for this little inconvenience, you will have at your disposal one of the funniest movies in the entire Netflix catalog, and it is not surprising that it has become a success in India. To begin with, he does something that is very popular in the country (there is nothing more to see his top grossing movies to corroborate it): takes a historical fact or character and retells it, adding fantasy, romance, songs and an exaggerated and out of character adventure.

In this case, we have Alluri Sitarama Raju and Komaram Bheeem, two revolutionaries who in the twenties of the last century rose up against the English colonizers. Both characters are real, but they did not meet or forge the strong friendship that the film describes: in fact, the meaning of the film’s title is the acronym for “rise”, “roalt” and “revolt”, that is, rise up, roar and rebel. Interestingly, in English, although the film is shot in Telugu, the language on which films from the Indian industry area popularly known as Tollywood are based.

“The characters, races, dialects, clothing, geographic areas, and incidents in this film are fictitious,” the film warns in a statement. disclaimer unnecessary, because from the first moment, ‘RRR’ shows its devotion to nonsense and lack of rigor, like almost any successful film and period setting from India. Here, screaming fights with wild animals, revolutionary sabotage well-stocked with stunts, anachronistic kung fu, and gravity-defying vehicle stunts are the order of the day. As an example, you just have to see scenes like the action scene full of water, fire and flags, or the rescue in a burning forest.

‘RRR’ corroborates, with its Absolutely commercial freshness and shamelessness, similar to the feeling of the Indian people who still flock to theaters, the commercial potential of the country’s films, for which Netflix is ​​betting decisively. ‘RRR’ entered the Top 10 of the most watched movies in foreign language of the platform the week of May 16 to 22. In the next one, she was already at number 1, where she stayed for three weeks. In this, it has dropped to 7, but there it is still among the most viewed.

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The film accumulates more than 50 million hours of viewing, an impressive figure that certifies the international interest in Indian cinema. Currently at the top of the most popular non-English speaking films are productions such as ‘Gangubai Kathiawadi’ (3), ‘Raw Beast’ (5), ‘Thar’ (6) or ‘You are an angel’ (10). Previously, productions such as ’83’, ‘Congratulations on the wedding’ or ‘Minnal Murali’, among many others, have done so. It’s no mystery why Netflix is ​​betting so heavily on India’s highest-grossing productions.

‘RRR’ is the strange title of a film that may not be well known outside of India, where it originates…

‘RRR’ is the strange title of a film that may not be well known outside of India, where it originates…

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